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HKTDCHong Kong International Jewellery Show
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Success Stories



“Renowned for fine craftsmanship, unique designs for different markets and high-quality materials, Akima specialises in 14K and 18K jewellery decorated with diamonds, gemstones and pearls. Our jewellery products are targeted at markets like the Middle East, Russia and Southeast Asia. We have participated at the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show since the establishment of our company in 2011 because it is an effective channel for us to demonstrate our new designs, attract new customers and receive new orders. The show is one of the major sources of income for our company because it generates considerable sales every year. In fact, more than 60 per cent of our existing customers come from the Hong Kong show. At the 2014 HKTDC show, the total amount of orders we received from Russian buyers has grown by 600 per cent as compared to our first participation in 2011, and we also sold stocks to new customers from the Chinese mainland, Indonesia, Turkey and Ukraine. The new arrangement of ‘Two Show, Two Venues’ which separates raw stones and finished jewellery into two locations is good as it can accommodate more exhibitors, helping to strengthen Hong Kong as a trading hub of both raw stones and finished jewellery. We’ll join this show again next year and we hope to look for agents who can partner with us to develop the markets in Europe and the US.”
Kim Chan, Sales Director, Akima Jewellery Limited, Hong Kong

“Established in 1994, our company specialises in manufacturing 18K and 14K jewellery set with diamonds, pearls and gemstones. Apart from offering our in-house designs, we can also provide custom-made designs for our clients. Currently, our main markets include Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. We have participated in the HKTDC Hong Kong International Jewellery Show for more than 10 years because the show provides an ideal platform for us to promote our company and our jewellery while meeting both existing customers and potential buyers. We are happy with the organisation and facilities of the show as well as the organiser’s customer service. At the 2014 show, we made many new business contacts mostly from Southeast Asia and the US. In particular, our enamel jewellery collection was sought after by European buyers, whereas our south sea pearl collection was more popular with buyers from the United Arab Emirates. Definitely, we’ll return to the HKTDC Hong Kong International Jewellery Show in 2015.”
Gigi Cheng, Managing Director, Classic Jewelry Company, Hong Kong


“Our company operates 36 jewellery shops in Indonesia, selling mainly yellow gold and white gold jewellery with diamonds. We have visited the HKTDC Hong Kong International Jewellery Show for many times. The Hong Kong show is well-organised and professionally managed. It is a perfect place for us to explore new jewellery designs, new suppliers and partnership opportunities. At this year’s fair, we looked for medium-end jewellery products decorated with small diamonds which are suitable for daily use because our customers favour simple yet modern diamond jewellery designs. We found more than 10 potential suppliers from Asia that have matched our product lines. Apart from looking for new suppliers, we also visited our long-term suppliers to look for new designs and maintain our partnership with them. So far, we have bought US$200,000 worth of diamond jewellery from a large supplier and we are going to place orders with other suppliers. We have also placed a small order for jewellery display materials. Due to sustained economic growth and strong consumer demand for lifestyle items, the Indonesian jewellery market is growing every year. To expand our presence in major cities of Indonesia, we have already opened two new shops this year and plan to have two more shops later this year. The potential suppliers that we have identified at the Hong Kong show will support our business expansion.”
Sjarkowi Hanafi, General Manager, PT Gold Martindo, Indonesia

“REEDS is a leading fine jewellery retailer that operates 63 outlets in the US. It was our second-time visit to the HKTDC Hong Kong International Jewellery Show. It is a place where you can find high-quality and trendy products. At the show, we had meetings with more than 30 exhibitors from the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, India and Thailand. Of these, all but two have become our potential suppliers, offering a wide range of jewellery products from low-end items like silver, ceramic and stainless steel products to high-end items like diamond and/or coloured gemstone jewellery products set in gold, platinum and other precious metals. We have just completed the merchandising for a Christmas catalogue for which a great number of the products to be included were initiated at this Hong Kong show. It is the best show in the world for us to work on our new product initiatives for the most important selling season of the year. The Christmas season is extremely important to us as we see 40 per cent of our volume accounted for in the months of November and December. As our business negotiations with the potential suppliers at the Hong Kong show are not yet entirely completed, our expected business conducted with these suppliers will easily exceed US$5 million. At the show, many exhibitors spent good money to build prestigious, spacious, comfortable booths for displaying a full range of their offerings. This type of setting made American buyers feel more comfortable to do business. Also, the designer generally stationed at the booth to promote his or her newest concepts. Without a doubt, we’ll return to the Jewellery Show in March 2015. March is a good timing as we can design, build and create different products and product lines to differentiate ourselves from our competitors.”
Scott Sedlacek, VP of Merchandising, REEDS Jewelers, the US