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Hydropower Investment Sees Laos Aligned with BRI Objectives
China's stake in Laos' sustainable-energy sector paves way for closer long-term Belt and Road collaboration.
Economists' Pick 22 Aug 2017
Environmental Protection - Hong Kong Trade Associations
This page lists the contact information of Hong Kong trade associations related to environmental protection.
HK Economy 1 Aug 2017
Brexit and State Subsidy Withdrawals Devastate UK Green Home Sector
Exhibitor and visitor numbers tumbled at this year's Ecobuild event, as both the vagaries of the Brexit decision and declining government commitment to the environmental sector saw uncertainty and a lack of funding begin to hit home.
Economists' Pick 24 July 2017
PHILIPPINES: Tax Incentives Mooted for Green Manufacturing Sector
Energy-efficient investment projects in the manufacturing sector are to qualify for as yet unspecified tax incentives. The move, announced by the Philippines Board of Investment, will see clean energy projects and those that act to minimise industrial pollution and/or greenhouse gas emissions qualify for both financial incentives and income tax holidays.
Economists' Pick 16 May 2017
Belt and Road: The Green Route Multimedia
Environmental protection is critical to China’s Belt and Road Initiative to parallel economic goals, says Steve Wong of Hong Kong’s BillionGroup Technologies. The firm develops solutions like waste-generated energy, solar power and industrial efficiency projects in Belt and Road locations including the Chinese mainland, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Dubai. He sees Hong Kong as an ideal location for green solutions to replicate in Belt and Road countries.
Multimedia 5 May 2017
EcoTech Event Looks to Tackle Vietnam's Environmental Problems
With water and air pollution growing problems as Vietnam marches towards industrialisation, exhibitors at the EcoTech event in Ho Chi Minh City offered a range of solutions, including water purification and low-emission motorcycle fuel.
Economists' Pick 26 April 2017
Mainlanders Opt for High-tech, High Fashion Anti-Smogwear
With the environmental problems plaguing cities across the mainland seen as unlikely to go away any time soon, many urban residents are now incorporating stylish and effective counter-pollution products into their everyday wardrobes.
Economists' Pick 27 Feb 2017
Taiwan Looks For Pioneering Role in Electric Vehicle Development
Innovative brands and a conducive tax regime see Taiwan racing ahead in the highly competitive green scooter industry.
Economists' Pick 7 Feb 2017
The Air We Breathe
When entrepreneur Nyree Chung arrived in Hong Kong from the United Kingdom six years ago, the mother of two young children invested in air purifiers to safeguard her family’s health.
Economists' Pick 1 Feb 2017
City-centric Mainlanders Beguiled by the Benefits of Bottle Gardening
With space at a premium and access to outdoor green sites limited, a new generation of urban mainlanders is turning to miniature moss gardens as an affordable and sustainable means of bringing the natural environment into city homes.
Economists' Pick 25 Jan 2017
Connect Schemes Fit Belt and Road Advances Multimedia
The Shenzhen and Shanghai Stock Connect schemes accommodate the demand for multi-faceted investment opportunities on the Chinese mainland and in Hong Kong, fitting Belt and Road priorities such as Rmb internationalization, says MF Jebsen’s Clifford Wong. He believes the Initiative encourages increased business activities: good for MF Jebsen’s travel industry operations, for example.
Multimedia 5 Jan 2017
Thai Building Management Sector Boosted by New ASEAN Opportunities
Although hampered by rising labour costs, the Thai facilities and property management sector has been bolstered by new government initiatives, growing eco-awareness and the huge opportunities opening up across the wider ASEAN bloc.
Economists' Pick 22 Dec 2016
Historic Name on the Belt and Road Multimedia
With over 120 years of history the Jebsen Group has been a successful conglomerate with operations tracing the land and sea routes of China’s Belt and Road Initiative. Now, into the fourth generation of management, Markus Jebsen of investment holding firm MF Jebsen says the modern Initiative very much applies to the firm, particularly with its various travel-related businesses.
Multimedia 21 Dec 2016
Working Together for a Green Future Multimedia
Environmental awareness is not only a way of life but a business opportunity, according to Daniel Cheng, Chairman of the Federation of Hong Kong Industries. Speaking at the sidelines of Eco Expo Asia, an international trade fair on environmental protection, Mr Cheng offers his thoughts on the importance of society and business working together to build a green and sustainable future , including along the Belt and Road.
Multimedia 2 Dec 2016
Driving into the Future with EVs Multimedia
From commercial to personal uses, electric vehicles (EVs) can help reduce emissions and improve air quality in dense cities such as Hong Kong. In this podcast interview, James Kong, Managing Director, Fortune Dragon Motors Ltd, explains why a compact city such as Hong Kong is an ideal market for promoting EVs.
Multimedia 28 Nov 2016
Learning Through Play Boosts High-Tech and Upcoming AR Toy Ranges
With nurturing innovation among the young now a clear priority across the mainland, educational and creatively inspiring toys took pole position at this year's China International Trade Fair for Toys and Preschool Educational Resources.
Economists' Pick 3 Nov 2016
Be cool: Fans, e-bikes, green tech on show in Hong Kong Multimedia
Ceiling fans that can compete with air conditioners were among the pioneering green tech ideas on show from some 320 exhibitors at the 11th edition of Eco Expo Asia in Hong Kong. Asia’s go-to platform for the green industry also welcomed creators of a futuristic e-bike and discussions on industry trends including how the Chinese mainland’s Belt and Road initiative is offering opportunities to the electric vehicle industry.
Multimedia 31 Oct 2016
Euro-environmental Solutions Top the Bill at Pollutec Brazil Event
While many European companies made the 5,000 mile trip to Brazil to promote their environmental systems, Asian businesses were largely notable by their absence – a surprising occurrence given the size of the country’s green budget.
Economists' Pick 6 Oct 2016
Biotech Innovation Goes Centre-stage at Environmental Protection Expo
Biotechnology solutions to a range of pollution legacy issues predominated at this year's Guangzhou International Environmental Protection Industry Expo, with tackling indoor air pollution also high on the agenda of many attendees.
Economists' Pick 2 Sept 2016
Brexit: Consequences on REACH and Other EU Environmental Laws for the UK
Hong Kong traders, regardless of sector, may have been left reeling by the British referendum to leave the EU; the environmental law sector is no exception. The full impact of the referendum result will depend a great deal on the exit negotiations. Exit negotiations only begin when the UK formally initiates Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty.
Economists' Pick 22 July 2016
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