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Asian Licensing ConferenceAsian Licensing Conference

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Conference Programme

Day 1: 8 January 2018 (Monday)
09:00-09:30 Tea Reception & Registration
09:30-09:45 Opening Session
Plenary Session

Plenary Session (I)
Creating Brand Excitements with Location-based Entertainment Licensing

Location-based Entertainment (LBE) Licensing has created a new form of consumer engagement, bringing brand excitements and reinforcing customer loyalty in the completely immersive environments year-round. Today, licensors do not only tap into theme park operations, but also use LBE Licensing to expand their top-performance franchises to the entire resort destinations, including rides, attractions, shopping and entertainment. Such location-based and interactive brand experiences have also drawn in fans of the franchises to the location, which in turn, helps drive tourism for the region.

In this Plenary Session, senior executives from top global brands will share their winning strategies on LBE Licensing.


11:00-11:15 Coffee Break

Plenary Session (II)
Building World-Class Corporate Brands through Licensing

Corporate brand owners have become increasingly aware that licensing can help them extend brand awareness, reach out to new consumers, reinforce brand values and build customer loyalty. Successful licensing strategies can take the corporate trademarks to new markets and new sectors, generating new revenue streams.

Join the established corporates and industry experts to learn how Brand Licensing is being embraced as part of strategic brand development or even elevated as a form of business development for corporate management.


12:45 -14:15 Networking Reception
Breakout Sessions

Breakout Session (I)
Digital Transformation of Licensing

The emergence of new media, the rise of on-demand entertainment and the more powerful mobile devices have changed many aspects of our daily lives. Our communication, work and shopping are now infused with gaming elements. “Gamification” has become a popular global trend and winning strategy for brands to engage customers.

In this Breakout Session, digital and gaming brands will share their success in licensing. Global brands will also unveil their business transformation in the digital era.



Breakout Session (II)
The Rising Diverse Business Opportunities of Licensing in Japan

Manga (Japanese comics) and Anime (Japanese animation) have become a global phenomenon and their popularity is continuously growing. Video game is a major industry in Japan which is now one of the world's largest markets for mobile games. The unique cultural, food and historical heritage of Japan have attracted many tourists to the country. Tokyo, as the host of the 2020 Olympic Games, will boost the inbound tourism of Japan. All these aspects help create new opportunities to licensing in Japan.

Japan’s licensing market is the largest in Asia and the third largest of the world for licensed products. Such established ecosystem in licensing is the cornerstone that will further fuel the licensing growth of Japan.

In this session, Japanese experts in animation, games, tourism and sports will reveal the rising and diverse opportunities of licensing in the country.


Day 2: 9 January 2018 (Tuesday)
China Thematic Session

The Changing Lifestyle of China

Leading the world in internet and mobile penetration as well as the use of online shopping and online gaming, China has become the trendsetter for the adoption of high-tech services. The young, educated and affluent middle-class consumers, while observing “balanced” lives, are seeking to enjoy leisure and entertainment. Indeed, the mainland’s consumer market is evolving at a rapid speed with habits and expectations constantly changing. This has posed both challenges and opportunities to those brands tapping the mainland market.

Join the industry experts to examine the licensing opportunities in games, digital entertainment and animation of the mainland market.


The Licensing Workshops

Licensing Workshop (I)
Operational Essentials for Licensing

This workshop will provide a basic introduction to the licensing model and its operations. Licensors and brand-owners will find useful hands-on advice to embark on or grow their licensing business. For licensees and manufacturers/retailers/traders, who are interested in leveraging licensing to upgrade their product or services and expand their markets, the workshop offers practical advice to help them identify potential licensors and licensing agents.



Licensing Workshop (II)
IP and Legal Fundamentals for Licensing

Legal professionals and experts will cover contract establishments and exits, IP registration and protection related to licensing in Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland, and the international market, especially in emerging markets. Licensors, licensees and licensing agents will gain a thorough understanding on key legal issues, such as on exclusivity, territorial restrictions, royalty calculations, contractual period, renewal options and quality control, etc.




Information updated as of 9 August 2016


* The above programme is subject to change without prior notice.