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List of Products 2014
3D Puzzle (279)
Brain Teaser (11)
Floor Puzzle (10)
Jigsaw Puzzle (142)
Peg Puzzle (44)
Puzzle Block (63)
Sliding / Slide Puzzle (3)
Wire Puzzle Game (1)
Others (214)

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Building Block Petronas Tower (Hong Kong)
Building Block Petronas Tower
This box of building blocks contains 1,160 pieces of blocks. Players can use the blocks to make delicate Petronas Towers. This puzzle...
Tim Fong Hong
Hong Kong
Brick Truck And ABC Blocks (Hong Kong)
Brick Truck And ABC Blocks
It is a toy brick truck with building blocks The kids can pull along the truck The alphabet blocks from a to z are included This toy...
Luen Fat Metal & Plastic Mfy Co Ltd
Hong Kong
Wooden Brain Teaser (Hong Kong)
Wooden Brain Teaser
This wooden brain teaser features a total of six intricately cut pieces of different shapes. The player must assemble the pieces in...
MI Toys International Limited
Hong Kong
EVA Foam Puzzle (Taiwan)
EVA Foam Puzzle
The outlined adventure land puzzle playset is made of high-density EVA foam. Odor-free and non-toxic, the puzzle playset is safe for...
Lee Chyun Ent. Co., Ltd.
Block Set (Spain)
Block Set
This educational puzzle block set includes 20 pieces of large colorful blocks. Children can use these blocks to make cars, buildings,...
Miniland S.A.
3D Puzzle (Taiwan)
3D Puzzle
This set of 3D puzzle allows young kids to build castles linked with bridges. Every puzzle piece from the set is crafted with attention...
Eur-Point (Shantou) Ltd.
"Farm & Vehicle" Raised Puzzle (Taiwan)
"Farm & Vehicle" Raised Puzzle
Strong Touch Feeling Of Wood Pieces, With Colorful Farm Animal And Vehicles, Capture Kids Eyes.
Cenda Arts & Crafts Co.,Ltd
Outer Space Puzzle (Taiwan)
Outer Space Puzzle
This outer space puzzle includes 100 pieces of paper in vibrant colors. Little kids can build up their own mysterious outer space world....
Chenglu Paper Product Manufacturing Co.,Ltd
Foam Blocks (Taiwan)
Foam Blocks
The foam blocks are vibrantly colourful and aesthetically attractive Children can use these foam blocks to create a variety of things...
Cha Yau Sponge Enterprise Co Ltd
3D Triangular Puzzle (Taiwan)
3D Triangular Puzzle
Featured is a colorful 3D triangular puzzle. When it is not used, it can be disassembled for saving space. It is a nice home decoration,...
Teng Tsai Special Printing Co., Ltd.
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3D Puzzle (Taiwan)
3D Puzzle
Pictured is a 3D puzzle with an innovative design. It allows you to make different animals according to your imagination. This 3D...
Chung Jen Emblem Co., Ltd.
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Children's Puzzle Game (Germany)
Children's Puzzle Game
This puzzle game includes 64 triangles in black and white. Children can arrange the triangles in different patterns according to the...
3D Puzzle (Taiwan)
3D Puzzle
This 3D puzzle is made of safe and non-toxic material for ultimate reliability. It is designed to develop kids' hands-on abilities...
Sticker Puzzle (United Kingdom)
Sticker Puzzle
This is a puzzle set that comes with four 12-piece face puzzles. The colorful and cute patterns appeal to children instantly. This...
James Galt & Co. Ltd
United Kingdom
Wooden Tower Key (Indonesia)
Wooden Tower Key
Featuring a wooden pole and a red base, this wooden tower key is manufactured with great concepts to entertain and educate the children....
PT Haula Sejahtera
Puzzle Set (Taiwan)
Puzzle Set
This Pinocchio puzzle set comes with six different puzzles, each depicting a scene in the life of Pinocchio. The colorful pictures...
Huaou International Trading Company Limited
Jigsaw Puzzle (Portugal)
Jigsaw Puzzle
This jigsaw puzzle comes with a human body theme. With 80 pieces, children can learn so much more about their own body. This educational...
Science4you SA
Jigsaw Puzzle (Turkey)
Jigsaw Puzzle
This 2,0000-piece puzzle features a famous painting, namely The Danaides. The puzzle is finely printed and cut to ensure high quality....
Perre Group Co.
3D Puzzle (Netherlands)
3D Puzzle
This is a 3D puzzle with colorful pieces. It is made of quality material which is safe for children. The 3D puzzle not only develops...
Triqo b.v.
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