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Despite an overall slowdown in the garment sector, many exhibitors at the October China International Fashion Fair (CHIC) in Shanghai seemed to be weathering the storm by exploring a particular niche.
Economists' Pick 13 Dec 2017
Fashion World Tokyo Offers a Brief Glimpse of Japan's Singular Style
While on the surface, Japan's fashion sense may seem to align with preferences the world over, closer observation reveals that the country's idiosyncratic approach to fashion and grooming is distinct and incomprehensible as ever.
Economists' Pick 13 Dec 2017
INDIA: 4% Duty Exemption on Imported Inputs Extended on Multi-Industry Basis
The 4% duty exemption on imported inputs, previously solely on offer to exporters of readymade garments (RMG) and made-ups, has now been extended to micro-businesses and SMEs, as well to all labour-intensive industry sectors.
Economists' Pick 11 Dec 2017
Canada Seeks Input on Ethical Procurement of Apparel
The Canadian government is seeking input from apparel suppliers by 17 January 2018 to develop guidelines and a collective approach for the ethical procurement of apparel.
Economists' Pick 8 Dec 2017
#DesignInspire: Tap Into Global Creativity in Hong Kong Multimedia
The best and brightest ideas from the world of contemporary design and innovation are on show at the 3-day DesignInspire exhibition, which explores the theme “Urbanovation: co-create a happy city.”
Multimedia 8 Dec 2017
Denmark to Hand out Subsidies to Economic Operators for Eco-labelled Products, Including for Clothing and Textiles
On 3 November 2017, the Danish Environmental Protection Agency opened a round of applications for companies wishing to label their products with the Swan label or the EU Flower. The Swan label and the EU flower are Denmark’s two official eco-labels which aim to guide consumers to choose environmental friendly products. In order to be used, the labels require that products meet a wide range of requirements, including with respect to the chemicals that may be found in the product.
Economists' Pick 1 Dec 2017
Exploring Vietnam’s Supply Chain Opportunities Multimedia
Vietnam’s economy is being driven by foreign investment inflows in its manufacturing sector, whose demand for imports of various industrial items is rising rapidly.
Multimedia 1 Dec 2017
INDIA: Import Duty Exemption on Inputs Now Doubled for Exporters of Readymade Garments
The scheme to entitle Indian exporters of readymade garments (RMG) and made-ups to duty exemption on imported inputs for up to 2% of the total value of their exports has now been raised to 4%.
Economists' Pick 30 Nov 2017
Tax-free Shopping Set for Russian Debut Prior to World Cup Kick-off
Pilot tax-free shopping programme for overseas visitors to be trialled in Moscow, St Petersburg and Sochi in 2018.
Economists' Pick 29 Nov 2017
CAMBODIA: Online Certificate of Origin Issuance System Piloted Prior to 2018 National Rollout
Cambodia’s first online system for issuing Certificates of Origin (CO) is being piloted in the provinces of Battambang and Pailin, both located on the country’s border with Thailand.
Economists' Pick 28 Nov 2017
LAOS: Monthly Minimum Wage Set to Increase to US$142
The monthly minimum wage in Laos is set to increase from Kip900,000 (US$107) to Kip1,200,000 (US$142), with the increase expected to be implemented following the formal endorsement by the Laotian Prime Minister.
Economists' Pick 28 Nov 2017
Colombia Extends High Duties on Apparel and Footwear
The Colombian government has extended for a period of two years its current duty regime for imports of apparel, footwear and textile made-ups.
Economists' Pick 24 Nov 2017
Looking at Vietnam’s Consumer Market for “Affordable Luxuries” Multimedia
Vietnamese consumers are increasingly purchasing fashionable and quality products to improve their living standards. To capture such demand, foreign brands and suppliers are increasingly selling medium-priced products as well as value-for-money items in the country.
Multimedia 24 Nov 2017
MYANMAR: Ayeyarwady Manufacturing-Focussed Industrial Zone Set for 2020 Launch
A new manufacturing-oriented Industrial Zone (IZ) is to be established in Ayeyarwady, one of Myanmar’s most populous regions and some 100km to the west of Yangon, the national capital.
Economists' Pick 22 Nov 2017
The Philippines: Making Good Use of Manufacturing Advantages in Relocation Multimedia
The Philippines as an alternative manufacturing base enjoys a distinct edge compared with other relocation hotspots in Southeast Asia: its English-speaking workers, who are both skilled and trainable. This presents an attractive option to foreign investors confronted with the challenge of labour management and training in considering relocation and production diversification.
Multimedia 17 Nov 2017
Weaving Profits amid Global Slowdown
Alongside Istanbul's Evteks and Frankfurt's Heimtextil, the Intertextile Shanghai Home Textiles is ranked one of the most important trade fairs in the domestic-fabrics sectors.
Economists' Pick 15 Nov 2017
CAMBODIA: Mandatory Export Tax Set to be Phased Out in 2018
The country’s export tax is set to be abolished in 2019, according to an early draft of the government’s 2018 budget proposals. Officially referred to as the Export Management Fee (EMF) and overseen by the Ministry of Commerce, the tax is currently payable on a wide range of export goods, including garments, footwear and bicycles.
Economists' Pick 15 Nov 2017
Denim, Hoodies and Boho Still Ruling the Roost at US Fashion Expos
While denim in all its manifestations, together with hoodies and the Boho/Bohemian style, are still hardy perennials in US women's fashion, embroidery and off-the-shoulder looks also proved hugely popular at the recent WWDMagic event.
Economists' Pick 14 Nov 2017
The Philippines: Smart Selling to the Consumer Market Multimedia
Driven by robust economic growth, the Philippines is a fast expanding consumer market capitalising on its demographic dividends and strong overseas receipts. Hong Kong companies able to meet young Filipino consumers’ demand for trendy lifestyle and electronics products and leverage new retail channels will have good chances of succeeding in the market.
Multimedia 14 Nov 2017
High-end Russian Fashion Sector Soars While Middle-market Stagnates
Conflicting signals are emanating from the Russian fashion market, with some mid-market consumers slashing their spending, while affluent Chinese tourists and renewed spending by Russia's super-rich are boosting the luxury sector.
Economists' Pick 13 Nov 2017
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