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New Entrants Undeterred by Slowdown in Russian E-commerce Sector
While Russia's e-commerce sector only delivered half of its expected growth in 2017, Tmall and Yantex.Market remain keen to pursue their ambitious expansion plans, with both intent on becoming major players by the end of the year.
Economists' Pick 24 May 2018
China’s Animation Industry to Enjoy Preferential VAT Terms
China’s animation sector is set to benefit from a series of extended preferential VAT entitlements, according to a recent statement jointly issued by the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation.
Economists' Pick 23 May 2018
50% of All New IoT Devices Destined for Asia-Pacific Region by 2026
Asia is set to be the driving force behind the development of smart cities, while also clearly being at the forefront of embracing and utilising Internet of Things technology, according to many of the keynote speakers at IoT Asia 2018.
Economists' Pick 23 May 2018
The Art of Happiness
A flower-shaped paper sculpture pops up as the tea paper box is opened; a small box for dried fruits turns into a jigsaw puzzle with interesting patterns.
Economists' Pick 11 May 2018
With Toys Were Us Beyond Salvation, Toy Retailers Look to the Future
While the toy industry, in the US in particular, is still reeling at the prospect of life without Toys R US, Europe and the UK are beginning to see an upside, with opportunities emerging and existing retailers investing in their expansion.
Economists' Pick 11 May 2018
Colombia Adopts New Technical Requirements for Batteries
Colombia recently issued through Joint Resolution 721/2018 new mandatory technical requirements for domestically-produced and imported zinc-carbon and alkaline batteries classified under HTSCO 8506.10.1100, 8506.10.1900, 8506.10.9110, 8506.10.9190 and 8506.10.9900, with the exception of rechargeable batteries, button cell batteries and batteries entered as non-commercial samples.
Economists' Pick 11 May 2018
DOE Reviewing Petitions on Cooking Tops, Residential Dishwashers
The U.S. Department of Energy has received a petition from the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers that seeks to withdraw and immediately stay the effectiveness of the current energy test procedures for conventional cooking tops.
Economists' Pick 11 May 2018
FMC to Examine Cargo Shipment Cancellations Due to Lack of Inland Lorries
The Federal Maritime Commission has received complaints from U.S. cargo owners claiming that some ocean carriers are uni-laterally changing service contract terms by cancelling the port/container yard to final customer destination leg of the cargo shipment, allegedly due to lack of inland lorry availability.
Economists' Pick 11 May 2018
Lawmakers Introduce Legislation to Repeal Safeguard Duties on Solar Cells and Modules
A bi-partisan group of House lawmakers led by Rep. Jacky Rosen (Democrat-Nevada) introduced legislation on 18 April to repeal the safeguard measure President Trump imposed on 23 January on imports of crystalline silicone photovoltaic cells and modules.
Economists' Pick 11 May 2018
Hong Kong Showcase for Gift ideas for the Stylish and Wild Multimedia
The 33rd Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair, welcomed more than 4,300 exhibitors from 35 countries and regions, featuring upmarket gift designs and pampering products. One of the world’s largest events, the event catered to markets that long for the taste of adventure with a new zone called World of Camping & Outdoor Goods. The 13th Hong Kong International Printing & Packaging Fair was also held in parallel with the Gifts & Premium Fair, at the AsiaWorld-Expo.
Multimedia 11 May 2018
VR and AR Look to Up their Game with Real World Business Applications
While Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality games were widely on show at the recent VR & AR Fair and Investment Summit, exhibitors were keen to highlight how the technologies are now transforming engineering and education.
Economists' Pick 9 May 2018
Discovering the newest houseware and textile trends in Hong Kong Multimedia
The 33rd HKTDC Hong Kong Houseware Fair and the 9th HKTDC Hong Kong International Home Textiles and Furnishings Fair were concurrently held from 20-23 April, 2018, at the Hong Kong Exhibition Centre. The twin fairs featured zones such as the Hall of Glamour, drawing attention to quality brands and designer collections. During their four-day run, the fairs attracted more than 2,600 exhibitors from 26 countries and regions, to see the newest houseware and textile goods and creative home ideas.
Multimedia 7 May 2018
Vibrant Winter Market Buoyed by Drinkware and Updated 80's Toys
With the high level of activity at the recent Las Vegas Winter Market seemingly surprising exhibitors, hopes are up that sales of high-tech beds, personalised pillows, heat-sensitive cups and reinvented executive toys will follow suit.
Economists' Pick 4 May 2018
Asia: The Next Start-up Frontier Multimedia
When it comes to entrepreneurship, the CEO and Founder of BootUP Ventures believes having the right mindset is key. Mukul Agarwal spoke with the HKTDC at the 2018 Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) about how entrepreneurs can stand out in today's start-up landscape, and shared why Hong Kong is particularly well-suited for launching a business.
Multimedia 4 May 2018
Smart Tech, Smart living: Hong Kong Spring Electronics Fair and ICT Expo 2018 Multimedia
Asia’s largest event of its kind, the 15th Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) and the concurrent International ICT Expo, took place from 13-16 April, 2018 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. One of the featured areas is the Start-up zone, where 110 start-up companies showcased their latest products and cutting-edge technologies. The twin fairs featured over 3,500 exhibitors, and attracted more than 98,000 buyers from 151 countries and regions.
Multimedia 4 May 2018
Toys Imports to China Freed from Inspection and Quarantine Label Requirement
Imported toys no longer need to carry China Inspection and Quarantine (CIQ) labels.
Economists' Pick 30 April 2018
Surge in Audiobook Sales Sees Russians Emerge as Well-Read Army
Clear opportunities for Hong Kong electronic suppliers with audiobook sector on course for 40% growth this year.
Economists' Pick 23 April 2018
Product Safety: Toys Are Among Other Consumer Goods Which Top the List of Dangerous Products Detected in the EU
On 12 March 2018, the European Commission released its 2017 Report on the Rapid Alert System (the RAPEX system) for dangerous products. RAPEX is a system whereby European countries are able to alert other countries and the public of dangerous products found on their markets. The system records measures taken against unsafe, non-food, consumer and professional products which pose a serious risk to the health and safety of citizens and to the environment.
Economists' Pick 20 April 2018
Danish Agency Warns Against “Squishy” Toys, While Consumers Are Warned of Strong Chemical Smells and the Importance of the CE Mark on Toys
The Danish Environmental Protection Agency has issued an announcement urging consumers to avoid perfumed “squishy” toys, indicating that many perfume substances are allergenic. According to the Agency, these toys are often made of foam material, which are pleasant to touch and which can be “squished”, i.e., be clenched by pushing all the air out and then expand again.
Economists' Pick 20 April 2018
Novelties Remain Distinctly Unworn-Off at Las Vegas Impulse Buy Expo
Drinkware, foldable sun hats, louche loungewear, sunglasses for exhibitionists and Second Amendment millinery all jostled for the attention of bargain-hungry wholesalers at the Affordable Shopping Destination Market Week show.
Economists' Pick 19 April 2018
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