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Model No: S02
Product Specifications: The Resistant Movement Trainer (RMT) is a piece of unique and innovative fitness equipment targeted both for general home use and professional training. Through its innovative hydraulic feature, the RMT will bring to users a unique and enjoyable training experience with effective results. RMT creates the novel training experience via its unique hydraulic feature design.
  • New invention increasing intensity of training - through movement of water within structured cavity to generate "multi-level striking forces" hence boosting the efficiency of training
  • Exercise all parts of your body - shoulders & arms, abdomen, chest, back, hips and legs; and also for stretching
  • Versatile usage - can be used on its front, back, vertically or horizontally
  • Exercise mechanics leverage on gravity, mobility, instability and user's body weight
  • Suitable for all level of users from beginners to advance users
  • Hundreds of exercise combinations and DVD training tutorial
  • Suitable for home, gym or outdoor training
  • Adjustable weight from 3kg to 8kg by filling in water
  • Detachable wheel
  • Arc surface
Innovation and Sports Science
  • Hydraulic Feature - with the use of water in the RMT, the users must counterbalance the movement of the water therefore a greater number of muscle fibers are recruited when performing the most basic to advanced exercises and hence boosting the effectiveness of training.
  • With proven studies conducted by Jeff Platter, (Level 3 Thermographer, President, BPC International Inc.)
  • Especially effective for those who aim to increase their explosive power, neuromuscular coordination, proprioceptive awareness, speed and agility.
  • For core functional, rehabilitation training, orthopedic and sports medicine

  • Recognition by sports academy in Hong Kong - AASFP (Asian Academy for Sports and Fitness Professionals).  Certified Trainer course and professional training program co-organized.
  • Recommended by registered physiotherapist and certified fitness trainer. 
  • Used in hosiptal for rehabitation training

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Colour: Red, Black, Blue
Product Size: 630 x 342 x 130mm
FOB Price: 35-50
Type of Payment: T/T, L/C
Minimum Order Quantity: 300

Resistant Movement Trainer
Resistant Movement Trainer
Resistant Movement Trainer
Resistant Movement Trainer