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The Philippines: Making Good Use of Manufacturing Advantages in Relocation Multimedia
The Philippines as an alternative manufacturing base enjoys a distinct edge compared with other relocation hotspots in Southeast Asia: its English-speaking workers, who are both skilled and trainable. This presents an attractive option to foreign investors confronted with the challenge of labour management and training in considering relocation and production diversification.
Multimedia 17 Nov 2017
Mainland Notebook Sales Soar
China's love of notebooks – daily journals with a surprisingly wide range of add-on features – is a fairly recent import from Japan, where such items have long commanded an ardent fan base.
Economists' Pick 3 Oct 2017
Think Asia, Think Hong Kong – London 2017 Multimedia
“Think Asia, Think Hong Kong” (TATHK) is a major promotional campaign organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) to attract overseas companies to use Hong Kong’s service platform to tap into the Chinese mainland and other Asian markets. This video opened events in September 2017 when the TATHK campaign returned to London six years after it started annual outreach efforts to bring business communities from Hong Kong and different economies around the world together.
Multimedia 22 Sept 2017
Domestic Sector Rallies as Mainland Notebook Sales Continue to Soar
A trend originally imported from Japan, mainland notebook sales now merit a dedicated zone at the Beijing International Stationery Exhibition, an expo that saw several domestic suppliers bidding to tackle the supremacy of imported designs.
Economists' Pick 6 Sept 2017
Stationery & Office Equipment - Hong Kong Trade Associations
This page lists the contact information of Hong Kong trade associations related to stationery and office equipment.
HK Economy 1 Aug 2017
Travel through Books: HKTDC Hong Kong Book Fair 2017 Multimedia
Travel writing was the main theme at this year's Book Fair, one of the most popular events of its kind in Hong Kong with over one million visitors. This year's event saw close to 30 countries take part in a "Cultural Village" while popular writers discussed their adventures and latest works.
Multimedia 25 July 2017
March of the Millennials Drives Innovation in Greeting-Cards Sector
With Millennials having just overtaken the Baby Boomers as the primary purchasers of greeting cards, exhibitors at the National Stationery Show turned to high-tech innovation and conspicuous green credentials in a bid to win them over.
Economists' Pick 11 July 2017
Irish Authorities Carry out Inspection on Restricted Chemicals and Survey on Consumers’ Awareness of the CE Mark
Two recent developments shed light on the importance that Irish enforcement authorities place on ensuring products comply with EU safety laws. First, the Health and Safety Authority of Ireland (HSA) has launched a large scale inspection aimed at cracking down on the illegal use of chemicals in jewellery, glues and adhesives.
Economists' Pick 24 March 2017
Hong Kong International Stationery Fair
The event offers a range of the latest stationery and back-to-school items, including artist’s supplies, children’s stationery, office equipment, educational systems, gift stationery and writing instruments.
Economists' Pick 22 Dec 2016
Springboard to Asia
Southeast Asia is a potential new market for Messe Frankfurt to extend its footprint in Asia, where it has been present for nearly 30 years.
Economists' Pick 21 Sept 2016
Premium Products Prized at Paper Show
Premium products are popular among Chinese mainland consumers, a trend reflected at last July’s Guangzhou Stationery Fair, where visitors were also drawn to multi-functional products.
Economists' Pick 26 Aug 2016
Premium Stationery Products Win Out Against Digital Competitors
With digital products all the rage, it was refreshing to see upmarket traditional paper-based items stealing the show at this year's Guangzhou Stationery Fair, while multi-function items also found considerable favour among many mainlanders.
Economists' Pick 21 July 2016
Many Happy Returns: Is the Greetings Card Industry Back in Business?
While many have seen Facebook, in particular, as the Nemesis of the posted greetings card industry, a number of exhibitors at New York's National Stationery Show credited social media with giving the sector a whole new lease of life.
Economists' Pick 12 July 2016
Argentina Suspends Certificate of Conformity Requirement for School Articles, Amends Import Licencing Requirements
The Argentinean government has rescinded a December 2015 regulation that would have required effective from 1 June a range of school articles sold in Argentina to be accompanied by a certificate attesting compliance with all applicable safety requirements.
Economists' Pick 17 June 2016
Stationery Industry in Hong Kong
Hong Kong's stationery manufacturers can offer a wide range of products, including paper stationery, plastics office/school supplies, writing ink, writing utensils, staples, crayons, letter openers, pencil cases, chalk boards, memo boxes, file rings, push pins and adhesives.
HK Economy 28 Jan 2016
Pen and Paper
While smartphones and tablets are ubiquitous, digital devices are not always the most convenient means of taking notes or organising your day.
Economists' Pick 28 Dec 2015
Hong Kong International Stationery Fair
The event offers a range of the latest stationery and back-to-school items, including artist’s supplies, children’s stationery, office equipment, educational systems, gift stationery and writing instruments.
Economists' Pick 21 Dec 2015
Pen and Paper Planners Resurgent Against Digital Counterparts
Although arguably eclipsed by smartphone and tablet functions, the paper-based planner has staged something of a comeback among the mainland's young, with domestic and overseas brands now tussling for a share of the market.
Economists' Pick 13 Nov 2015
Pan-Asian Presence at HK Stationery Show Underlines Sector's Ubiquity
Whiteboards from Malaysia, RFID scanning from Hong Kong, Thai binders, and mainland geometry sets all combined to showcase a truly huge volume of diversely-sourced items at this year's Hong Kong International Stationery Show.
Economists' Pick 12 Feb 2015
Argentina Sets Criterion Values for T-shirts, Certain Slates and Boards
Argentinean authorities have a long-standing practice of setting reference/criterion values for a broad range of imported merchandise, which are purportedly aimed at preventing the under-invoicing of imports.
Economists' Pick 6 Feb 2015
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