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2016 Partner City - Chicago

ChicagoMade: Great Ideas of Humanity

Kanye West didn't always have seven platinum albums, Motorola wasn't worth billions the day it was founded. The Chicago Cubs weren’t always World Series Champions.

Humble beginnings—that’s how every great story starts in Chicago. What’s born in a garage, on a workbench, or with a smartphone ends up larger than life.

From the world’s first skyscraper to the invention of improv comedy, Chicago has always been a center of creativity and innovation; a place where ideas are seen as the highest form of currency.

Chicago’s place in design history is fundamental to the world. From the city’s roots as an agricultural center, where the steel plow, assembly line, and commodities trading were invented; to the advent of mail-order retail, the car radio, and cell phone; Chicago design drives global innovation. This is where a new startup is taking hold every day; where movie moguls and indie filmmakers produce blockbusters and cult classics; where achievements made in food-culture, architecture, art, and design are endlessly inspiring.

In 1950, the importance of design in business was famously and publicly acknowledged by Chicago’s Container Corporation of America.

With a desire to engage the general public in cultural discourse, Walter Paepcke, founder of Container Corporation of America, initiated an unprecedented advertising campaign entitled the Great Ideas of Western Man. For 25 years, celebrated artists and designers were commissioned to create artwork that responded to quotes by scientists, philosophers, and academics.

Building on the CCA advertising campaign, this project, entitled ChicagoMade; Great Ideas of Humanity, is a celebration of the increasing globalization of our world and resulting cross-pollination of ideas, philosophies, societies, and culture. In this spirit, we aspire to connect contemporary Chicago artists with important thinkers, makers and doers. This the start of something more—more ideas, more conversations, and more discovery. Because great ideas are ChicagoMade.

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