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Asian Licensing ConferenceAsian Licensing Conference

Conference Programme

Day 1 : 9 January 2017 (Monday)
09:00-09:30 Tea Reception & Registration
09:30-09:45 Opening Session
Plenary Session

Plenary Session (I)
Brand Licensing in the Digital Era

Technology and innovations permeate daily life, leading to the rise of digital and gaming brands as well as the prevalence of the Internet, mobile and new media. This compelling global market trend has been reinforced by bold governmental support in Asia. China’s 13th Five-Year plan, in particular, which places great emphasis on the development of technology and innovation, will greatly impact licensing players tapping Asian markets.

In this Plenary Session, fast-growing digital, entertainment and gaming brands will share their winning licensing strategies that extend their virtual success to the physical marketplace. Established global brands will also discuss the revolutionary licensing shift toward gamification and digitisation, building up a new market of dedicated social communities and brand followers.

11:00-11:15 Coffee Break

Plenary Session (II)
Digital Transformation of Licensing

Technology innovations are changing the world’s market and media landscape. Mobile-first, social community, online video, user-generated content, integrated brand experience, gamification, online-to-offline and big data analytics are some of the buzzwords from branding and marketing experts.

Join professionals from popular new media, content distribution channels and Internet platforms to learn how brands have leveraged technologies and innovations to transform and evolve, using effective licensing strategies to expand and succeed in their markets.

12:45 -14:15 Networking Reception
Breakout Sessions

Breakout Session (I)
Branded Experience, Branded Lifestyle

Lifestyle branding brings consumers closer to the brand by creating consumer experience, aspirations and emotional engagement to the specific values and distinct lifestyle the brand is promoting. Many brands, ranging from characters and entertainment, corporate, fashion, sports to art and culture, have made lifestyle branding their core licensing strategy for expanding into new sectors, introducing new products and services, generating new sales, increasing brand equity, launching new brands and even reaping longer term financial benefits.

In this session, brand licensing experts will share their invaluable experience and successful formulas for propelling their brand extension programme through lifestyle branding.


Breakout Session (II)
Keys to Unlock the “Belt and Road” Licensing Opportunities

The Belt and Road Initiative is a national policy set out in China’s 13th Five-Year Plan, promoting trade and people connectivity. More than a type of IP-trade, licensing under the Initiative nurtures cultural exchanges and people connectivity by helping countries to export original properties that embody their unique culture, which in turn, could stimulate greater exchanges and connectivity with other countries.

In this session, global brand experts will reveal their brand licensing adaptations for winning consumers from different cultures in the Belt and Road markets, mainly in the ASEAN region. Meanwhile, brand executives of homegrown properties from Belt and Road economies will discuss how to use licensing to go international. Professional services experts will also discuss the opportunities and risks in entering emerging licensing markets in ASEAN.

Day 2: 10 January 2017 (Tuesday)
China Thematic Session

China’s Licensing Opportunities for Entertainment Services

The Chinese mainland is the chief growth engine behind the booming Asian licensing market. The rise of the upper-middle-class, a new tech-savvy generation and brand-conscious consumers are driving rapid growth in the mainland licensing market. As the world's second-largest movie-going market, and potentially the largest movie market in two years, China has also topped the world in online shopping, which will further boost the the mainland film market.

Some of the top Hollywood movie players have set up ventures in the mainland to distribute films and licensed merchandises, while established game and entertainment players have joined the bandwagon by launching movie and licensing activities in China. Local filmmakers are also expanding their business to licensed merchandise, creating a more vibrant licensing market in the mainland.

In this thematic discussion, entertainment, broadcasting, game-producing and e-commerce players that have seen success in China will discuss licensing opportunities brought about by the growing entertainment services on the mainland.

The Licensing Workshops

Workshop (I)
Operational Essentials for Licensing

This workshop will provide a basic introduction to the licensing model and its operations. Licensors and brand-owners will find useful hands-on advice to embark on or grow their licensing business. For licensees and manufacturers/retailers/traders, who are interested in using licensing to upgrade their product or services and expand their markets, the workshop will help identify potential licensors and licensing agents.


Workshop (II)
IP and Legal Fundamentals for Licensing

Legal professionals and experts will cover contract establishments and exits, IP registration and protection related to licensing in Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland, and the international market, especially in emerging markets. Licensors, licensees and licensing agents will gain a thorough understanding on key legal issues, such as on exclusivity, territorial restrictions, royalty calculations, contractual period, renewal options and quality control.



Information updated as of 28 Sep 2016


* The above programme is subject to change without prior notice.