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Lifestyle Expo in Istanbul 2014


Booth Allocation Policy


Lifestyle Expo in Istanbul hereafter referred to as "the Expo" - Booth Selection Mechanism


Hong Kong exhibitors will be invited to attend booth selection meeting of its respective thematic zone and booth size to select a booth location according to the below priority (in descending order).





Booth size > Repeated Exhibitor (2013) > Application with Full Payment’s Submission Date > Ballot drawing

  1. Booth Size
    Exhibitors of larger booth size will have booth selection priority over those with smaller booth size.


  2. History of Participation
    Past Exhibitors enjoy priority in booth selection over new exhibitors.


  3. Submission Date of Full Application
    Exhibitors with earlier submission date of the completed application form with full payment will enjoy a higher priority in booth selection. (should the receipt date of application form and payment is different, the receipt date of whichever later counts)


  4. Open Ballot
    If all conditions are the same, an open ballot will be conducted to determine the booth selection sequence in a session that schedules to take place prior to the booth selection meeting.


  5. *Booth Allocation Policy for applications submitted after the application deadline
    For applications submitted after the application deadline, booth allocation sequence will be prioritised according to the date and time of application form with full payment received by the Organiser.


Important Remarks

  1. "New exhibitors" refer to new applicants which did not participate in the Lifestyle Expo in Istanbul 2013. "Past exhibitors" refer to companies which participated in the Lifestyle Expo in Istanbul 2013.


  2. Lifestyle Expo in Istanbul 2014 is divided into different product zones and exhibitor's display on its stand must incorporate at least 60% of its display area exhibiting the appropriate products corresponding to the product zone specified. The Organiser reserves the right to relocate the booth to the relevant product zone.


  3. Exhibitors applying after the booth selection cut off date will have a lower participation and booth selection priority than those who applied before that date. Their booth selection sequence in the respective product zone will be according to the date when the Organiser receives the application form.


  4. The Organiser reserves the right to decline any application should the applicants are not eligible to exhibit at the Exhibition pursuant to the Terms of Application and Exhibition Rules & Regulations.


  5. A Letter of Confirmation issued by the Organiser is needed to confirm any Booth Location/ Size/ Service Section. No refund will be made to the exhibitor after the confirmation letter is issued.


  6. All booth size/ location requests are subject to space availability and the Organiser's discretion.


  7. The Organiser reserves the right to interpret, alter and amend any of the above terms and to issue additional information and regulations at any time as deemed appropriate.