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HKTDCHong Kong International Lighting Fair (Spring Edition)

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Success Stories





“The DRi BOX was designed in 2008 in the UK for solving outdoor connection issues all year round. Following strong sales in the UK market, we started to increase our export business in 2012 by exhibiting in major international trade fairs. The DRi BOX is now available in all major DIY outlets in Australasia, Europe and the US. It was our first-time participation in the HKTDC Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Spring Edition). Our primary objectives were to attract key buyers in large international corporations and to make contacts with distributors in the lighting and DIY markets. We launched an upgraded design incorporating a new sealing design and lockable handles which was well received by both new and existing customers. We swapped business cards with more than 150 companies from Asia, Australasia, Europe, North and South America and the United Arab Emirates and discussed the DRi BOX range. The Hong Kong fair helped us to meet many new buyers from key new markets. We were happy with the quality and diversity of the buyers we met. So far, several companies have already placed orders worth US$36,000. We think that the professional structure and services makes this Lighting Fair an un-missable event for international buyers. We see the global trend using outdoor lighting for decoration or recreation purposes is growing, so our business can grow to support this. We’ll attend more international trade fairs like the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair and introduce new designs across our range along with supporting current customers.”
Matt Higginson, Sales Director, DRi BOX Limited, the UK


“Established in Hong Kong in 2004, our company started as a gift manufacturer. Four years ago, we began to make use of our patented magnetic suspension technology to develop LED decorative lamps. With the help of a French designer, we launched our lamp designs last year. Currently, Europe and the US are our major markets. We are keen to develop new markets such as the BRIC countries. It was our second-year participation in the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Spring Edition). As the Hong Kong fair is one of the most influential lighting fairs in the world that attracts many international buyers, it is the best place for us to look for new customers and to expand our export markets. During the fair, we established business contacts with about 100 buyers from all around the world. About three to four wholesalers have shown keen interest in cooperating with us. In addition, more than 20 buyers have bought our samples to test their markets. We expect to receive their actual orders in October this year. We are very satisfied with the fair results so far. As buyers are more interested in hi-tech products, we are going to launch induction lighting products at the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition) this year to expand our lighting business. We expect our sales turnover to reach US$1 million in 2014. Certainly, the Hong Kong fair will help us achieve this goal.”
Robert Wang, CEO, Goodwell International (Hong Kong) Company Limited, Hong Kong





“Our company is a wholesaler of indoor and outdoor lighting products in Poland with distribution companies, builders and architects being our major clients. Our main markets include the Middle East, Poland and the US. I visited the Hong Kong fair for the first time to look for new suppliers of lighting products as well as OEM manufacturers who can transform our own designs into finished products. I was impressed by the number of exhibitors as well as their product varieties and quality. I visited all the booths at the fairground and talked with about 20 per cent of the exhibitors. After returning to Poland, my colleagues and I have verified 30 suppliers and compared their strengths. Up till now, we have ordered samples of high bay lamps, down lights, LED tubes as well as architectural and decorative lighting worth about US$4,000 from seven suppliers. We are waiting for the delivery of these samples. We’ll check the quality and efficiency of these samples before confirming our orders. Our wholesale business is experiencing an annual growth rate of more than 600 per cent. We aspire to be one of the most important lighting suppliers in our region and also want to extend our influence on the markets in the Middle East and the US. As we see the future lies in our contacts with mainland manufacturers, we hope to visit this fair again to build up more contacts with mainland suppliers.”
Marcin Mierzejewski, Managing Director, Imma Lighting Sp. z o.o., Poland 


“Established in 1977, our company is headquartered in Singapore with offices in India, Malaysia and Thailand. We operate one of the largest lighting showrooms in Singapore, supplying lighting products to projects such as hotels, shopping malls and condominiums as well as selling to consumers directly. More than 60 per cent of our existing suppliers come from the Spring and Autumn Lighting Fairs in Hong Kong. At this year’s Spring Lighting Fair, we met many suppliers mainly from the Chinese mainland, Europe, Hong Kong and Taiwan and identified about eight good suppliers that we think have the potential to become our regular suppliers. We placed US$220,000 worth of on-site orders for LED decoration lamps, solar lighting panels, wifi lighting controllers, LED ceiling lights and table lamps mainly with mainland suppliers. We are long-term supporters of the Spring and Autumn Lighting Fairs because we are excited to find new items here for our business. The Spring Lighting Fair, in particular, allows newer companies a chance to show their wares, and we always find it very exciting to meet new companies with new ideas. We see the demand for architectural and home lighting products in Singapore increasing for at least the next few years, driven by new LED technology which offers better energy-saving effect. Of course, we plan to buy more lighting products and sell more. The lighting fairs in Hong Kong serve as a major sourcing platform to meet our business needs.”
Joe Chua, Managing Director, Lightcraft Private Limited, Singapore