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Product Photo / Exhibitor Product Description

Wing Wah Food Manufactory Limited
Booth No: 3-E17
  • Wing Wah’s icy moon cake varieties include Mango and Mung Bean Paste, Sesame and Mung Bean Paste, Chocolate Pearls and Pandan Flavoured White Bean Paste, Red Bean and Green Tea White Bean Paste.
  • Wing Wah is also the first Chinese delicacies shop to sell icy moon cakes all year round.

Sun Organic Foods Ltd
Booth No: 3-D18
  • Home Brown Whole Grain Organic Oat Milk is one of the top sale items in Taiwan. The main ingredients, organic soybean and organic oats are from USA and Finland.
  • Organic certified and TUV tested. Safe and Reliable. Cholesterol and lactose Free. Suitable for vegetarians.
  • Ideal nutrient foods to busy modern people.

Liquid Bless Company Limited
Booth No: 3-C24
  • Vin Zero is a non-alcoholic wine from US California. It is especially made for customers who appreciate premium grapes of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Zinfandel.
  • The content is 100% alcoholic free. The taste is naturally sweet and no preservative added. It suits for all ages and all occasions.

General Line Company Limited
Booth No: 3-D22
  • The founders of Gu Fah Bakery has a great passion in the traditional handmade egg puff and has created a collection of one of kind taste egg puff.
  • The Bakery gift sets has a high standard of quality and an elegant packaging style. It is perfect for customers to bring back home as a souvenir gift.

Longrun Tea Trading Company Limited
Booth No: 3-E23
  • Longrun 826 is made by broad-leaf tea plants growing 1,800 metres above sea level in mountainous Yunnan with 86 steps of quality control.
  • The tea leaves remain intact with a brownish color and strong aroma. The tea broth is red color and with sweet favor.
  • Dark Tea (Pu-er Tea) is good for body warming, lowering blood pressure, blood lipid and blood sugar, especially suitable for women who always feel cold and the people suffering from indigestion.

Union Medical Co.
Booth No: 3-D24
  • Tucan Organic Yerba Mate Tea: Organic plant from South America;
  • Uses only organic mate tea leaves, it is effective for balancing blood sugar, blood lipid, and cholesterol.
  • Frequent consumption will also help to improve stomach function and digestive system.

Hong Kong & Kowloon Restaurant & Café Workers General Union Vocational (Day/Night) School
Booth No: 3-D25
  • HKRWS is a professionally recognized cooking school in town with a long history of tradition.
  • Besides our well-know Cantonese cooking certificate course for chefs, we also provides Chinese dim sum certificate course, Bakery and patisserie certificate course, and other cookery related interest classes for the public.
  • Since November 2011, HKRWS have successfully gained two Qualification Framework (QR) accredited certificate courses which are CEF reimburse-able.

Terra Naturals International Ltd
Booth No: 3-D23
  • Peeled Snacks
  • USDA Organic Dried Fruit Snacks, Gently-Dried, Nothing Added

Stevianna International Limited
Booth No: 3-E21
  • STEVIANNA is extracted from 100% natural STEVIA leaves and is 200 times sweeter than table sugar. STEVIANNA does not contain cane sugar, saccharin, aspartame or any synthetic sweeteners.
  • The taste of STEVIANNA is similar to that of cane sugar, but its taste is superior. Our advanced manufacturing technology eliminates the bitter after-taste of other stevia products marketed in any parts of the globe.
  • STEVIANNA carries ZERO calorie. For diabetics and weight-watchers it is natural choice because of its inherent properties and lack of artificial chemicals.