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BANGLADESH: Extended Validity of Approval Certificates Set to Cut Costs of Mobile Handset Imports
The validity of No-objection Certificates (NOC) related to the import of mobile handsets is to be extended from three months to six months with immediate effect.
Economists' Pick 19 Jan 2017
European Commission’s Ecodesign Working Plan 2016-2019 Finally Published
After an 18 month delay, the Commission has finally published its ‘Ecodesign Working Plan 2016-2019’ providing crucial insights into how the EU’s energy efficiency rules will develop in that timeframe. This will undoubtedly be of interest to many Hong Kong traders importing household electrical products into the EU.
Economists' Pick 13 Jan 2017
European Commission Proposes Two-year Trade Measures Extension Against Solar Cells and Panels Originating in Mainland China
Despite the ongoing controversy surrounding trade defence measures against solar cells and panels originating in mainland China, the European Commission is reported to have planned for an extension of the measures in late December 2016.
Economists' Pick 13 Jan 2017
Guangdong Enterprises Tapping Belt and Road Opportunities: Kennede Electronics Steps Up Exports
Kennede Electronics has hopes of exploring investment opportunities in a number of areas, including Africa, in a bid to reduce its production costs, while strengthening its market coverage in Asia and Europe. Additionally, in order to advance its production and global sales, Kennede Electronics is in the process to set up a company based in Hong Kong to take advantage of the city’s professional services and trade facilities.
Economists' Pick 12 Jan 2017
Enhanced Compatibility and Energy Saving Prove Smart-Home Mantras
The recent Smart Home & Smart Hardware Exhibition showcased an industry that is addressing the widespread need for cross-compatibility across a variety of brands, while energy saving is emerging one of the sector's key selling points.
Economists' Pick 10 Jan 2017
Update on Recent Department of Energy Rulemaking Activities
The Department of Energy recently announced the following regulatory actions of potential interest to Hong Kong and mainland Chinese exporters of dishwashers, conventional cooking products, uninterruptible power supplies, and industrial fans and blowers.
Economists' Pick 6 Jan 2017
Thailand Emerges as the Mightiest of the Mighty Five Manufacturers
With a shift in global manufacturing preferences, Thailand is emerging as a new production powerhouse, particularly in the automotive sector. Despite this, the country still faces the challenge of on-going political and economic uncertainty.
Economists' Pick 5 Jan 2017
INDIA: Imported Telecom Products to Undergo Government Screening from 1 April
Telecom equipment imported into India is to be subject to security screening at government-affiliated laboratories. Beginning as a pilot scheme from 1 April, the first phase will focus on any telecom equipment deemed most at risk from a national security perspective.
Economists' Pick 5 Jan 2017
CAMBODIA: New Customs Seal Introduced for Imported Smartphones, Watches and Liquor to Combat Counterfeiting and Smuggling
All smartphones, watches and liquor products imported into Cambodia with a value of US$50 or more will now have to bear a seal issued by the customs department.
Economists' Pick 5 Jan 2017
Mixed Christmas Signals Show Russia's Economic Uncertainty
Statistical optimism over increased festive spend not reflected in experience of high street retailers.
Economists' Pick 30 Dec 2016
THAILAND: Competitiveness Fund Launched to Back High-tech FDI Factories
Foreign investors looking to establish high-tech, innovative factories in Thailand will be eligible for government support from a Baht 10 billion (US$ 276 million) competitiveness fund from early 2017.
Economists' Pick 28 Dec 2016
Irish Authorities Announce Energy Labelling Inspection of Up To 100 Retail Outlets and Report on Results of WEEE and Batteries Enforcement Plan
On 11 November 2016, the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (the SEAI) announced an upcoming inspection of up to 100 retail outlets across Ireland. The inspection will check whether the outlets are complying with EU regulations on the display of energy labels.
Economists' Pick 23 Dec 2016
Vietnam's Electronic Exports Soar Despite Supply Chain Shortfall
On-going lack of domestic component manufacturing provides significant opportunity for Hong Kong companies.
Economists' Pick 23 Dec 2016
Parliament and Council Come Close to Agreement on Proposed Energy Labelling Regulation
The EU Council and the Parliament are coming close to reaching agreement on a proposal to reform energy efficiency labels placed on products such as refrigerators, cooking appliances, dishwashers and washing machines.
Economists' Pick 23 Dec 2016
Tapping Belt and Road Opportunities: Views and Service Demand of Huizhou Enterprises in Guangdong
Many Huizhou enterprises would like to tap the opportunities afforded by China’s Belt and Road strategy in order to further expand their export business. They would first need to engage with the Hong Kong hub in order to obtain useful information about those territories, such as the condition of supply chains, the sourcing activities and product standards of local buyers, as well as information about marketing and risk management.
Economists' Pick 22 Dec 2016
Forecast for Steady Trade in the New Year
Despite challenges facing the global economy, Hong Kong’s exports are expected to stabilise in 2017, with improvements in export value and volume compared to this year.
Economists' Pick 20 Dec 2016
DOE Issues Corrected Energy Test Procedures for Packaged Boilers, Welcomes Additional Input on Residential Furnaces
The U.S. Department of Energy has withdrawn a 10 November 2016 final rule amending its energy test procedures for commercial packaged boilers because it contained a number of errors and has replaced it with a corrected rule.
Economists' Pick 16 Dec 2016
Turkey Transposes Low Voltage Directive and Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive into Its National Body of Law
Hong Kong traders with an interest in the Turkish market may like to know that Turkey has transposed into its national legislation the Low Voltage Directive (2014/35/EU) and the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (2014/30/EU) in order to comply with its obligations under the Customs Union with the EU.
Economists' Pick 9 Dec 2016
Commission Vice President Announces Candidate Products to be Considered for Energy Efficiency Standards
On 8 November 2016, Vice President of the European Commission Frans Timmermans said that the European Commission had identified at least six types of electrical products which it wants to target to cut energy consumption. The announcement came as the College of Commissioners intensely discussed the suitability of products to be included in the work plan setting energy efficiency standards under the EU’s Ecodesign Directive.
Economists' Pick 9 Dec 2016
Argentina Implements Energy Efficiency Labelling Requirements for Microwave Ovens
Argentinean authorities recently implemented the energy efficiency labelling requirements of Resolution 319/1999 with respect to electric microwave ovens for household use.
Economists' Pick 2 Dec 2016
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