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Model No: AirClean 8000
Product Specifications: Lifa AirClean 8000 is a multi-function vacuuming unit and air-cleaning machine. Its main application is for creating negative pressure and cleaning large and broad ventilation duct systems. The vacuuming unit is able to create not only a large air volume, but also able to generate airflow of 18-22m/s which ensures the total removal of brushed dirt. AirClean 8000 is also suitable for dust-free work demanding a large volume of suction air.
  • Airflow without filters: 6,200m/h (3,650CFM).
  • Primary use: create negative pressure in ventilation ducts.
  • Cleaning and vacuuming dry air containing asbestos, mold, construction, quartz, powder and wood dust.
  • Good transferring properties for horizontal and vertical shifts in position.