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Global Awards Gallery - Design Prize Switzerland

Design Prize Switzerland
– Design is Cultural and Economic Power

The competition, which takes place every two years, is aimed at enhancing the significance of Swiss design. It awards prizes for outstanding achievements in all design disciplines relevant to industry The nominators and jury are committed to a position from which design is understood as the result of an integrated development process that unfolds added value along the value chain. The competition is addressed to Swiss designers, brands, companies and institutions active either within Switzerland or abroad. Also eligible to take part are foreign designers who study or work in Switzerland or are employed by Swiss companies. The selection represents a wide array of products (launched in the market), projects (invention and concepts that seek industrial partners) as well as research projects that influence the market, industries and design scene.

The Design Prize Switzerland exhibition is co-organised by Connecting Spaces Hong Kong – Zurich and the Consulate of Switzerland in Hong Kong

Website: http://www.designpreis.ch

Led Bulb
LED Bulb
Renaud Defrancesco Sustainable
Impact Prize (Winner)
Joulia – Inline
Joulia – inline
Joulia Ltd.
Reto Schmid
Product - Investment Goods (Winner)
Oled Design Lab
OLED Design Lab
FHNW - Institute for Integrative Design, Masterstudio, Basel
Ralf Michel
Sustainable Impact Prize (Nominee)
Atelier R2D2 GmbH
Xavier Aymon
Sustainable Impact Prize (Nominee)
Stack / Mugi Yamamoto
Mugi Yamamoto
Winner Rado Star Prize Switzerland for Young Talent
*Information is subject to change without prior notice. (2016.11.11)