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Beauty, Well-Being & Senior Products


Product Photo / Exhibitor Product Description

Miles Year Limited
Booth No: 3-B22
  • Hanging upside down for a few moments daily is an ancient therapy to relieve stress, relieve back pain, reduce stress of the joints.
  • Teeter Hang Ups® is the most recognized and certified brand in the inversion therapy industry.
  • Since 1981, Teeter is the only company in the world to continuously produce inversion equipment.

Fit Boxx Trading Company Limited
Booth No: 3-C17
  • Le Tour de France Indoor Cycle allows you to draw the route-anywhere in the world-and iFit® Technology Powered by Google Maps™ automatically downloads the map to your console.
  • With 24 Digital Gear Controls you can personalize any workout. Interactive Incline and Decline Controls allow your bike to follow the road. Intelligent Wind Resistance factors in your height and weight for a calculated drive.

Evermore International (Asia) Co Ltd
Booth No: 3-A18
  • The newly launched Clinical Facial Masks by Leaders Clinic can tackle different kind of skin problem. Use it on a daily basis and after one week, your skin will be re-hydrated and alleviated sensitive skin.
  • After two weeks, your skin tone will be revitalized, fine lines reduced, colour tone brightened.

Faroma Workshop
Booth No: 6-D22
  • Faroma Workshop mainly offers DIY handmade product interesting classes.
  • Students can learn to tailor-make cosmetics which are suitable for their skin types, and to design beautiful packaging for their finished products.
  • In addition, raw materials, aromatherapy products, custom-made skincare products and gift set packing are also available.

Artway International Marketing Ltd
Booth No: 3-A22
  • ShimmerFans: A unique BeautyTape for Glitter Body Art
  • No Stencil, No Liquid Glue, No Mess, Clean & Easy, DIY Glitter Tattoo in minutes and last for 3-5 days
  • BeautyTape made with FDA regulated ingredients

Nano Element Technology Co., Ltd
Booth No: 3-C21
  • O2 Skin is an innovative well-being bath apparatus utilizing micro-bubble technology to generate very fine Milky liked water bubbles with rich oxygen dissolved.
  • When the body is soaked in micro-bubbles, blood circulation is improved and the body gets warm. Raise of blood pressure can be suppressed.

Serendipity House Limited
Booth No: 3-B19
  • Green Beaver™ Daily Facial Moisturizer - Made with 100% natural ingredients, it hydrates, soothes and protects sensitive to acne prone skin leaving it naturally softer, smoother and well-balanced.
  • Aloe vera concentrate soothes and renews easily irritated, sensitive skin.
  • Jojoba and grape seed oils keep the skin moisturized and balanced.
  • Green tea provides antioxidant protection to neutralize free-radicals.

Synergetic Corporation Ltd
Booth No: 3-B24
  • Oral 7 mouthwash is made in UK. Its natural enzymes, which are extracted from milk, are effective for cleaning, moisturizing, healing ulcers, and protecting natural flora in the mouth.
  • It also helps saliva secretion, protects your teeth, gums and maintains the mouth's PH. It is safe and reliable for children and people of all age.

Forever 11 Beauty Ltd.
Booth No: 3-B28
  • Lavender Sleeping Beauty Masque uses Organic aloe juice, lavender water, and lavender essential oil to create a soothing, mega-hydrating masque with natural lavender aroma.
  • Leaving your skin hydrated and smooth before your beauty sleep.
  • This masque makes a great leave-in sleeping masque and a light calming moisturizer.

Providence Enterprise Ltd
Booth No: 3-B21
  • Spring Splash cleanses and revitalizes your skin and can effectively relieve various conditions such as mild inflammation, acne, and pimples.
  • The device employs particle technology to atomize the skincare liquid into a mist oriented nano sized essence.
  • This allows the mist to penetrate the basal cell layer to give a full, deep treatment that enriches your skin with nutrients.

V-Health Limited
Booth No: 3-C25
  • V-Health Limited is a sole manufacturer of the Interactive Weight Bearing Exercise (IWE) Platform under an exclusive liscense of CUHK.
  • Their mission is to provide safe and effective products/solutions to deal with various health problems due to rapid aging population.
  • IWE Platform is an university’s licensed product, which has been scientifically proven to produce beneficial effects on body health as well as several musculoskeletal conditions.