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Feel the Beat
Frustrated by the intrusive sound of mechanical metronomes, Florian Simmendinger came up with a digital version of the musical device.
Economists' Pick 24 Nov 2015
Retail Reels in Wake of Paris Attacks, though Xmas Rebound Expected
France's retailers pin their hopes on Christmas, Black Friday and e-commerce as consumers rally after November 13.
Economists' Pick 24 Nov 2015
Argentina Sets New Certification Requirements for Low-Voltage Electrical Equipment
Argentina recently issued a regulation (Resolution 508/2015) requiring low-voltage electrical equipment with a nominal voltage of up to 1,000 volts AC or up to 1,500 volts DC that is sold in the country to be certified for compliance with certain essential safety requirements.
Economists' Pick 20 Nov 2015
Update on Recent Department of Energy Rulemaking Activities
The Department of Energy recently announced three regulatory actions of potential interest to Hong Kong and mainland Chinese exporters of central air conditioners and heat pumps, fluorescent lamp ballasts, and walk-in coolers and freezers.
Economists' Pick 20 Nov 2015
Internet of Things to Revolutionise the Lighting Market
One of the most important developments to the industry is that the cities of the future would become smarter on the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), which is a technology to connect different devices at home and beyond by a smart platform, including the lighting apparatus, other installed appliances as well as mobile devices. Enhanced convenience and smarter living, as well as energy saving, are among the major benefits to the users.
Economists' Pick 20 Nov 2015
Smart Lighting to Shine in 2016: the Autumn 2015 Hong Kong Lighting Fair Survey
In a market awash with LED lighting products amid falling prices, the industry is increasingly turning to smart lighting and other system items in the search for growth. The global market is expected to remain steady in 2016, according to industry players at the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition) held in October 2015.
Economists' Pick 19 Nov 2015
Innovative Medical Applications Dominate 3D Printing Asia Event
Rising demand for precision prosthetics across the mainland has proved a huge opportunity for pioneers in the 3D printing sector, with a real focus on the medical sector emerging for many of the technology companies in the market.
Economists' Pick 17 Nov 2015
Smart Devices and Wearables Excite in 2016 Electronics Market: Autumn 2015 Hong Kong Electronics Fair Survey
Smart products, along with wearable electronics and mobile devices are expected to be the key products in the electronics market. Despite many predicting flat sales in 2016, consumers’ willingness to pay extra for smart features should help to bolster the sector. Industry sentiment towards overseas markets remains positive across the board, with China, North America and Western Europe seen as having the highest potential.
Economists' Pick 17 Nov 2015
Highest EU Court Rules on Scope of Law Governing Waste Electrical and Electrical Equipment
Hong Kong traders selling electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) EU-wide should be alerted to a judgment from the highest EU court. On 16 July 2015, the Court of Justice of the EU (the ECJ) handed down its judgment which clarifies the scope of the waste EEE (WEEE) Directive.
Economists' Pick 13 Nov 2015
Colombia Adopts Restrictions on Cell Phone Imports
Colombian authorities on 16 October adopted certain restrictions on the import and export of smart phones, other cellular phones and parts thereof classified under HTSCO 8517.12.0000 and 8517.70.000 in an effort to prevent trade in stolen phones.
Economists' Pick 6 Nov 2015
Update on Recent Department of Energy Rulemaking Activities
The DOE recently announced several regulatory actions of potential interest to Hong Kong and mainland Chinese exporters of clothes washers, pool heaters, residential non-weatherised gas furnaces and vending machines.
Economists' Pick 6 Nov 2015
DOL Seeks Input for Reports on Goods Made with Child and Forced Labour
The Department of Labor's Bureau of International Labor Affairs is requesting comments and information no later than 4 January 2016 on certain documents regarding child labour and forced labour in foreign countries.
Economists' Pick 6 Nov 2015
Changes to Energy Labeling Rule Adopted, Additional Modifications under Consideration
The Federal Trade Commission has amended the Energy Labeling Rule, which requires manufacturers to attach yellow EnergyGuide labels to a range of appliances.
Economists' Pick 6 Nov 2015
Russian Digital Accessories Market Booms while Handset Sales Slide
Real opportunities emerge for Hong Kong suppliers in country's burgeoning smartphone and tablet accessories' sector.
Economists' Pick 3 Nov 2015
New UK Classification of “Portable” Batteries to Have Impact on Battery Sellers from January 2016
Hong Kong traders of electrical goods may be interested in a September 2015 update issued by the UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs’ (Defra’s) National Packaging Waste Database, according to which batteries with a weight exceeding 4kg will no longer be classified as ‘portable’. This represents a significant development, as it may amount to an increase in compliance efforts for battery producers.
Economists' Pick 30 Oct 2015
China’s Lighting Market
Lighting products are essential to the development of the national economy and people’s livelihood. As China’s economy continues to grow and people’s living standard rises, the demand of the mainland market for lighting products is also expanding. In the last 20 years, China’s lighting industry has been developing rapidly at a steady pace and the country has become a leading lighting producer and consumer in the world.
China Trade 23 Oct 2015
Options and Challenges for Indochina Production Bases Multimedia
Among the ASEAN-affiliated nations of Indochina, Thailand may seem a good option for relocating production facilities, largely because of its premier physical and business infrastructure. Its appeal for labour-intensive manufacturing businesses, though, is fast diminishing when compared to that of Vietnam. In other areas, Cambodia and Myanmar appear to be more viable options than Laos, though the two are not without their own challenges.
Multimedia 22 Oct 2015
India – Implementation Date for Electronics and IT Goods Registration Order Extended to December 1, 2015
On August 7, 2015, The Bureau of India Standards (BIS) published a notice regarding the extension of the implementation deadline for six product categories covered by the “Electronics and IT Goods Requirements for Compulsory Registration Order, 2012”, in the Gazette of India1. The new deadline for the product categories covered is December 1, 2015.
Product Industries 20 Oct 2015
Alternative Production Bases in Indochina Multimedia
Rising production costs in China have hastened the search for alternative production bases in a number of overseas territories, in particular the Indochina region of Southeast Asia. When considering relocating, however, companies should ensure the necessary supply chains for receiving the input materials and dispatching finishing products are all effectively managed.
Multimedia 19 Oct 2015
IFA Confirms China Companion Show as Connectivity Still Booms
This year's IFA event saw the formal launch of a sister show in Shenzhen, while the IoT, energy efficiency, increased capacity, an ever-expanding array of digital products and even bigger TVs continued to draw the crowds in Berlin.
Economists' Pick 16 Oct 2015
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