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Medical Devices
‧ 1.3L 60W Jewelry and Dental Ultrasonic Cleaner with Timer
‧ 1:5 Contra Angle Handpiece (No Light)
‧ 1:5 Contra Angle Handpiece with Optic
‧ 36W New Coronavirus UV Disinfection Lamp
‧ 45 Degree High Speed Dental Handpiece
‧ Adjustable Ozone Air Sterilizer
‧ Aluminium Shell 5W Dental Cordless LED Curing Light Lamp, 6 Colors Available
‧ Best Sweet Design Advanced Proxide Teeth Whitening Kit
‧ Colorful Single Water Spray Push Button high speed handpiece,Six color for choose
‧ Comprehensive Sterilization
‧ Countertop Water Flosser
‧ Dental Optical Fiber Curing Light
‧ Dental Optical Fiber Curing Light Guide Rod Tip Glass LED Tip Black,Φ8mm
‧ Disinfection Bag
‧ Disinfection Pack
‧ EMS Training Device
‧ Handheld UVC Sterilizer
‧ High Precision Light Puncture Robot
‧ High Speed Dental Handpiece
‧ High Speed Dental Handpiece (Large Torque)
‧ High Speed Dental Handpiece/Large Torque Handpiece
‧ High Speed Handpiece/Fiber Optic Handpiece/Push Button Handpiece
‧ Hospital Patient Substation Nurse Call System
‧ Hospital Toilet Waterproof Wireless Patient Nurse Call Button
‧ ICU Ventilator
‧ In-Line Exsufflator
‧ Key Type High Speed Handpiece / NSK Key Type Handpiece
‧ LED Generator Triple Water Spray Push Button High Speed Handpiece
‧ LED Generator Triple Water Spray Push Button High Speed Handpiece,with Kavo compatible Bearing
‧ LED UV Disinfection Bag
‧ Linear Stapler
‧ Lips & Skin Repair Hydrogel
‧ Mini Underwear Sterilizer
‧ Mobile Air Sterilization Station
‧ Moxibustion Box
‧ Multi-functional UV Sterilization Furnace/UV Sterilization Oven For Disposable Face Mask
‧ New ABS Environmental Plastic 5W Dental Cordless LED Curing Light Lamp, 5 Colors Available
‧ New LED Curing Light with Light Meter function for Early Stage Caries diagnose
‧ New MAX3 style Clean Head Four Hole Spray Push Button ,with NSK PANA-MAX3 Compatible Cartridge
‧ New Style Natural Cool Blue Light LED Laser Teeth Whitening Lamp
‧ Oral Spray
‧ Pen
‧ Phone Sterilizer
‧ Portable Sterilizer
‧ Portable UV Wand Sterilizer
‧ Portable UVC LED UV Sterilizer
‧ Power Floss
‧ Powerbank UVC Sterilizer
‧ Push Button High Speed Handpiece / NSK Type Handpiece
‧ Push Button High Speed Handpiece/Dental Handpiece
‧ Rechargeable Refrigerator/Closet Air Sterilizer
‧ Safety Tunnel
‧ Single-Use Hemorrhoid Stapler
‧ Smart Water Flosser
‧ Surgical Jinme Dental Laser Engraving Bien Air Straight Endo Motor Handpiece
‧ Ultrasonic Atomization
‧ UV Light Sanitizer Wand
‧ UV Portable Sterilizer
‧ UV Sterilization Box
‧ UV Sterilization Box With Wireless Charging
‧ UV Sterilization Lamp
‧ UV Sterilized Bag
‧ UV Sterilizer
‧ UV-C Light UV Cleaner Sterilization Bag Portable Disinfection Bag
‧ Waterproof Nurse Call Button
‧ What Is Your Really Need Importer Popular Extreme 35% Carbamide Peroxide Gel
‧ Why to Choose Best Fast 5 Minutes Hydrogen Peroxide Dental Teeth Whitening Gel
‧ Wired Nurse Call System Nursing Substation
‧ Wired Nurse Call System Patient Call Button
‧ Wired Nurse Intercom
‧ Wireless Nurse Call System with Cancel Key
‧ Your Best Choice Dental Teeth Whitening Strips Onuge CE Approval
‧ Your Best Choice New Straight Air Turbine Wireless Dental Handpiece