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Beyond Chatbots: AI Answers for Financial Services Multimedia
When it comes to AI thought leaders, Rumi Morales is a name to remember. The Chicago-based entrepreneur and investor was invited to Hong Kong for the Asian Financial Forum (AFF) 2019, where she discussed how AI and IoT are redefining the industry. AI, she believes, has much more to offer for the finance world beyond voice recognition and chatbots. Ms Morales is also a partner at Outlier Ventures.
Multimedia 22 March 2019
HKTDC International Franchising Show: Opportunities for international companies Multimedia
Franchising Business can grow with no limits, said Andrey Berezenkov, representative of Russian based VR gaming company ANVIO at the HKTDC International Franchising Show. Also attending the event were more than 130 exhibitors from 13 countries and regions. "Hong Kong is a good place for networking," added Clement Mathias, representing the Indonesian brand Kedai Kopi Kulo. "It's a good place to franchise my brand and look for new brands to franchise to Indonesia."
Multimedia 12 March 2019
Big opportunities at the HKTDC Smartbiz Expo Multimedia
The SmartBiz Expo 2018 presented participants with innovative ideas and business solutions under areas of Industry 4.0, smart city development and e-commerce. The expo attracted more than 520 exhibitors from 40 countries, offering buyers and exhibitors a great opportunity to network and partner with a variety of regional companies.
Multimedia 8 March 2019
New Clues for Cleantech Innovation Multimedia
GreenMomentum provide market intelligence and innovation consulting to drive cleantech adoption in Latin America. President & CEO Luis Aguirre-Torres found plenty of inspiration to drive sustainable innovation at the Asian Financial Forum 2019, where panellists probed topics such as impact investing and blockchain. “Next time I’m going to come with half my company”, says Mr Aguirre-Torres.
Multimedia 1 March 2019
Asia’s Largest Licensing Show 2019: Record Attendance as Hong Kong Creativity Goes on Show Multimedia
Organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), the eighth Asian Licensing Conference (7-8 Jan 2019), featured some 30 speakers from renowned brands and global licensing experts.
Multimedia 18 Feb 2019
Asian Licensing Conference Gathers Global Experts Multimedia
Organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), the eighth edition of the Asian Licensing Conference ran concurrently with the Licensing Show at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC), giving insights into the latest industry trends, including the fast-growing Asia and Mainland China markets, content licensing, esports, and legal and operational tactics. The event attracted more than 1,300 attendees from around the world.
Multimedia 18 Feb 2019
Pioneering Predictive Analytics at AFF 2019 Multimedia
QuantCube Technology helps companies strategise for the future by providing real-time predictive analytics. The French start-up sets itself apart by leveraging a diverse network of data sources spanning from text material to satellite imagery. CEO Thanh-Long Huynh was able to connect with potential investors at the 2019 Asian Financial Forum (AFF), where QuantCube setup a booth alongside other world-class start-ups.
Multimedia 15 Feb 2019
Fintech Fuels up at AFF 2019 Multimedia
Fintech heavyweights had heads turning at the 2019 Asian Financial Forum, where local and overseas companies gathered to present their latest industry solutions. The HKTDC caught up with Sohail Prasad (Founder and President, Equidate) at AFF following his Fireside Chat on the rise of secondary markets. San Francisco-based firm Equidate works to provide global investors with greater access to private tech companies.
Multimedia 1 Feb 2019
A Match Made in Blockchain Multimedia
US tech start-ups searching for investors in Asia need look no further than the Asian Financial Forum (AFF), according to Professor Alex Nascimento (Managing Director, 7CC Blockchain Investments). More than 700 meetings were held during AFF’s Deal Flow Matchmaking Session 2019. Professor Nascimento teaches blockchain business applications at UCLA, and also co-founded both the UCLA and LA Blockchain Labs.
Multimedia 25 Jan 2019
Conquering Customer Experience in Asia Multimedia
How would you characterise consumers in Asia? “Highly-demanding and mobile-first” says Cassandra Girard (Global Vice President and Head of Consumer and Travel Industries, SAP Customer Experience). Brands must therefore grasp their customer’s journey in order to make a mark on the region, where digital-first organisations are transforming different sectors. Ms Girard spoke at the Asian E-tailing Summit 2018 to help industry players navigate the evolving e-tailing ecosystem.
Multimedia 11 Jan 2019
Debunking Big Data Multimedia
Big data can be a daunting topic for business owners to understand, let alone use. Making use of large information assets is in fact quite straightforward, according to Asian e-Tailing Summit 2018 speaker Patrick Steinbrenner (Managing Director for APAC, Insider). In this podcast, Mr Steinbrenner breaks down how companies can make use of large information assets, and why doing so is particularly helpful for e-tailing businesses.
Multimedia 21 Dec 2018
Flying High on the Belt and Road Multimedia
Hong Kong-based CALC is among the world’s top 10 aircraft leasing companies in the freight sector, says CEO Mike Poon. He says Hong Kong is an easy location for expertise in the sector, which also includes orders for aircraft parts, re-sale and recycling. CALC is connected to the Belt and Road Initiative through what is now called the “Aviation Silk Road”.
Multimedia 20 Dec 2018
Hong Kong the Asian hub for e-Tailing Multimedia
Speaking at the Asian e-Tailing Summit 2018, Cassandra Girard of online research organisation SAP Customer Experience describes Hong Kong as the hub for the region’s e-tailing development, while Emad Suhail Rahim of consumer trading company Robomart plans to open in Hong Kong in the near future. The Summit is described as a motivator for the over 1,400 attending business professionals and online retail experts.
Multimedia 18 Dec 2018
A Grocery Store Made for the Future Multimedia
Robomart has designed a self-driving shop on wheels that it hopes will become the world's most accessible grocery store. Bringing that vision to life is Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer Emad Suhail Rahim, who spoke at the Asian e-Tailing Summit 2018. In this HKTDC interview, Mr Rahim shares how the California-based start-up tackles cost, tangibility and time to deliver a fresh, fast shopping experience.
Multimedia 14 Dec 2018
DesignInspire 2018: Creative Designs and Innovations through Hong Kong Multimedia
Organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), the second edition of DesignInspire was held from 6-8 Dec. Under the theme “Co-create a Happy city,” the show let members of the public experience how innovative designs can improve the quality of city life. As DesignInspire’s partner city this year, Melbourne is hosting a pavilion – titled “Shared Values” – to showcase how creative talents have helped to shape the city for the better.
Multimedia 13 Dec 2018
Big Five Fairs 2018: Views of the Future Multimedia
From online retailing and innovative solutions to franchising, the business of brands and cutting edge design, HKTDC’s five December fairs envelop talent to appraise the future. Comprising the Asian E-tailing Summit, SmartBiz Expo, the Hong Kong International Franchising Show, Business of IP Asia Forum and DesignInspire, the events have gathered together professionals, experts and exhibitors from around the world.
Multimedia 7 Dec 2018
I am Sophia: Hong Kong is the Best Place for Robotics Multimedia
World-renowned robot Sophia hosts an interview with her Hong Kong-based inventor, David Hanson. He says he set up Hanson Robotics in Hong Kong because it is the best place in the world to make robots. Besides being a centre for robot developers, Hong Kong is also a robotics marketplace, a well-established location for IP protection and encourages an AI eco-system for the Greater Bay Area.
Multimedia 30 Nov 2018
Hong Kong’s Prime Role in Pakistan Belt and Road Projects Multimedia
The Chinese mainland and Belt and Road partner countries are looking to Hong Kong for financial capabilities, says Abdul Qadir Memon. Pakistan’s Consul General for Hong Kong & Macau says the key Gwadar Port under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor relies on a Hong Kong registered company while Hong Kong firms can partner in Pakistan’s needed “soft infrastructure” such as professional services and trade facilitation.
Multimedia 16 Nov 2018
“Think Global, Think Hong Kong” Tokyo 2018 highlights Multimedia
“Think Global, Think Hong Kong”, the large-scale Hong Kong business promotion organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) in Tokyo on 1 November 2018, attracted more than 2,500 participants keen on exploring Hong Kong-Japan collaboration opportunities.
Multimedia 7 Nov 2018
A Cross-Cultural Collaboration in Luxury Multimedia
Dorian Ho lit up CENTRESTAGE 2018 with his new collection created in collaboration with Swiss watch brand DOXA. “It’s a mix and match thing” that allows customers to select the right watch for their bridal gown, explains the renowned Hong Kong wedding dress designer. Dorian Ho is confident that the city has the right conditions for producing international fashion labels, and is pleased to find a wealth of design talent at CENTRESTAGE.
Multimedia 26 Oct 2018
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