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Drones, Including for Consumer Use: European Aviation Safety Agency Demands Urgent Regulations
On 4 May 2016, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) announced the creation of a task force to investigate and report on the risk of collision between drones and aircraft following a recent increase in reports of near-miss and physicals collisions between drones and aircraft in Europe.
Economists' Pick 24 June 2016
Upmarket Vaping and Rapid Gadget Repairs Top US Franchising League
While the food sector remains ever-popular in the US franchising market, a number of newer, higher-tech opportunities are now also starting to gain ground, most notably upmarket e-cigarettes and fast turnaround electronics repairs.
Economists' Pick 24 June 2016
China’s 13th Five-Year Plan: Capitalise on China’s Innovation Momentum
China’s 13th Five-Year Plan calls for innovation to enhance the competitiveness of various industries and to help private enterprises move towards higher value-added businesses amid intensified global competition. Such policies are expected to boost China’s demand for technology and related services. With advantages like access to foreign technology, free flow of information and capital and strength in commercialisation, Hong Kong is well placed to capitalise on such increasing demand.
Economists' Pick 21 June 2016
China’s Spectacles Market
China is not just the world's leading manufacturer of spectacles but is also the largest potential consumer of such products. Children and elderly people alike are consumers. Euromonitor International estimated that China's spectacles market grossed nearly Rmb67.9 billion with around 10% growth in 2015. Its market for contact lenses also grew over 10% to Rmb4.2 billion.
China Trade 20 June 2016
UK & Germany Focal Points for HKTDC Europe Representative Multimedia
The impact of the United Kingdom’s possible departure from the European Union will likely have minimal impact on Hong Kong trade with EU in the short-term, according to Stephen Wong, Regional Director, Europe, adding that longer term foreign investment in the UK would likely suffer. In this podcast interview, Mr Wong also provides details about a major Hong Kong promotion in Germany in September 2016, and why the Belt and Road Initiative could help drive growth in the country.
Multimedia 20 June 2016
China’s 13th Five-year Plan: Smart Solutions Required to Upgrade Chinese Robots
Smart manufacturing and robotics are identified as key development areas in China’s 13th Five-Year Plan and Made in China 2025 documents. But China has not developed robots “smart”enough to raise its production efficiency. It can therefore be expected that Chinese companies will look outside for standards and solutions developed by their foreign counterparts. All of this points to opportunities for relevant technology players and smart solution suppliers.
Economists' Pick 17 June 2016
DOE Sets New Energy Test Procedures for Portable ACs, Favours Tougher Standards for Water Heating Equipment
The U.S. Department of Energy has established new mandatory energy test procedures for portable air conditioners in a new regulatory appendix, which will be used to determine the seasonally-adjusted cooling capacity and combined energy efficiency ratio for these products.
Economists' Pick 17 June 2016
Six Technology Trends and Business Opportunities
The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2016 was centered on the growing popularity and applications of six technology solutions: smart systems, smart cars, Virtual Reality, drones, smart homes. In sum, Internet-of-Things (IoT) is emerging in all aspects of modern life. It is essential for all technology companies in Taiwan to embrace this trend and maintain their competitiveness.
Product Industries 16 June 2016
Make in India: Production Relocation and Market Opportunities for Hong Kong Electronics Companies
Global electronics players are showing greater interest in relocating their production sites to India, not just because of lower production costs, but also because of the need to tap into an electronics market buttressed by the country’s rapid economic growth and a surge in middle-class consumers. India is currently Hong Kong’s fourth-largest export market for electronics, and Hong Kong companies should take note of the emerging relocation and sales opportunities in India.
Economists' Pick 15 June 2016
Outlook for Hong Kong’s Major Markets in 2016 Multimedia
Are there now indications that improvements in the developed economies -particularly in the case of the US - are likely to boost Hong Kong’s export prospects? Similarly, what can we expect from China and the world’s emerging economies  after the recent period of change and uncertainty?
Multimedia 15 June 2016
Hong Kong Export Performance and Prospects for 2016 Multimedia
Hong Kong’s export performance has been well below expectations in the opening months of 2016. As the year progresses, however, are there any reasons to be optimistic or is this pattern likely to be maintained for the next six months?
Multimedia 15 June 2016
MYANMAR: Corporate Income Tax Cuts Loom for Foreign Investors in Less-Developed States
The Myanmar government is looking to reduce the corporate income tax payable by overseas companies who invest in the country’s less-developed regions, notably the states of Chin, Kayah and Rakhine.
Economists' Pick 8 June 2016
China’s 13th Five-year Plan: Made in China 2025 and Industrie 4.0 Cooperative Opportunities
While Made in China 2025 and Industrie 4.0 may lead to competition between Chinese and German industries, the different development priorities of the two strategies reveal more opportunities for cooperation than competition, including in the area of industrial robots. While Hong Kong is the first port of call for Chinese mainland companies seeking foreign partners, the strength of its technology sector also make it an ideal place for foreign companies to tap into the mainland market.
Economists' Pick 7 June 2016
Update on Recent Department of Energy Rulemaking Activities
The U.S. Department of Energy recently announced the following regulatory actions of potential interest to Hong Kong and mainland Chinese exporters of compressors, commercial air conditioning and heating equipment, high-intensity discharge lamps, battery chargers and external power supplies.
Economists' Pick 3 June 2016
Make in India: The Maharashtra Production Base Opportunity
Maharashtra has the largest economy and is the top foreign direct investment (FDI) recipient of all of India’s states, making it a strong candidate as a location for Hong Kong manufacturers to relocate their labour-intensive factories. As India’s second-most populated state, Maharashtra has an abundant supply of labour. Furthermore, the state government is trying to attract foreign manufacturers by offering various incentives under the “Make in Maharashtra” campaign.
Economists' Pick 1 June 2016
China’s 13th Five-Year Plan: The Challenges and Opportunities of Made in China 2025
China’s 13th Five-Year Plan will implement the Made in China 2025 initiative in greater depth, aiming to make the country become a manufacturing powerhouse. This will stimulate China’s demand for advanced technologies. Hong Kong’s extensive technology and professional services can help promote technological cooperation between mainland and foreign enterprises. Hence, Made in China 2025 is set to generate a host of opportunities for Hong Kong’s technology sector and service suppliers.
Economists' Pick 27 May 2016
THAILAND: Tax Breaks Mooted for Investors in 10 High-tech Sectors
Tax breaks are to be introduced for investors in 10 high-tech sectors in Thailand. The move will see any venture capital fund or private equity firm investing in such sectors exempt from corporate income tax and dividend tax for 10 years.
Economists' Pick 24 May 2016
Mexico Proposes New Energy Efficiency Standards for Clothes Washers, Certain Motors
The Mexican government is assessing the possibility of establishing new mandatory energy efficiency standards for domestically-produced and imported clothes washers for household use and certain three-phase motors.
Economists' Pick 20 May 2016
Update on Recent Department of Energy Rulemaking Activities
The U.S. Department of Energy recently announced the following regulatory actions of potential interest to Hong Kong and mainland Chinese exporters of fluorescent lamp ballasts, compressors, certain water heating equipment, and commercial packaged boilers.
Economists' Pick 20 May 2016
Audio-visual Products Usurp Mobile Devices: the Spring 2016 Hong Kong Electronics Fair Survey
While a majority of electronics players expected steady sales for 2016, buyers were generally less optimistic than exhibitors. North America Western Europe and China were seen as the most promising markets. Meanwhile, mobile devices have been usurped by electronic accessories and audio-visual items as the most promising growth products for 2016. Wearable items are also expected to enjoy massive growth, and consumers are now willing to pay a premium for electronic items with smart features.
Economists' Pick 19 May 2016
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