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Indonesia Spurns Digital Distractions In Favour of Traditional Toys
Given their strong showing at the Indonesia International Toys & Kids Expo, traditional toys remain a firm favourite in Asia's third-most populous country, with construction sets, magic clay and animal puppets all wooing the punters.
Economists' Pick 12 Jan 2018
Chinese Solar-panel Maker Challenges Exclusion from Price Undertaking Before EU’s General Court
It was reported on 18 December 2017 that the Chinese solar-panel maker Wuxi Saijing Solar has lodged an appeal against the EU on 30 November 2017 for excluding it from the price undertaking that allowed it to avoid high trade defence tariffs on the importation of solar cells and solar modules to the EU.
Economists' Pick 12 Jan 2018
INDIA: State Approval No Longer Required for 100% Overseas Ownership of Single Brand Retailers
Overseas investors can now own a 100% stake in single brand retail operations without requiring official pre-approval (that is, through the automatic route).
Economists' Pick 12 Jan 2018
China’s Green Shoppers: Purchasing Behaviour
The demand for green products among mainland consumers has been rising in recent years. According to a series of focus group discussions, while more consumers are turning to online sources for the information of goods they intend to buy, offline channels remain a more trusted option. Ingredients, brand, certification mark and materials used are the common major factors they take into consideration when they shop for green products.
Economists' Pick 11 Jan 2018
LAOS: Detailed List of Officially Approved Wooden Exports Released
A detailed list of wooden products for export has been released by the Lao government, which includes different types of interior flooring, furniture, carpentry, as well as bamboo and rattan goods.
Economists' Pick 8 Jan 2018
New Energy Efficiency Standards for Split ACs under Consideration in Mexico
Mexican authorities are seeking input by 19 February on a proposal (PROY-NOM-023-ENER-2017) to establish new mandatory energy efficiency standards for mini-split and multi-split air conditioners with a nominal cooling capacity ranging from 1 to 19,050 Wt.
Economists' Pick 5 Jan 2018
Mexico Proposes New Standards for Electronic Products and IT Equipment
Mexico is seeking input from interested parties by 16 February and 17 February, respectively, on separate proposals to establish new mandatory safety requirements and test methods for (1) information technology, related equipment and office equipment (PROY-NOM-019-SCFI-2016) and (2) electronic products (PROY-NOM-001-SCFI-2017). The new requirements would enter into force 180 days from the date of publication of a final regulation in Mexico’s official journal.
Economists' Pick 5 Jan 2018
Input Sought on Possible Changes to Appliance Standards Development Process
The DOE will hold a meeting on 8 January and is accepting comments through 16 February to help the agency identify potential modifications to its “Process Rule” for the development of energy efficiency standards for appliances.
Economists' Pick 5 Jan 2018
New Mandatory Safety Standard Adopted for Children’s Folding Chairs and Stools
The Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a final rule that will, effective 15 June, establish a new mandatory safety standard for children’s folding chairs and stools.
Economists' Pick 5 Jan 2018
China’s Green Shoppers: Preferences and Satisfaction Levels
Consumer focus group discussions conducted by HKTDC Research show that mainland consumers’ consumption of all kinds of eco-friendly products is growing. The green items they buy most frequently are food and drinks, followed by household cleaning products. The green products they are most satisfied with are food and drinks, personal care products and electrical home appliances.
Economists' Pick 4 Jan 2018
VIETNAM: Foreign Currency Loan Scheme for Exporters Extended Until December 2018
The scheme to entitle Vietnam-based exporters to foreign currency denominated loans has now been extended until 31 December 2018 from the end of 2017 previously. The State Bank of Vietnam, which manages the scheme, allows commercial banks to extend short term loans in overseas currency to export companies which earn in foreign currency.
Economists' Pick 4 Jan 2018
Hong Kong International Stationery Fair
The event offers a range of the latest stationery and back-to-school items, including artist supplies, children’s stationery, office equipment, educational systems, and writing instruments.
Economists' Pick 2 Jan 2018
Russians Shop Earlier and Earlier for their Unusually Late Christmas
Although Christmas doesn't come to Russia until 7 January, many consumers now begin gift-buying in early November.
Economists' Pick 2 Jan 2018
HKTDC Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair
The world’s second-largest event for the toy industry attracts buyers from around the world.
Economists' Pick 29 Dec 2017
Made in Indonesia
The rapid growth of Indonesia's manufacturing sector – a development buoyed partly by the arrival of several big-name mobile-phone manufacturers and partly by highly supportive central government legislation – has attracted electronics companies across the wider Asia-Pacific region.
Economists' Pick 28 Dec 2017
Argentina Rescinds Non-Automatic Import Licencing Requirements for Various Products, Lowers Duties on Certain Copolymers
Argentina has rescinded the non-automatic licencing requirements it had in place on 19 electrical and electronic products of headings 8415, 8418, 8516, 8528, 8521, 8527 and 8528, including certain air conditioners, microwave ovens, televisions, loudspeakers, telephone answering machines and radiobroadcast receivers. Imports of subject merchandise are now subject to automatic licencing.
Economists' Pick 22 Dec 2017
Lawmakers Express Concern About Possible Remedies on Solar Cells
A group of 41 House and Senate Republicans have expressed concern in separate letters to USTR Lighthizer about the potential negative effects of the proposed safeguard remedies on imports of crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells and modules.
Economists' Pick 22 Dec 2017
The Asian Character Invasion Proves a Hit at Brand Licensing Europe
Traditionally dominated by US and Europe-originated properties, this year a wave of Asian-sourced animated characters flooded the event, with their creators confident that their success at home could easily be replicated far further afield.
Economists' Pick 21 Dec 2017
China’s Green Shoppers: Attitudes and Beliefs
As China’s living standards have improved and awareness of issues such as pollution and food safety has grown, Chinese consumers have become more environmentally conscious and more willing to buy green products. Consumer studies conducted by the HKTDC on the mainland have provided further evidence confirming that consumer demand for green products, particularly food/drinks and household cleaning and personal care products, is on the rise.
Economists' Pick 21 Dec 2017
Bright Sparks in Trade
The Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) expects Hong Kong exports to increase in value by six per cent while the volume of exports is anticipated to grow by four per cent in 2018.
Economists' Pick 19 Dec 2017
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