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Going green with the world's transport systems Multimedia
Greener and safer vehicles to improve the world's transport systems were among the range of products featured at ECO Expo Asia 2017. Among them was Kyto Green Technologies, whose Managing Director Grayson Richards spoke to the HKTDC about the favorable reception his company has received in Hong Kong, as well as the potential business opportunities the city offers.
Multimedia 23 Feb 2018
China’s Green Shoppers: Attitudes and Beliefs Multimedia
Chinese consumers have become more environmentally conscious and more willing to buy green products, but most consumers are attracted by the personal safety and health benefits of green products.
Multimedia 22 Jan 2018
Greener City Strategies Set to Yield Economic and Social Dividends
With urban planners across the world committed to promoting higher greenery ratios, it could be that such policies prove to be far more than cosmetic, with tangible economic benefits likely for those cities that strike the right balance.
Economists' Pick 19 Jan 2018
China’s Green Shoppers: Preferences and Satisfaction Levels Multimedia
Mainland consumers’ consumption of all kinds of eco-friendly products is growing. The green items they buy most frequently are food and drinks, followed by household cleaning products.
Multimedia 18 Jan 2018
German Authorities Organise Annual “Blue Angel Campaign Day” to Help Consumers Make “Greener” Purchasing Decisions
On 25 October 2017, the German Federal Environment Ministry, the German Federal Environment Agency and two independent label-awarding agencies jointly organised an annual “Blue Angel campaign day”. So as to celebrate a growing product variety covered by the label, they organised different activities to raise awareness, especially with regard to plastics recycling and the avoidance of microplastic pollution.
Economists' Pick 15 Dec 2017
Smart City Solution for Waste Management Multimedia
Offering a smart solution for municipal waste management, Korean company Ecube Labs showcased their Clean CUBE waste bin at Eco Expo Asia, held in October 2017. In this podcast interview, David Lee, Director, Global Business Development, Ecube Labs, explains how the Clean CUBE system can enhance the efficiency of urban waste collection.
Multimedia 24 Nov 2017
Pollution Solutions Multimedia
From 3-wheel electric trikes to noise barriers, ‘quiet tech’ made a big stir at the Eco Expo Asia 2017. A new Start Up Zone added to the innovation on display. Held at the AsiaWorld-Expo, 26 – 29th October, the 12th edition of the international trade fair on environmental protection drew nearly 340 exhibitors from 18 countries and regions.
Multimedia 30 Oct 2017
Integrated Solutions See Mainland Environmental Sector Come of Age
With the environmental sector maturing, buoyed by supportive government policies and generous funding, the technology now on offer is far more comprehensive than the rudimentary systems of the early days of the industry.
Economists' Pick 27 Oct 2017
INDONESIA: Development Projects Set to Receive Private, State and Overseas Aid Funding
The government has announced plans to combine private capital and state funds with Official Development Assistance (ODA) from overseas donor countries in order to finance a number of development-related projects.
Economists' Pick 27 Oct 2017
China’s Environmental Market
China’s environmental industry has been developing in leaps and bounds in recent years. In 2016, investment in water conservancy, environment and public-facilities management amounted to RMB6.86 trillion. Investment in the environmental sector is projected to exceed RMB15 trillion during the 13th Five-Year Plan period. A large number of environmental projects will be developed through public-private partnerships (PPP).
China Trade 4 Oct 2017
Eco Expo Asia
“Innovative Solutions for Greener Cities” is the theme of this year’s Eco Expo Asia, the region’s leading event in the thriving environmental protection industry.
Economists' Pick 3 Oct 2017
Hydropower Investment Sees Laos Aligned with BRI Objectives
China's stake in Laos' sustainable-energy sector paves way for closer long-term Belt and Road collaboration.
Economists' Pick 22 Aug 2017
Environmental Protection - Hong Kong Trade Associations
This page lists the contact information of Hong Kong trade associations related to environmental protection.
HK Economy 1 Aug 2017
Brexit and State Subsidy Withdrawals Devastate UK Green Home Sector
Exhibitor and visitor numbers tumbled at this year's Ecobuild event, as both the vagaries of the Brexit decision and declining government commitment to the environmental sector saw uncertainty and a lack of funding begin to hit home.
Economists' Pick 24 July 2017
PHILIPPINES: Tax Incentives Mooted for Green Manufacturing Sector
Energy-efficient investment projects in the manufacturing sector are to qualify for as yet unspecified tax incentives. The move, announced by the Philippines Board of Investment, will see clean energy projects and those that act to minimise industrial pollution and/or greenhouse gas emissions qualify for both financial incentives and income tax holidays.
Economists' Pick 16 May 2017
Belt and Road: The Green Route Multimedia
Environmental protection is critical to China’s Belt and Road Initiative to parallel economic goals, says Steve Wong of Hong Kong’s BillionGroup Technologies. The firm develops solutions like waste-generated energy, solar power and industrial efficiency projects in Belt and Road locations including the Chinese mainland, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Dubai. He sees Hong Kong as an ideal location for green solutions to replicate in Belt and Road countries.
Multimedia 5 May 2017
EcoTech Event Looks to Tackle Vietnam's Environmental Problems
With water and air pollution growing problems as Vietnam marches towards industrialisation, exhibitors at the EcoTech event in Ho Chi Minh City offered a range of solutions, including water purification and low-emission motorcycle fuel.
Economists' Pick 26 April 2017
Mainlanders Opt for High-tech, High Fashion Anti-Smogwear
With the environmental problems plaguing cities across the mainland seen as unlikely to go away any time soon, many urban residents are now incorporating stylish and effective counter-pollution products into their everyday wardrobes.
Economists' Pick 27 Feb 2017
Taiwan Looks For Pioneering Role in Electric Vehicle Development
Innovative brands and a conducive tax regime see Taiwan racing ahead in the highly competitive green scooter industry.
Economists' Pick 7 Feb 2017
The Air We Breathe
When entrepreneur Nyree Chung arrived in Hong Kong from the United Kingdom six years ago, the mother of two young children invested in air purifiers to safeguard her family’s health.
Economists' Pick 1 Feb 2017
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