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CPSC Recalls Various Products Made in Mainland China
The CPSC has announced the following recalls of products made in mainland China. Products: Children's Robes and Woman's Scarves.
Economists' Pick 23 June 2017
CAMBODIA: Single Window Customs Clearance System Adopted in Move to Counter Corruption
A one-stop service has been introduced for importers / exporters, with traders now able to submit import / export documents and pay any required customs duties and taxes via one of six single-window service centres.
Economists' Pick 23 June 2017
Combined Magic IFF Event Aims to Create Global Fashion Showcase
In the first year of its link-up with US-based Magic, Tokyo's International Fashion Fair has been transformed into an outward-looking promotional platform for high-end fashion, but has this been enough to arrest the event's decline?
Economists' Pick 22 June 2017
Hong Kong Exports Gather Steam
Hong Kong’s export sentiment has reached a four-year high, according to the latest Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) Export Index.
Economists' Pick 21 June 2017
EU Initiates Formal Antitrust Proceedings Against Major Clothing Brand and Retailer
On 6 June 2017, the European Commission, which is responsible for establishing and enforcing a policy in coherence with the competition law framework for the European Union, initiated formal proceedings against the clothing brand and retailer Guess?, Inc., Guess? Europe BV, Guess Europe Sagl and all legal entities directly or indirectly controlled by these companies (“Guess”).
Economists' Pick 16 June 2017
Australia Revises Children’s Nightwear Safety Standard
In April 2017, the Minister for Small Business of Australia has updated the safety standard for children’s nightwear – Consumer Goods (Children’s Nightwear and Limited Daywear and Paper Patterns for Children’s Nightwear) Safety Standard 2017 and announced the adoption of the revision of Children’s Nightwear and Limited Daywear Standard AS/NZS 1249:2014.
Product Industries 16 June 2017
China – Update of The Textile Standard for Knitted Workmanship Sweater
Textile standard FZ/T 73010-2016 Knitted workmanship sweater has been approved and issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China. The standard was implemented on April 1, 2017. This updated version is based on and replaces FZ/T 73010-2008 Knitted workmanship sweater. The standard is used to identify the quality of workmanship in knitted sweaters made of, blended or interlaced with cotton, bast fibers, silk and chemical fibers.
Product Industries 16 June 2017
Hong Kong in the Spotlight for London Traders Multimedia
As the United Kingdom seeks to strengthen trade relationships beyond Europe, Hong Kong’s role as Asia’s business hub has never been more important according to David Marsden, Director, UK, Benelux and Ireland for the HKTDC. In this podcast interview, he also shares insights on the upcoming Think Asia, Think Hong Kong event returning to London in September.
Multimedia 16 June 2017
Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer
The show features the latest garments and accessories, from high-end fashion to mass merchandise.
Economists' Pick 12 June 2017
INDIA: Tax Rates for Textiles, Footwear and Gold Announced
The relevant tiers for the textiles and footwear sectors under the terms of the incoming Goods and Services Tax (GST), effective 1 July, have now been announced.
Economists' Pick 8 June 2017
SRI LANKA: Online System Set to Streamline Company Registration Process
The country’s new online registration system will slash the time taken to incorporate a private company from three days to just one when it comes online in March 2018.
Economists' Pick 5 June 2017
EU Lawmakers Push for New Mandatory Law in Garments Sector
On 19 May 2017 the Council of the European Union published its Conclusions on Sustainable Garment Value Chains (GVC). In its conclusions, the Council seeks the prevention of human rights violations and the encouragement of corporate social responsibility actions in order to ensure compliance with labour and environmental international standards in the garment sector.
Economists' Pick 2 June 2017
Understanding India’s E-commerce Ecology
As India’s overall retail sector continues to expand, opportunities are flourishing in the online retail space driven by an increasingly modern consumer base.
Economists' Pick 31 May 2017
Argentina Reinstates Import Ban on Used Clothing
Argentina has reinstated for a period of five years a ban on the importation of used clothing, clothing accessories, blankets and travelling rugs, bed linen, table linen, toilet linen, kitchen linen and other textile furnishings classified under NCM 6309.00.10 and 6309.00.90 from all sources.
Economists' Pick 26 May 2017
Garments, Textiles & Accessories - Hong Kong Trade Associations
This page lists the contact information of Hong Kong trade associations related to garments, textiles and accessories.
HK Economy 25 May 2017
MYANMAR: Unused Industrial Zone Land to Revert to Government After Six Months
Ownership rights to unused industrial land are to revert to the government if they fail to become operational within a six-month period. The move follows concerns that such land in industrial zone sites is being acquired by real estate speculators then sold to third parties at a premium rather than being put to its intended use.
Economists' Pick 18 May 2017
New European Standard for Aromatic Amines Derived from Azo Colorants Released
The new European standard methods for determining restricted aromatic amines derived from azo colorants in textiles has been updated and published by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) on February 2017. The EN 14362-1/3:2017 superseded existing standards published in 2012 and describe improvements in the analytical procedure and guidance on interpreting results.
Product Industries 18 May 2017
Japanese Fashion Sector Unwilling to Establish Direct Supply Chain
Despite the clear cost benefits, many Japanese apparel importers and distributors are more than happy to leave sourcing and production to third-party intermediaries, according to exhibitors at the recently-staged Tokyo Fashion World event.
Economists' Pick 16 May 2017
Navigating India’s E-commerce Market Multimedia
Understanding India’s diverse consumer base is key for retailers looking to enter the local e-commerce market, according to Jagjeet Harode, Director & Business Head - Home, Flipkart. In this podcast interview, Mr Harode offers insights for selling to Indian online shoppers and highlights opportunities for Hong Kong companies to become online merchants. 
Multimedia 16 May 2017
China-friendly Goods Niche Emerges in Russia's Duty-Free Sector
Soaring mainland visitor numbers sees new sales opportunities in duty-free outlets across the Russian Federation.
Economists' Pick 8 May 2017
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