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Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor (ECG, NIBP, SpO2, RESP, TEMP) Get Latest Price
Model No: EF-05-PM7A
Product Specifications: Precision ±1% or ±1bpm,the larger prevails
Resolution 1 bpm(beat/minute)
1.4 Sensitivity: > 200 uV (Peak-to-peak value)
1.5 Input Impedance: > 5 (megohm)
1.6 Bandwidth
Diagnostic mode 0.05∼130Hz
Monitoring Mode 0.5∼40Hz
Operation mode 1∼20Hz
1.7 Common Mode rejection Ratio
Diagnostic mode > 90 dB
Monitoring Mode > 100 dB
Operation mode > 100 dB
1.8 Pole Polarization Voltage Range: ±300mV
1.9 Pacing Pulse Test
Test pacing pulse in accordance with the following conditions:
Amplitude: ± 2 mV ∼ ±700mV
Width: 0.1ms ∼ 2ms
Rise time: 10us∼100μs
1.10 Pacing pulse inhibition
Amplitude: ±2 mV ∼ ±700mV
Width: 0.1ms ∼ 2ms
Rise time: 10us ∼ 100μs
1.11 Baseline Recovering Time: After defibrillation < 3 seconds
1.12 Signal Range: ±8 mV (Peak-to-peak value)
1.13 Calibrating Signal: 1mV(Peak-to-peak value),precision ±5%
1.14 ST Segment Measuring Volume
Measuring range: -2.0mV ∼ +2.0mV
Measuring precision: Ranging -0.8 mV∼+0.8mV, measuring error is ±0.02mV or ±10%,.

2 RESP Specification (EF-05-PM7A only)
2.1 Measuring Method: RA-LL impedance
2.2 RESP Impedance Measuring Range: 0.3∼3Ω
2.3 Base Impedance Range: 200∼4000Ω
2.4 Bandwidth: 0.1∼2.5Hz
2.5 RESP Rate Range
Adult 0∼120BrPM
Children and neonatal baby 0∼150 BrPM
Resolution 1 BrPM
Precision ± 2 BrPM
2.6 Asphyxia Alarm: 10∼40 seconds

3 NIBP Specification
3.1 Measuring Method: Pulse wave oscillometry
3.2 Work Mode: Manual/Automatic/STAT
3.3 Measuring Interval of Automatic Measuring Mode: 1,2,3,4,5,10,15,30,60,90,120,180,240,480 minute(s)
3.4 Measuring Time of STAT Mode: 5 minutes
3.5 PR range: 40 – 240 bpm
3.6 Measuring Range and Precision Range
Adult Systolic blood pressure 40∼270mmHg
Diastolic blood pressure 10∼215mmHg
Mean blood pressure 20∼235mmHg
Children Systolic blood pressure 40∼200mmHg
Diastolic blood pressure 10∼150mmHg
Mean blood pressure 20∼165mmHg
Neonatal baby Systolic blood pressure 40∼135mmHg
Diastolic blood pressure 10∼100mmHg
Mean blood pressure 20∼110mmHg
Static pressure range 0∼300mmHg
Static pressure precision ± 3mmHg
Pressure precision: Max. average error: ± 5mmHg;Max.
standard deviation: 8mmHg
3.7 Overvoltage protection
Adult mode 300 mmHg
Children mode 240 mmHg
Neonatal baby mode 150 mmHg