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New Label on Polyester Clothing Would be Required Under California Bill
A new bill in the California State Assembly (AB 2379, introduced on 14 February) would require all clothing made from fabric that is more than 50 percent polyester to bear a conspicuous label warning that the garment sheds plastic microfibres when washed and recommending hand washing.
Economists' Pick 16 March 2018
Launching international brands in Asia-Pacific markets Multimedia
A highlight of the inaugural World of Fashion Accessories zone at Hong Kong Fashion Week for Fall/Winter 2018 was the global launch of an eponymous brand from pop music icon Céline Dion. Hong Kong is an important financial centre that provides companies international exposure, according to Innée-Sedona International, which represents the singer. Company director Gary Gardner explains why Hong Kong is a crucial stepping stone to launch the brand across the Asia Pacific region.
Multimedia 16 March 2018
As Production Gets More Frantic, Style Sets Out to Provide a Refuge
With automation, robotics and digitisation set to vastly accelerate the pace of garment manufacturing, according to exhibitors at Magic, fashion itself is set to provide something of a soothing refuge from the pace of 21st century life.
Economists' Pick 6 March 2018
VIETNAM: One-Stop Cargo Clearance System Set for September Rollout
Plans are in place to extend the use of an automated cargo clearance system to all of the ports and airports in 11 of the country’s major cities and provinces by September 2018.
Economists' Pick 6 March 2018
Hong Kong Takes on London Fashion Week
Most designers can only dream of showing their work at London Fashion Week (LFW), where Britain’s Queen Elizabeth attended this year’s show for the first time.
Economists' Pick 5 March 2018
New Law on Textile Fibre Names Introduces Changes in Existing Law
Hong Kong’s textiles and clothing exporters should be alerted to a new law, Commission Delegated Regulation 2018/122, which entered into force on 15 February 2018, and concerns EU legislation on textile fibre names and related labelling and marking of the fibre composition of textile products.
Economists' Pick 23 Feb 2018
Fashion to Dye for
With 20 per cent of the world’s fresh water pollution caused by textile treatment and dyeing, the fashion industry is under pressure to remedy its unsustainable practices.
Economists' Pick 20 Feb 2018
BANGLADESH: Inter-Bank Forex Transactions to be Cleared in 24 Hours
The maximum time required to clear and settle inter-bank transactions in foreign currencies will be cut from 7-10 days at present to just 24 hours from 3 May 2018.
Economists' Pick 14 Feb 2018
Adult Looks Favoured by Pre-teen Trendsetters at NY Kids Style Show
Fashions originally created with grown-ups in mind are increasingly being hijacked by style-conscious school-agers, according to exhibitors at this year's New York Children's Club, one of North America's leading kids' clothing expos.
Economists' Pick 13 Feb 2018
MYANMAR: Online Customs Clearance System Begins National Rollout
Just over a year after it first went into use in Yangon, Myanmar’s online customs clearance system is to be extended to Myawaddy, a southwestern town bordering Thailand.
Economists' Pick 13 Feb 2018
BANGLADESH: Single Window Investment Clearance Service Now Officially Adopted
The Bangladeshi parliament has formally adopted the Single Window System (SWS) for foreign investment applications, which will become available within six months and enable prospective investors to secure investment-related services at one official access point instead of liaising with as many as 15 different departments.
Economists' Pick 8 Feb 2018
Fashion Hong Kong at London Fashion Week
Fashion Hong Kong is a series of international promotional events organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) to promote Hong Kong fashion designers and labels in the global fashion arena.
Economists' Pick 5 Feb 2018
Textile Rules Amended to Eliminate Obsolete Requirement
The Federal Trade Commission has issued a final rule that effective 22 February will delete an obsolete requirement from the Rules and Regulations under the Textile Fiber Products Identification Act (Textile Rules).
Economists' Pick 2 Feb 2018
CAMBODIA: Child Labour Down in Apparel Sector, but Health and Safety Concerns Remain
While incidences of child labour in Cambodia are down, concerns remain with regard to a number of health and safety issues affecting workers in the garment sector, according to a new report by Better Factories Cambodia (BFC), an International Labour Organisation-backed agency set up in 2007 to monitor working conditions in the country.
Economists' Pick 25 Jan 2018
Metallics Shine Through at Subdued New York Fashion Accessories Show
Optimism was muted at Accessories The Show, one of the first events of the year for New York fashionistas, with some exhibitors concerned the sector may be in long-term decline. Others, though, had a brighter view of the coming season.
Economists' Pick 24 Jan 2018
China’s Green Shoppers: Attitudes and Beliefs Multimedia
Chinese consumers have become more environmentally conscious and more willing to buy green products, but most consumers are attracted by the personal safety and health benefits of green products.
Multimedia 22 Jan 2018
Fusion in Fashion in Hong Kong Multimedia
Céline Dion’s branded fashion accessories were among the items in the spotlight at the 49th edition of the HKTDC Hong Kong Fashion Week Fall/Winter. Held 15-18 January 2018, the annual event attracted some 1,400 exhibitors from 13 countries and regions, underscoring Hong Kong’s trendsetting role in the region.
Multimedia 19 Jan 2018
China’s Green Shoppers: Preferences and Satisfaction Levels Multimedia
Mainland consumers’ consumption of all kinds of eco-friendly products is growing. The green items they buy most frequently are food and drinks, followed by household cleaning products.
Multimedia 18 Jan 2018
MYANMAR: Used Machinery Import Regime Extended Until End of 2018
The scheme to allow the import of used machinery for use in a manufacturing project in Myanmar has been extended until the end of 2018. Such imports must be originated from developed countries and arrive in Myanmar as sea freight.
Economists' Pick 16 Jan 2018
CAMBODIA: Employers’ Social Security Contribution Increased to 3.4% of Workers’ Salaries
All companies operating in Cambodia are now required to pay 3.4% of their respective employees’ average monthly salary as a contribution to the National Social Security Fund with the monthly contribution per worker capped at about US$8.50.
Economists' Pick 15 Jan 2018
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