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Update on Recent Department of Energy Rulemaking Activities
The U.S. Department of Energy recently announced the following regulatory actions of potential interest to Hong Kong and mainland Chinese exporters of general service fluorescent lamps, general service incandescent lamps, incandescent reflector lamps, small electric motors and pool pumps.
Economists' Pick 18 Aug 2017
Integrated Tech and Interaction Breathe New Life Into UK Gift Sector
Despite the bewildering array of new products on show at this year's Pulse event, London's boutique gift expo, several clear trends emerged, including a craving for integrated technology and a love of both interactivity and Scandi-design.
Economists' Pick 15 Aug 2017
China's Kitchen Electrical Appliance Market
China’s kitchen appliance market expanded robustly in recent years. In 2016, the total value of China’s kitchen electrical appliance market exceeded RMB100 billion. Major products include range hoods, water heaters, gas stoves and rice cookers. Advances in urbanisation and smart home appliances are conducive to the development of the kitchen appliance market. Medium to high-end products are becoming the mainstay of the consumer market.
China Trade 14 Aug 2017
India’s GST To Encourage Hong Kong Trade Multimedia
India’s new Goods and Services Tax (GST) introduced this year should attract Hong Kong trade to a new “common market” in the country, says HKTDC Director Rajesh Bhagat: that’s in contrast to difficulties involving India’s complex tax structure of the past. He says Hong Kong is an increasingly favoured destination for Indian companies, and Hong Kong will play a larger role as India reaches out to world trade.
Multimedia 14 Aug 2017
Solar Panels from China: EU to Lower Minimum Import Price in September 2017
In yet another development in the EU’s longstanding trade defence proceedings against solar panels and solar cells from mainland China, it appears that the European Commission intends to reduce its so-called minimum import price (MIP) as of September 2017. This was reported on 20 July 2017. Pursuant to the European Commission’s draft plans, the MIP for solar panels will drop over 20% within a year, while the MIP for solar cells will drop over 10%.
Economists' Pick 11 Aug 2017
Vietnam Looks to Meet Global Demand for Sustainable Handicrafts
With consumers in the EU, in particular, demonstrating a clear and enduring appetite for sustainable artisan hand-crafted products, Vietnamese SMEs – many with government backing – have been swift to raise their export game.
Economists' Pick 7 Aug 2017
Electronics & Electrical Appliances - Hong Kong Trade Associations
This page lists the contact information of Hong Kong trade associations related to electronics and electrical appliances.
HK Economy 7 Aug 2017
Argentina Sets Certain Administrative Requirements for Importers of Low-Voltage Electrical Equipment
Argentina issued a regulation in July 2016 requiring low-voltage electrical equipment sold domestically to be certified for compliance with certain essential safety requirements.
Economists' Pick 4 Aug 2017
Changes to Energy Test Procedures for Certain AC and Heating Equipment Under Consideration
In response to statutory requirements to review its test procedures as a result of any updates of the relevant industry test procedures, the U.S. Department of Energy has launched a data collection process to consider amendments to its test procedures for commercial package air conditioning and heating equipment.
Economists' Pick 4 Aug 2017
THAILAND: Exporters of Potential Dual Use Items to Face Increased Customs Scrutiny
Exporters of items with a potential dual use – such as goods that are ostensibly designed for commercial use but could have a military application – will now have to comply with a number of additional customs requirements.
Economists' Pick 1 Aug 2017
Household Products - Hong Kong Trade Associations
This page lists the contact information of Hong Kong trade associations related to household products.
HK Economy 1 Aug 2017
Toys & Games - Hong Kong Trade Associations
This page lists the contact information of Hong Kong trade associations related to toys and games.
HK Economy 1 Aug 2017
Overseas Firms Keen to Carve Out Share of Indonesian Manufacturing
Driven by a surge in mobile-phone production and supportive government policies, Indonesia's burgeoning electronics manufacturing sector is proving something of an irresistible lure for many of the world's leading high-tech companies.
Economists' Pick 31 July 2017
The Challenges Facing Hong Kong Start-ups: Access to Funding
Lack of funding is a major constraint limiting the pool of potential entrepreneurs in Hong Kong. Start-ups find it hard to gain access to early stage capital as conventional venture capital firms and banks consider start-ups to be high-risk investment due to the lack of track records. However, there are several other avenues to consider, such as crowd-funding and microfinance.
Economists' Pick 31 July 2017
Environment MEPs Back Update to RoHS 2 Following Compromise Reached Between European Parliament and Council
On 11 July 2017, the European Parliament’s Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI) officially backed plans to amend Directive 2011/65/EU (RoHS 2); a key piece of EU legislation setting out restrictions on the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment. ENVI’s approval follows an announcement on June 21 that the Parliament and the Council have reached a deal on the Commission’s proposed amendments.
Economists' Pick 28 July 2017
EU Launches Public Consultation on Migration Limits for Aluminium in Toys
The European Commission’s independent Scientific Committee on Health, Environmental and Emerging Risks (SCHEER) has launched a public consultation on the 'Tolerable intake of aluminium with regard to adapting the migration limits for aluminium in toys'. Stakeholders including those that may be affected, such as manufacturers and importers of toys, have been asked to provide their written comments by 10 September 2017.
Economists' Pick 28 July 2017
Plugging into the Indian Market
India is now the world’s top retail investment destination, overtaking China, according to the latest AT Kearney Global Retail Development Index.
Economists' Pick 27 July 2017
Global Support Booms for Vietnam Expo from Exporters and Importers
Growing awareness of the potential of Vietnam as both a viable production base and an affluent consumer market in its own right has seen the number of international exhibitors signing up for the Vietnam Expo soar over recent years.
Economists' Pick 26 July 2017
Asia Leads the Way in Online Sales
Asia-Pacific is the largest region in terms of online retail sales, containing both the largest market – China – and the fastest-growing – India – according to a recent report by the US research group, Forrester Data.
Economists' Pick 26 July 2017
Star Power
With Asia as the manufacturing hub for much of the world's consumer electronics – as well as emerging as an increasingly tech-savvy early adopter market – it is perhaps not surprising that Shanghai's CES Asia, held in June, consistently draws huge crowds.
Economists' Pick 24 July 2017
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