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Surging Vietnam Baby Market Excites Exporters Across Southeast Asia
With rising birth rates and growing affluence, the Vietnamese maternity and baby market is expected to be worth US$5 billion within the foreseeable future, developments that have proved to be an irresistible lure to many overseas suppliers.
Economists' Pick 23 May 2017
MYANMAR: Unused Industrial Zone Land to Revert to Government After Six Months
Ownership rights to unused industrial land are to revert to the government if they fail to become operational within a six-month period. The move follows concerns that such land in industrial zone sites is being acquired by real estate speculators then sold to third parties at a premium rather than being put to its intended use.
Economists' Pick 18 May 2017
New European Standard for Aromatic Amines Derived from Azo Colorants Released
The new European standard methods for determining restricted aromatic amines derived from azo colorants in textiles has been updated and published by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) on February 2017. The EN 14362-1/3:2017 superseded existing standards published in 2012 and describe improvements in the analytical procedure and guidance on interpreting results.
Product Industries 18 May 2017
Japanese Fashion Sector Unwilling to Establish Direct Supply Chain
Despite the clear cost benefits, many Japanese apparel importers and distributors are more than happy to leave sourcing and production to third-party intermediaries, according to exhibitors at the recently-staged Tokyo Fashion World event.
Economists' Pick 16 May 2017
Navigating India’s e-commerce Market Multimedia
Understanding India’s diverse consumer base is key for retailers looking to enter the local e-commerce market, according to Jagjeet Harode, Director & Business Head - Home, Flipkart. In this podcast interview, Mr Harode offers insights for selling to Indian online shoppers and highlights opportunities for Hong Kong companies to become online merchants. 
Multimedia 16 May 2017
China-friendly Goods Niche Emerges in Russia's Duty-Free Sector
Soaring mainland visitor numbers sees new sales opportunities in duty-free outlets across the Russian Federation.
Economists' Pick 8 May 2017
Boho and 70s' Styles Still Hold Sway in Midwest Fashion Sector
Slower to embrace change than the East or West Coast, the Midwest fashion market favours several industry staples – notably denim and T-shirts – with a hint of reserve its hallmark, according to exhibitors at the Chicago StyleMax event.
Economists' Pick 4 May 2017
EU’s Highest Court Annuls Duties Imposed on Two Chinese Fastener Producers
Eight years after the initial imposition of the anti-dumping duties on fasteners from mainland China, the EU Court of Justice – in its judgment released on 5 April 2017 – annulled the anti-dumping duties imposed on Chinese fastener producers Changshu City Standard Parts Factory and Ningbo Jinding Fastener.
Economists' Pick 21 April 2017
AAFA Releases 18th Edition of Restricted Substances List
The 18th edition of the AAFA RSL covers 12 categories with more than 250 chemicals and is updated to reflect additions or changes to regulations and laws that restrict or ban certain chemicals in apparel, footwear, and finished home textile products. It is intended to provide the industry with information to facilitate compliance in the global marketplace and creating a safer and sustainable supply chain.
Product Industries 13 April 2017
Cambodia: SEZs in Focus
In search of a location to set up production plants in Cambodia, Hong Kong manufacturers should consider one of the special economic zones (SEZs) scattered across the country, such as the Phnom Penh SEZ and the Sihanoukville SEZ, so as to benefit from better logistics and administrative support, along with investment incentives offered by the Cambodian government.
Economists' Pick 12 April 2017
So Eco-Chic
On returning to Hong Kong from the United States, eco-fashion entrepreneur Charlotte Tsuei found that there were “great alternatives to eating better and healthier, options for pampering and healthful travels, but not many in retail.”
Economists' Pick 10 April 2017
European Parliament Wants Enforceable Provisions on Textile Trade
On 21 March 2017, the European Parliament’s Committee on Development adopted a Draft Report requesting a Motion for a European Parliament Resolution on an EU flagship initiative in the garment sector. This Draft Report takes account of the importance of global value chains in the garments industry and highlights the existence of a link between those global value chains in the textile sector and the violation of human rights, in particular fundamental labour rights.
Economists' Pick 7 April 2017
China – Update of the National Standard for Down and Feather
The revised standard GB/T 17685-2016 will go into effect on July 1, 2017 and will replace GB/T 17685-2003. The revisions focus mostly on down and feather penetration, dust problems and odour. There will be some changes to the technical requirements of testing methods. These changes will help to improve the quality of the down and feather products.
Product Industries 5 April 2017
China – Update of the Textiles Standard for Hosiery
Textiles standard FZ/T 73001-2016 was approved and issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China, and was implemented on April 1, 2017. This updated version replaces FZ/T 73001-2008. It’s applicable to identify the quality of men’s and women’s hosiery. It is not applicable to pressure socks, warp-knitted hosiery, sports socks, ladder-proof hosiery or hosiery for infants below 36 months.
Product Industries 5 April 2017
India’s Changing Retail Landscape
India’s retail sector is projected to be worth US$1 trillion by 2020, with the country’s 13 million outlets being the largest number for any country.
Economists' Pick 28 March 2017
Spring Sales Fever
The Lunar New Year sales figures of 120 Beijing-based businesses in the retail and services sectors – as monitored by the Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce (BMCC) – amounted to Rmb4.68 billion, a 9.8 per cent increase year-on-year, representing the highest rate of sales growth in five years.
Economists' Pick 27 March 2017
Hong Kong International Home Textiles Fair
A sophisticated showcase for stylish, high-quality products, the fair is the region’s only specialised trade show for home-textile buyers during the peak sourcing season.
Economists' Pick 27 March 2017
Future’s Hong Kong Sourcing Connection Multimedia
Rakesh Biyani, Joint Managing Director of Future Retail Ltd, says Indian companies look to Hong Kong for sourcing value-added products, which will see greater demand from India’s growing aspirational consumers.
Multimedia 24 March 2017
Vietnam’s Supply-chain Opportunities Spurred by Foreign Investment
Vietnam has number of favourable attributes, including a youthful labour force and relatively low production costs. FDI in Vietnam is not just geared towards the production of labour-intensive goods, but also more sophisticated products like IT equipment and other electronic items. But such production is largely processing activities by nature. As Vietnam still lacks supporting industries, expansion in processing production has elicited vast demand for a variety of production inputs.
Economists' Pick 23 March 2017
Hard-Pushed Russian Consumers Say No to Further Household Cutbacks
Whether their incomes continue to fall or not, a new report says Russians won't be trimming their budgets in 2017.
Economists' Pick 22 March 2017
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