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Smart Caring
As the ninth HKTDC Hong Kong International Medical Devices and Supplies Fair concluded in Hong Kong yesterday with state-of-the-art medical equipment, technologies and services, the medical technology scene across the border has also made great strides.
Economists' Pick 10 May 2018
Medical Fair 2018: Showing the Future Multimedia
With the latest intensive care technology, innovative hospital, sports equipment and wellness solutions, the HKTDC Hong Kong International Medical Devices and Supplies Fair brought together regional and global buyers and exhibitors. Pavilions and booths featured offerings from Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland, South and East Asia, Taiwan and Eastern Europe, with increased numbers of attendees.
Multimedia 9 May 2018
Demand for Smart, Bespoke Rehabilitation Devices Soars Across China
With the mainland suffering from a chronic shortage of properly qualified rehabilitative medical staff, technology is helping fill the treatment gap, with a plethora of bespoke prosthetics and smart therapeutic equipment now available.
Economists' Pick 2 May 2018
HKTDC Hong Kong International Medical Devices and Supplies Fair
The fair features the latest in medical equipment and disposables, bringing together product developers and businesses looking to market these products.
Economists' Pick 23 April 2018
Guangdong Opens Medical Services Sector to Overseas Investors and Operators
Guangdong has recently issued its implementation plan for the development of a diversified, multi-tier medical service by 2020. Among the priorities identified in the plan is the development of a general medical service operating with the support of a number of specialist services, while also integrating the benefits of traditional Chinese medicine.
Economists' Pick 20 March 2018
Imports of All Remaining Fentanyl-Related Substances Restricted, Controls on Synthetic Cannabinoid Extended
The U.S. Department of Justice reports that a manufacturer and exporter of wind turbines based in mainland China has been convicted of conspiracy to commit trade secret theft, theft of trade secrets and wire fraud.
Economists' Pick 15 Feb 2018
A Healthy Market
The Myanmar Phar-Med and Dental Myanmar, held last July in Yangon, offered global medical suppliers a chance to gain a foothold in the untapped Myanmar market.
Economists' Pick 31 Jan 2018
DEA to Restrict Imports of All Remaining Fentanyl-Related Substances
The Drug Enforcement Administration has announced its intent to issue an order adding to schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act all fentanyl-related substances that are not currently listed in any CSA schedule, including those that have not yet been introduced into the U.S. market.
Economists' Pick 19 Jan 2018
Import Restrictions Imposed on Opioid Analgesic Drug
The Drug Enforcement Administration has issued a final order that temporarily schedules the opioid MT-45 (1-cyclohexyl-4-(1,2-diphenylethyl)piperazine), including its salts, isomers and salts of isomers, into schedule I pursuant to the temporary scheduling provisions of the Controlled Substances Act.
Economists' Pick 5 Jan 2018
FDA Issues Guidance on Gluten Labelling of Certain Drug Products
The FDA has issued a draft guidance document on gluten in drug products and associated labelling recommendations.
Economists' Pick 22 Dec 2017
Hong Kong Export Outlook for 2018 Multimedia
Continued world recovery supports a favourable environment for exports
Multimedia 18 Dec 2017
Canada Amends Radiation Regulations for Dental Equipment
The Canadian government has amended the current radiation regulations for X-ray dental equipment effective 15 May 2018 in an effort to strengthen radiation safety requirements - in alignment with International Electrotechnical Commission standards
Economists' Pick 8 Dec 2017
Online Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Sales Brought in Line with Offline Regulatory Regime
In line with the principle that online and offline transactions should be subject to identical regulatory regimes, the online trade in pharmaceuticals and medical devices is to face the same level of scrutiny as sales made via more conventional channels.
Economists' Pick 5 Dec 2017
Myanmar's Soaring Health Sector Prompts Medical Supplier Goldrush
Viewed as the last frontier by many in the commercial sector, Myanmar's government-backed healthcare boom is the latest element of the country's economy to see countless international manufacturers and suppliers Yangon-bound.
Economists' Pick 5 Dec 2017
INDIA: Suppliers of Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals Face Liability for Any Harm to Users
Pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers in India may soon be liable to pay compensation should the use of their products cause harm to any user.
Economists' Pick 27 Nov 2017
Looking at Vietnam’s Consumer Market for “Affordable Luxuries” Multimedia
Vietnamese consumers are increasingly purchasing fashionable and quality products to improve their living standards. To capture such demand, foreign brands and suppliers are increasingly selling medium-priced products as well as value-for-money items in the country.
Multimedia 24 Nov 2017
The Philippines: Making Good Use of Manufacturing Advantages in Relocation Multimedia
The Philippines as an alternative manufacturing base enjoys a distinct edge compared with other relocation hotspots in Southeast Asia: its English-speaking workers, who are both skilled and trainable. This presents an attractive option to foreign investors confronted with the challenge of labour management and training in considering relocation and production diversification.
Multimedia 17 Nov 2017
The Philippines: Smart Selling to the Consumer Market Multimedia
Driven by robust economic growth, the Philippines is a fast expanding consumer market capitalising on its demographic dividends and strong overseas receipts. Hong Kong companies able to meet young Filipino consumers’ demand for trendy lifestyle and electronics products and leverage new retail channels will have good chances of succeeding in the market.
Multimedia 14 Nov 2017
Overseas Firms Urged to Be Wary of Contravening Russian Sanctions
With the latest round of US-led anti-Russian sanctions now entering its fourth month, overseas businesses have been warned of the dangers of inadvertently falling foul of this stringent legislation and incurring penalties in their own right.
Economists' Pick 31 Oct 2017
INDONESIA: One-Stop Online Halal Certification Service Set for 2018 Launch
Online halal certification will be on offer to producers of foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics following the early 2018 launch of a one-stop government-backed service portal.
Economists' Pick 17 Oct 2017
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