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Commission Adopts Guidelines for Self-regulation Measures Concluded by Industry
The European Commission has issued guidelines for self-regulation measures concluded by industry (the Guidelines), under Directive 2009/125/EC establishing a framework for the setting of ecodesign requirements for energy-related products (the Ecodesign Directive).
Economists' Pick 24 Feb 2017
Commission Proposes to Exclude Used Electronics from Restrictions
On 26 January 2017, the European Commission unveiled a new proposal to amend Directive 2011/65/EU (RoHS 2); the current EU legislation setting out restrictions on the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment (EEE). The proposed amendments are aimed at further facilitating the reselling and repair of EEE, in an effort to reduce hazardous waste, prolong the lifetime of products and contribute to the EU’s circular economy objectives.
Economists' Pick 24 Feb 2017
EU Extends Anti-dumping and Anti-subsidy Duties on Chinese Solar Cells and Solar Panels
On 17 February 2017, EU Member State delegates voted on the highly controversial European Commission proposal to counter unfair pricing methods and state aid linked to solar cells and solar panels originating in mainland China. The Commission’s revised proposal was backed by a sufficient number of Member States, causing the anti-dumping and anti-subsidy measures to be extended for another 18 months, rather than the two years the Commission had originally proposed.
Economists' Pick 24 Feb 2017
Ambitious Government Programmes Boost Thai Lab Equipment Market
A series of government incentives aimed at jump-starting R&D activities throughout Thailand has resulted in a windfall for the laboratory equipment industry, according to many attendees at the recent Thailand Lab International event.
Economists' Pick 23 Feb 2017
Mobile Phones Recycling Goes Mainstream as More Mainlanders Upgrade
In China, the sale of secondhand or unwanted mobile phones has graduated from shady backstreet market stalls to becoming a respected business sector, complete with IPOs, sophisticated operational models and franchise opportunities.
Economists' Pick 22 Feb 2017
THAILAND: Raft of Incentives Introduced for Industrially-innovative FDI Projects
Overseas investments deemed to boost the country’s industrial development are now free from corporate income tax liability for up to 15 Years.
Economists' Pick 21 Feb 2017
Global Brands Cautiously Endorse Upturn in Russia's Retail Sectors
With new arrivals and comparatively few departures, could Russia once again become home to a battle of the brands?
Economists' Pick 20 Feb 2017
Mexico Unveils New Standards for Hydraulic Jacks, Safety Glass and Radio Signal Blocking Equipment, Extends Standards for Digital Interfaces
The Mexican government has issued new or updated mandatory standards, or extended the current mandatory standards, for the following products.
Economists' Pick 17 Feb 2017
INDIA: Purge of Outdated Commercial Vehicles Set to Boost Domestic Auto Industry
Owners of commercial vehicles that are more than 15 years year old are to be incentivised to replace them with new ones.
Economists' Pick 17 Feb 2017
Big Data and Robo-Patrols: Set to Make the Mainland Smart and Secure
Silicon sentries, smart cameras and big-data harvesting are all tipped to revolutionise the mainland security sector, while also providing lucrative opportunities for a whole new generation of highly innovative high-tech monitoring businesses.
Economists' Pick 16 Feb 2017
Vietnam: Consumer Goods Imported into HCMC Will be Subject to Customs Reference Values
Certain consumer goods imported into Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), the country’s commercial hub, will now be subject to reference prices set by the customs department.
Economists' Pick 14 Feb 2017
Commission Introduces New Ecodesign Rules for Certain Heating and Cooling Products
The European Commission has recently published Commission Regulation 2016/2281 establishing ecodesign requirements for the placing on the market of air heating products, cooling products, high temperature process chillers and fan coil units.
Economists' Pick 10 Feb 2017
Proposal to Extend Anti-dumping Duties on Chinese Solar Panels Opposed by Some Member States
On 26 January 2017, during a meeting of trade officials from the EU Member States, a majority voted against the European Commission’s proposal to extend the anti-dumping duties on Chinese solar panels for an additional period of two years.
Economists' Pick 10 Feb 2017
LAOS: Imported ICT Equipment Now Requires Legal-Compliance Sticker
All Information and Communications Technology (ICT) equipment imported into Laos will now have to bear a sticker attesting to its safety, technical integrity and legally-imported status.
Economists' Pick 8 Feb 2017
Update on Recent Department of Energy Rulemaking Activities
The U.S. Department of Energy recently announced the following regulatory actions of potential interest to Hong Kong and mainland Chinese exporters of general service lamps, ceiling fans and dedicated-purpose pool pumps.
Economists' Pick 3 Feb 2017
Energy Star Specifications for Laboratory-Grade Fridges Unveiled
The EPA recently finalised its first-ever Energy Star specification for laboratory-grade refrigerators and freezers.
Economists' Pick 3 Feb 2017
EU Ban on Cadmium in Batteries for Cordless Power Tools Enters into Effect
On 31 December 2016, a ban on cadmium in certain types of batteries came into effect. Hong Kong traders may recall that the framework batteries Directive 2006/66/EC bans virtually all batteries or accumulators, whether or not incorporated into appliances, that contain more than 0.0005% of mercury by weight, as well as portable batteries and accumulators which contain more than 0.002% of cadmium by weight.
Economists' Pick 27 Jan 2017
Deadline for Rohs Law Adoption by Member States Paves Way for Wider Ban on Harmful Chemicals
Hong Kong’s electronics vendors selling to consumers located in the EU should be reminded of a major amendment to the EU’s framework law restricting hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment (Directive 2011/65/EU - "RoHS"). The amending law, which was published in mid-2015, had to be adopted by the Member States of the EU by 31 December 2016.
Economists' Pick 27 Jan 2017
THAILAND: Tax Breaks Announced for Investors in US$281 Million Digital Innovation Park
An eight-year tax holiday is on offer for investors in the country’s first digital innovation park. With the park scheduled to open in 2018 in Chon Buri, a coastal province some 100km southeast of Bangkok, investors will also enjoy exemption from import duties on machinery and equipment, while researchers at the park will benefit from a five-year personal income tax waiver.
Economists' Pick 23 Jan 2017
CES 2017 Attendees Connect with Driverless Cars and Vibrating Jeans
Connectivity was the watchword at this year's CES event, arguably the world's biggest consumer electronics expo, with everything seemingly wirelessly linked – from cars to watches to sneakers to the competing array of personal assistants.
Economists' Pick 20 Jan 2017
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