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Update on Recent Department of Energy Rulemaking Activities
The Department of Energy recently announced the following regulatory actions of potential interest to Hong Kong and mainland Chinese exporters of pre-rinse spray valves, water pumps, and residential boilers and furnaces.
Economists' Pick 4 Feb 2016
Vietnam Announces Further Boost in Six Key Supply Sectors
Vietnam is set to introduce a new wave of measures aimed at boosting suppliers in six key sectors.
Economists' Pick 1 Feb 2016
10% of All South Korean Retail Spend Set to be Online in 2016
Country now world's seventh largest online market, with predicted sales of US$40.43 billion.
Economists' Pick 1 Feb 2016
Hefty Fines Imposed for WEEE, Other Environmental Laws: Non-Compliance Signals Warnings for Electrical Appliance Sellers in the EU
Hong Kong traders selling electrical and electronic equipment in the EU may well be aware of the stringent provisions being imposed by all the Member States as a result of the revised WEEE Directive (Directive 2012/19/EU). The latter is a recast of the original WEEE Directive, adopted so as to tackle the ever increasing waste stream of electrical appliances in Member States’ national territories.
Economists' Pick 29 Jan 2016
Wireless Charging and Energy Management Tipped to Boom in 2016
While wearables and the Internet of Things remain hardy perennials on the electronics industry's list of bankable products, going wireless, for both data connectivity and battery charging, is expected to make a real impact this year.
Economists' Pick 29 Jan 2016
Native Mobile Games Dominate, but Monetisation Proves Elusive
Mobile gaming is decidedly on the up, with a number of console games makers switching their focus to this medium. The challenge, though, according to attendees at the Tokyo Game Show, is making money through supposedly free games.
Economists' Pick 25 Jan 2016
Update on Recent Department of Energy Rulemaking Activities
The Department of Energy recently announced the following regulatory actions of potential interest to Hong Kong and mainland Chinese exporters of ceiling fan light kits, residential boilers, ceiling fans, refrigerated beverage vending machines, pre-rinse spray valves, and commercial heating and cooling equipment.
Economists' Pick 22 Jan 2016
Certification of Admissibility for DOE-Regulated Goods to be Submitted Through ACE
The Department of Energy is proposing to require that persons importing any covered product or equipment subject to an applicable energy conservation standard provide a certification of admissibility to the DOE through the Automated Commercial Environment prior to importation. Comments, data and information regarding this proposed rule are due no later than 12 February.
Economists' Pick 22 Jan 2016
Drones, Robotics and Baby Tech Products Emerge as CES 2016 Champs
While no single big new idea or groundbreaking product dominated proceedings at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES), several sectors – notably robots, unmanned drones and digital baby products – exhibited massive growth.
Economists' Pick 20 Jan 2016
Anti-dumping Actions
On 7 January 2016, the Official Journal published Commission Implementing Regulation 2016/12 terminating the partial interim review of the anti-dumping and countervailing measures applicable to imports of crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules and key components (i.e. cells) originating in or consigned from the Chinese mainland.
Economists' Pick 15 Jan 2016
Electrical Appliances: Turkey Introduces Revised Rules on Selling and Labelling Requirements
Hong Kong traders with an interest in the Turkish market may like to know that Turkey has published eight new decrees introducing certain amendments on selling and electronic labelling requirements concerning dishwashers, refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, air conditioners, tumble driers, vacuum cleaners, electric lamps and light fittings.
Economists' Pick 15 Jan 2016
Update on Recent Department of Energy Rulemaking Activities
The Department of Energy announced on 17 December 2015 new mandatory energy efficiency standards for small, large and very large air-cooled commercial package air conditioning and heating equipment and commercial warm air furnaces. The agency states that these standards will save more energy than any other energy efficiency standard it has issued to date and are technologically feasible and economically justified.
Economists' Pick 8 Jan 2016
Argentinian LED Importers Look for International Trade Green Light
With a new President in office, many Argentinian businesses are looking for a relaxation in the country's restrictive international trade regime, a development that overshadowed this year's Buenos Aires Biel Light and Building Expo.
Economists' Pick 28 Dec 2015
European Commission Extends Ecolabel Criteria for Five Major Product Groups, Including Footwear and Computers
On 17 November 2015, Commission Decision 2015/2056 was published in the EU’s Official Journal, extending the application of the Ecolabel to certain product groups until the end of 2016. This decision means that products including televisions, footwear and furniture, which comply with the relevant ecological criteria, can continue to benefit from this useful logo for one more year.
Economists' Pick 24 Dec 2015
Consultation Launched with a View to Banning Use in the EU of Certain Chemicals in Batteries, Detergents and Other Products
The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has initiated a consultation for the inclusion of 11 chemical substances on the so-called Authorisation List under the REACH Regulation. The list, far from being one of chemicals that are generally authorised for use in Europe, is actually one which bans the placing on the market or the use of those substances.
Economists' Pick 24 Dec 2015
Price and Quality sees Chinese Machinery Making Philippines' Inroads
Chinese-made products are growing in popularity in the Philippines, according to exhibitors at the China Machinery and Electronic Products Exhibition in Manila, largely as a result of keen pricing and rapidly changing quality perceptions.
Economists' Pick 14 Dec 2015
Turkey Imposes Prior Surveillance Measure on Imports of Solar Cells and Initiates Expiry Review into Chinese-origin Glass Fibre Reinforcement Materials
Hong Kong traders with export interests in Turkey may like to know that a prior surveillance measure will be applied on the importation of solar cells as provided for in Decree No. 2015/9 on a Surveillance Measure for Imports, published in Turkish Official Journal No. 29537 dated 19 November 2015. The prior surveillance measure is going to be implemented regardless of the country of origin, applying therefore to imports from, among others, Hong Kong and mainland China.
Economists' Pick 11 Dec 2015
Update on Recent Department of Energy Rulemaking Activities
The Department of Energy recently announced three regulatory actions of potential interest to Hong Kong and mainland Chinese exporters of portable air conditioners, pre-rinse spray valves and external power supplies.
Economists' Pick 4 Dec 2015
E-commerce Companies in India Take Tougher Line on Fraud
With India's economy entering a more mature phase, a number of local and global online operators have introduced stringent measures to counter fraud and the sale of counterfeit goods.
Economists' Pick 30 Nov 2015
Feel the Beat
Frustrated by the intrusive sound of mechanical metronomes, Florian Simmendinger came up with a digital version of the musical device.
Economists' Pick 24 Nov 2015
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