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Cloud Backup Solution
Product Specifications:
Protecting your business data should not be waited till tomorrow for disaster is unpredictable. This can be happened due to natural factors, human or any IT machines error. SMEs cannot afford the risk of any data lose such as customers' records, credit card information or sensitive personnel files. According to the research from Symantec, SMEs do not realize the profound impact of the disaster caused. In fact, simple IT disaster recovery planning about back-up not only protect SMEs' vital information, as well as help them build customers' trust. iCare DR for PC is your whole-system online backup and restore partner.
  • PC and server backup.
  • Restore at simple monthly or yearly plan.
  • Simple, fast and automated.
  • Auto bandwidth optimization.
  • Data de-duplication.
  • Small memory footprint.
  • Extra secure and internet friendly.
  • Works well under slow and unstable network conditions.
  • Always resume where you left off by Incremental sync for large binary formats like Outlook PST.
  • Private encrypted database.