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HKTDCHKTDC InnoDesignTech Expo

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Expo Highlights

Concurrently held during the 12th edition of InnoDesignTech Expo will be the World SME Expo, Hong Kong International Franchising Show, Business of IP Asia Forum, and the Business of Design Week.
International Pavilions
The Expo will feature the latest innovative design and solutions from creative regions such as Victoria (Australia), Hessen (Germany), Bali (Indonesia), Chungnam (Korea), Southern Sweden and more.
Australia Germany Indonesia Korea Sweden
Trade Hall (Halls 1A-C)
Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality for Business Zone
  Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality for Business Zone

InnoDesignTech Expo will incorporate diverse technologies and innovations. The debut Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Zone for Business gathers Hong Kong leading service providers in the field to showcase advanced VR and AR technologies, hard wares, and commercial solutions. Visitors will experience the latest applications of VR/AR solutions across different industries, such as i.e. design, tourism, marketing, branding, and education, and get into the unique immersive journey powered by the technologies on the spot.

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3D Printing Solutions Zone
3D Printing Solutions Zone  

Another highlight of the Expo is the 3D Printing Solutions Zone. This year, the Zone is further expanded and comprised companies with the latest 3D printing hard wares and solutions including precious metal printing, food printing and fast image capturing technology.

In parallel, a workshop co-organised with the Hong Kong Productivity Council will be held providing visitors insight on the commercial application of the latest technologies.

Global Invention Zone
  Global Invention Zone
To facilitate commercialisation of invention, IDT expo launched the Global Invention Zone since 2014. This year, over 100 inventors from all over the world (Canada, Chad, Chinese mainland, Croatia, Hong Kong, Iraq, Japan, Korea, Pakistan, Slovenia, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, United Arab Emirates) will showcase their innovative inventions and ideas. The Zone is supported by the International Federation of Inventors’ Associations (IFIA) together with global invention associations including China Association of Inventions, Chinese Innovation & Invention Society, Croatian Chamber of Economy, Hong Kong Invention Association and Korea Women Inventors Association.
Creative & Tech Start-up Zone
Creative & Tech Start-ups Zone  

Creative & Tech Start-up Zone at the IDT Expo is an ideal platform for start-ups to launch their creative and innovative solutions and products; as well as an occasion to connect with potential buyers and investors. Over 70 start-ups from Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia and Mexico will showcase their products and solutions at the Expo.

In addition, an international start-up competition “Get in the Ring, Hong Kong” will be staged at the Expo. Brought by Retro Creative, “Get in the Ring” has been hosted in over 80 countries with more than 10,000 start-ups participants. Start-ups will face off with each other and present in front of the judges and the public and battle for their rightful place as one of the most innovative, viable start-ups in the region.

Building on the “Get in the Ring” global network, this competition will not only create extensive exposure for local Hong Kong start-ups but also attract potential investors in the proximity.

Seminars on related topics and networking reception will also be held to encourage idea exchange.

Inspiration Hall (Halls 3D-E)
As the theme of the Inspiration Hall in 2016, the Expo will look into how design and innovation becomes a key driving force to urban lifestyle and development. Under the categories of smart architecture, smart infrastructure, smart mobility and smart lifestyle, you are invited to visit the Expo and share your ideas about better urban living.
Smart Architecture Smart Infrastructure Smart Lifestyle Smart Mobile
Design without Boundaries
Hong Kong is a creative hub for global designers. The Design without Boundaries pavilion continues presenting innovative design of international designers based in Hong Kong. With an influence of local culture, business efficiency and manufacturing capacity, the “East meets West” design gives an inspiring spirit to the works of the featured designers.
Checkered Playroom Oasis
Checkered Playroom Oasis
Centred around the theme "Urbanovation", the Expo 2016 will feature urban design trends and innovative solutions in the context of smart architecture. We are proud to welcome Professor Zhu Jingxiang, Associate Professor of the Department of Architecture at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and his team, Unitinno Architectural Technology Development Co., Ltd., to put the debut “Checkered Playroom Oasis” on show in HK after 2016 Venice Biennale.
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Partner City
Chicago Made
Partnered with Chicago, the Inspiration Hall will present the creativity and innovation of the city under the pavilion theme of “Chicago Made”.
Global Awards Gallery
The Inspiration Hall gathers winning exhibits of international design awards from Australia, Hong Kong, Switzerland and the United States etc., collaging a global perspective of how good design can make an impact to the world.
Design Prize Switzerland
Hong Kong Smart Design Awards
Innovation Pitchfest Spark Design Award
Hong Kong Creative Force
Hong Kong Creative Force remains a highlight of the Inspiration Hall.  Showcasing a series of new expression of Hong Kong design talents and creation, the pavilion comprises exhibits of young designers under the theme of as "Urban Playroom" and "Urban Oasis".  Besides, the Hong Kong Institute of Architects brings in awarded works of architects’ design of urban housing for the new generation.
Hong Kong Robot Boxing League
The 3rd Robot Boxing League (RBL) will be held on the last Expo day on 3rd December. Around 20 DIY robots, including the winner in the International Robot Contest (Korea) 2016 and the champion of the International Robotic Olympiad 2016, will draw a crowd of robot fans to witness the exciting contest in the Inspiration Hall. Don't miss the spectacular event!
Thematic Seminars
  Ideas Trends Seminars
The Expo will offer thematic seminar tracks, namely “creativity for business”, “innovation for business” as well as “creative and tech start-up”, during the three Expo days. Some highlighted topics include design for brand management, global design trends, VR as new possibility for retail and business, data analytics and marketing etc. The Hong Kong Productivity Council will co-organise a power-up workshop on 3D printing for enterprises. Pre-register to join the 15 seminars and workshops and get inspired by the creative minds.
*Information is subject to change without prior notice. (2016.11.18)