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Asian Licensing ConferenceAsian Licensing Conference

2016 Conference Programme

Day 1 – 11 January 2016 (Monday)
10:30-11:00 Tea Reception
11:00-11:15 Opening Session
Plenary Session
11:15-12:50 Spotting the Next Wave of Opportunities for Asia

The Asian licensing market is becoming more vibrant and diversified. It is expanding thanks to the proliferation of brands and properties, ranging from entertainment, fashion, lifestyle and celebrity brands to art and culture. There is also greater accessibility to consumers across different sectors. The explosive growth of e-commerce, mobile commerce, and digital media has brought significant changes to consumer behaviour, prompting licensors and licensees to look beyond bricks-and-mortar establishments and focus on the digital landscape.

Brand experts will analyse these burning issues, predict future trends in Asia and share their strategies for embracing new opportunities while overcoming the challenges ahead.

13:00-14:30 Networking Reception
Breakout Sessions
14:30-16:00 Session 1 – Discover opportunities in the world of entertainment and new media

Opportunities to license interactive character and entertainment properties have expanded significantly in recent years. Emerging digital platforms offer licensors and licensees a range of new ways to deliver licensed interactive content directly to the consumer. At the same time, virtual IP emerging from apps and games extends to the physical world in the form of licensed merchandise, and even movies and TV series.

Meet professionals from leading game and apps developers, film studios, television networks and agencies and learn how this new era of entertainment and digital media can bring great rewards.

Session 2 – Extending to fashion, lifestyle, branded services and beyond

Top global brands are thinking outside the box to generate excitement and strengthen the bond with consumers. Branded products, services and experiences ranging from apparel, accessories, houseware, home decoration, health and beauty, restaurants, hotels and spas, are creating a buzz everywhere.

Industry experts will discuss key licensing and collaboration strategies to take brands into different markets and new product and service categories.

Business Matching
16:00-17:00 Business Matching for toys, game and apps developers, publishers and the stationery sector.

Business Matching for apparel, accessories, footwear, houseware, beauty and health, restaurants, hotels, shopping malls

Art, Culture and Tourism Roundtable
15:45-17:15 Roundtable Discussions – Licensing in Art, Culture and Tourism

Licensing professionals and representatives from different countries – both mature and emerging markets – will discuss licensing models to promote art, culture and tourism, and highlight winning strategies to build international awareness and boost economic returns.



Day 2 – 12 January 2016 (Tuesday)
China Thematic Session
10:45-12:30 Tapping into China

Mainland China, the world’s second-largest economy with 1.3 billion potential consumers, is uppermost on the minds of many global brand executives. International brands are striving to expand their presence in the mainland market through licensing, brand collaborations and forming joint ventures with local companies. However, achieving success on the mainland is not always easy.

Licensing experts will discuss the challenges of tapping the mainland market and building a substantial presence there, and reveal some of their secrets for success.

The Licensing Workshops
14:00-15:30 The Building Blocks for Licensing Success

An introduction to licensing covering a variety of key issues; drafting the licensing agreement, strategies and tactics to develop an influential licensing program, retail distribution, and more.

Licensing executives will offer expertise, experience and case studies from the perspective of both licensors and licensees.

15:15-16:45 Workshop on Legal Issues and IP

Understanding IP landscape is critical to the success of establishing brand licensing. Legal experts and leading intellectual property practitioners will put a needed spotlight on licensing and the law, offering essential legal advices, together with industry case studies, for workshop audiences.



Information updated as of 21 Sep 2015


* The above programme is subject to change without prior notice.