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Exquisite Design Shines
When global jewellery brand PANDORA set out to penetrate the Asian market with a bespoke giftware line, Hong Kong design company Thomas Crown & Associates was ready to deliver.
Economists' Pick 26 June 2017
Car Tech Proves Key Driver at Shanghai Consumer Electronics Event
With a whole hall devoted to its latest manifestations, car tech was one of the star turns at this year's CES Asia event, although digital translation devices, drones and waterproof cameras also proved popular with many attendees.
Economists' Pick 23 June 2017
Slovakia: An Emerging Hub on the New Silk Road
As a transit hub in Central and Eastern Europe, Slovakia has become a magnet for export-oriented manufacturing industries. Both the public and private sectors are active in upgrading the country’s handling capacity to prepare for the expected increase in Eurasian cargo traffic. Also, Slovakia is making moves to stretch its wings to Asia, including a plan to start a double tax treaty negotiation with Hong Kong.
Economists' Pick 23 June 2017
Argentina Sets Criterion Values for Cymbals
Argentinean authorities have a long-standing practice of setting reference/criterion values for a broad range of imported merchandise, which are purportedly aimed at preventing the under-invoicing of imports.
Economists' Pick 23 June 2017
Mexico Considers New Standards for Lamps, Certain Digital Interfaces
Mexico is seeking input from interested parties by 6 August on a proposal to amend the current mandatory energy efficiency standards for domestically-produced and imported general purpose lamps used in residential, commercial, services, industrial and public lighting settings.
Economists' Pick 23 June 2017
New Safeguard Probe Launched on Clothes Washers
The U.S. International Trade Commission has instituted a global safeguard investigation that could result in a new tariff-rate quota on large residential washers.
Economists' Pick 23 June 2017
Spinners Phenomenon Proves Need for Independent Toy Retailers
Fidget spinners might never have proved the UK's toy hit of 2017 if it were not for the flexibility and rapid response of the country's independent toy sales channel, a sector that has been considerably more buffeted than most over recent years.
Economists' Pick 21 June 2017
Hong Kong Exports Gather Steam
Hong Kong’s export sentiment has reached a four-year high, according to the latest Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) Export Index.
Economists' Pick 21 June 2017
Licensed Properties Target the Digital Frontier at Las Vegas Expo
Although many movie licence holders are clearly keen to take their properties into the digital realm, it is not all one-way traffic, with several companies now set to migrate from their internet-based origins to the more traditional world of print.
Economists' Pick 20 June 2017
Promotional Gifts Boost the Market: The 2017 Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair Survey
Buyers and exhibitors were generally positive as to the likely sales growth in the gifts and premiums market, according to a survey conducted during the HKTDC Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair held in April 2017. This saw largely optimistic sentiments expressed towards the major overseas markets, with the Asian countries remaining the primary drivers of growth and promotional gifts and premiums seen as the category most likely to perform well.
Economists' Pick 20 June 2017
Hong Kong Amends Safety Standards for Toys and Children’s Products
Hong Kong has recently amended its list of standards for demonstrating up-to-date safety requirements for certain toys and children’s products. The new standards will become effective on April 1, 2018.
Product Industries 19 June 2017
Eco-friendly Products Lead the Way: The 2017 Hong Kong Houseware Fair Survey
There is an overall improvement in sentiment among players in the houseware sector, according to a survey conducted during the HKTDC Hong Kong Houseware Fair held in April 2017. Most significantly, market outlook were seen as positive with regard to the overseas markets, while eco-friendly products were expected to have the greatest growth potential. Kitchenware and gadgets were identified as the e-tailing star performer.
Economists' Pick 16 June 2017
Toy Manufacturers to Face Reduced Migration Limit of Hazardous Chemical Bisphenol A
On 25 May 2017, the European Commission published Directive 2017/898 amending framework Directive 2009/48/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on the safety of toys, as regards Bisphenol A (BPA). The newly adopted Directive applies to toys intended for use by children under 36 months or in other toys intended to be placed in the mouth. This law will impact on Hong Kong traders who export these types of toys to the EU.
Economists' Pick 16 June 2017
THAILAND: Land Rent Slashed on Latest Tranche of SEZ Sites
Land rents are to be slashed in a bid to boost investor interest in the latest tranche of Special Economic Zones (SEZs). According to the Thai Treasury Department, this will come in to effect with regard to the proposed new SEZs set to be established in 10 provinces across the country, namely Tak, Sa Kaeo, Songkhla, Trat, Mukdahan, Chiang Rai, Kanchanaburi, Narathiwat, Nakhon Phanom and Nong Khai.
Economists' Pick 16 June 2017
Hong Kong in the Spotlight for London Traders Multimedia
As the United Kingdom seeks to strengthen trade relationships beyond Europe, Hong Kong’s role as Asia’s business hub has never been more important according to David Marsden, Director, UK, Benelux and Ireland for the HKTDC. In this podcast interview, he also shares insights on the upcoming Think Asia, Think Hong Kong event returning to London in September.
Multimedia 16 June 2017
Real Name Registration Now Obligatory for Drone-Owners
Drone-owners have until 31 August this year to register – using their real names – with the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC). The requirement sees both owners and manufacturers of drones (with a takeoff weight of 250g or more) obliged to be listed on the CAAC’s Real-Name Registration System for Drones (, in line with the newly-issued Provisions on the Administration of Real-Name Registration for Civilian Drones.
Economists' Pick 13 June 2017
Smarter and Greener: The Spring 2017 Hong Kong International Lighting Fair Survey
Although the trend towards LED lighting has cooled slightly, new drivers have emerged to encourage the lighting industry to go greener and smarter. Lighting industry players believe the ban on selling most incandescent light bulbs will benefit the sale of LED products. Demand will be generated by the need to replace obsolete lighting items, especially for indoor lighting. Smart technology remains important for the development of the industry.
Economists' Pick 13 June 2017
Beyond the Semi-conductor Industry
Taiwan's global reputation as a “sci-tech island” is largely based on the success of its electronic-information industry and, in particular, the pioneering work of its semi-conductor sector.
Economists' Pick 12 June 2017
THAILAND: Eight-year Tax Waiver for Automotive and Electrical Parts FDI Projects
Investors in FDI-backed projects related to the automotive and electrical parts design sectors are now eligible to apply for an eight-year waiver of theirs corporate income tax (CIT) obligations.
Economists' Pick 12 June 2017
Argentina Further Amends Certification Requirements for Low-Voltage Electrical Equipment
Argentina has further amended a July 2016 regulation requiring low-voltage electrical equipment that is sold in the country to be certified for compliance with certain essential safety requirements.
Economists' Pick 9 June 2017
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