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Intertextile Sales Remain Robust Despite Shortage of Global Buyers
Mixed reports from this year's Intertextile Shanghai Home Textiles expo, with some exhibitors bemoaning the lack of international buyers in attendance, while others maintained they had done more business at the show than ever before.
Economists' Pick 19 Oct 2017
PHILIPPINES: Overseas Capital Requirement Cut to US$200,000 for Retail Start-ups
The minimum paid-up capital required for an overseas company to establish a retail business in the Philippines is to be lowered from US$2.5 million to US$200,000 under a proposed amendment to the country’s Retail Trade Liberalisation Act.
Economists' Pick 11 Oct 2017
INDIA: GST Rate Cut to 12% for Man-Made Yarn
The tax rate under the terms of India’s newly introduced Goods and Services Tax has now been cut to 12% for select man-made or synthetic yarn.
Economists' Pick 10 Oct 2017
Junior Takes on Adult Trends Dominate New York Kid's Fashion Event
A drive to mini-me their kids has seen many parents keen to purchase cut-down, grown-up fashion styles for their brood, with some exhibitors at the Children's Club expo offering matching outfits for mums and daughters.
Economists' Pick 9 Oct 2017
CAMBODIA: Monthly Minimum Wage in the Garment Sector to Increase to US$170 from 1 January 2018
The monthly minimum wage in Cambodia’s garment and footwear sectors will increase from US$153 to US$170 as of 1 January 2018.
Economists' Pick 9 Oct 2017
Changes in Asia’s Textiles and Garments Supply Chain
Since the removal of trade quotas, global production of textiles and garments has been shifting to low-cost regions, including China. But in the face of rising production costs and labour shortages in China over the past few years, many enterprises have begun to relocate some labour-intensive production processes to other low-cost countries, while others have chosen to source certain materials and products elsewhere.
Economists' Pick 6 Oct 2017
Changing Global Production Landscape and Asia’s Flourishing Supply Chain
Since joining the WTO, China has successfully attracted enterprises in developed countries to relocate production and sourcing activities on a massive scale to the mainland. Also, a great number of emerging countries in Asia have liberalised their market, making use of their low-cost advantage to attract foreign investment to propel economic growth. These have in turn directly changed the landscape of global industrial production.
Economists' Pick 3 Oct 2017
MYANMAR: Online Guide Sets Out to Detail Local Labour Legislation
The ILO Guide to Myanmar Labour Law 2017, newly-available from the International Labour Organisation (ILO), sets out to provide a comprehensive outline of the country’s employment regulations.
Economists' Pick 3 Oct 2017
System to Obtain ID Numbers Used on Apparel Labels Streamlined
As part of Acting Chairman Maureen K. Ohlhausen’s regulatory reform agenda, the Federal Trade Commission has updated the Fur, Textile and Wool Rules to implement web-based electronic filings of requests to obtain, update or cancel registered identification numbers (RN) used on fur, textile and wool product labels.
Economists' Pick 29 Sept 2017
Hong Kong’s Everyday Fashion Multimedia
Exploring the beauty of the day-to-day, Hong Kong’s FFIXXED Studios showcased its Spring/Summer 2018 collection at CENTRESTAGE ELITES. In this podcast interview, design partners Kain Picken and Fiona Lau explore the nuances of Hong Kong that inspire their designs and support their fashion endeavor.
Multimedia 29 Sept 2017
China’s Garment Market
China’s adult garment market was worth around RMB1,144.4 billion in 2016, an increase on the previous year of 6.4%. Market value is expected to reach RMB1,370.4 billion by 2019. Chinese garment brands can be divided into two major categories: luxury/high-end brands and mass market brands. China’s children’s garment market was worth RMB145 billion in 2016, an increase of 7% on 2015.
China Trade 27 Sept 2017
VIETNAM: Customs Procedures Set to be Streamlined with Launch of Online Tax Payment System from November
Businesses in Vietnam will soon be able to pay export and import duties online through an Electronic Customs Payment Portal, which is being piloted by the country’s General Department of Customs from November 2017.
Economists' Pick 25 Sept 2017
Sharing is Caring
When Laurence Fauchon started looking for a nanny to help look after her newborn when she returned to work as an investment banker, little did she know she was embarking on building a social enterprise.
Economists' Pick 22 Sept 2017
Hong Kong’s Blossoming Fashion Multimedia
Taking inspiration from nature, Hong Kong brand DorisKath presented its Spring/Summer 2018 collection, titled “Dandelion,” at the Fashion Hong Kong runway show during CENTRESTAGE in September 2017. In this podcast interview, Creative Director Doris Kath Chan explains how her designs were influenced by the transformative nature of the collection’s eponymous flower.
Multimedia 22 Sept 2017
Hong Kong Business Advantages Shine in the UK Multimedia
More than 2,000 business and government representatives have taken part in a large-scale promotion in the United Kingdom to encourage British companies to seek opportunities in Asia through Hong Kong. Think Asia, Think Hong Kong returned to the United Kingdom six years after the HKTDC launched the global trade outreach in London. Hong Kong’s business advantages have become even more attractive, as the UK looks at post-Brexit trade realities in a world economy increasingly focused on Asia.
Multimedia 22 Sept 2017
Think Asia, Think Hong Kong – London 2017 Multimedia
“Think Asia, Think Hong Kong” (TATHK) is a major promotional campaign organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) to attract overseas companies to use Hong Kong’s service platform to tap into the Chinese mainland and other Asian markets. This video opened events in September 2017 when the TATHK campaign returned to London six years after it started annual outreach efforts to bring business communities from Hong Kong and different economies around the world together.
Multimedia 22 Sept 2017
Brazil Seeks Input on Proposal to Modify Mercosur Labelling Requirements for Textiles and Apparel
Brazil’s National Institute of Technology, Normalisation and Industrial Quality (INMETRO) is seeking input from interested parties by 28 September on a proposal to modify the Mercosur labelling requirements for textiles and apparel, as laid out in Mercosur Common Market Group (GMC) Resolution 33/07.
Economists' Pick 15 Sept 2017
U.S. Increases Cotton Import Fee
The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Marketing Service has issued a direct final rule that will increase the assessments paid by importers of cotton and cotton-containing products under the Cotton Research and Promotion Order.
Economists' Pick 15 Sept 2017
Weaving Culture and Fashion Multimedia
In this podcast interview, Hong Kong designer Polly Ho introduces her brand’s pre-spring collection, shown at the HKTDC’s CENTRESTAGE fashion event. Ms Ho explains how she strives to preserve Hong Kong and Chinese traditions and evoke nostalgia through her designs.
Multimedia 15 Sept 2017
Digital and Textile Hybrids Debut at Wide Format European Print Show
New materials, fresh innovation and even novel ways to rapidly wrap an F1 race car were all on offer at this year's FESPA event, but it was the hybrid systems that united the best of competing technologies that dominated proceedings.
Economists' Pick 14 Sept 2017
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