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Juun.J:Tailored Street Chic Multimedia
Tailored meets street in the innovative designs of Korean fashion designer Juun.J. The Seoul and Paris-based artist will showcase his 2018 spring/summer collection at CENTRESTAGE ELITES, to be held in September 2017 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.
Multimedia 18 Aug 2017
Advice for Success on the Belt and Road Multimedia
Developed along the “Silk Road Economic Belt” and the “21st Century Maritime Silk Road”, China’s Belt and Road Initiative is reaching more than 62 per cent of the world’s population and 34 per cent of global merchandise trade. This video offers a sample of what businesspeople in a range of sectors have found on their way to success in this huge market.
Multimedia 17 Aug 2017
Asian Fixation at CENTRESTAGE 2017 Multimedia
After conquering the runways at Paris and Shanghai fashion weeks, Hong Kong’s FFIXXED STUDIOS unveils its latest collection at CENTRESTAGE ELITES, to be held 6-9 September at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. The men’s and women’s fashion label has been winning international plaudits for their creative take on the everyday, and for their sustainable sensibilities.
Multimedia 16 Aug 2017
Insights into the Belt and Road Multimedia
The Belt and Road Initiative has attracted a great deal of attention from businesspeople eager to explore regional and international trading opportunities. This video offers a sample of what government officials and business leaders say about how the initiative is driving regional infrastructure development as well as cross-border trade cooperation – and how Hong Kong can play a role as facilitator.
Multimedia 15 Aug 2017
The Next Frontier of Storytelling Multimedia
Hong Kong-based production company Barron Asia VR is going boldly into the world of virtual reality (VR). Founders Devin Ehrig and Amit Chatterjee lead a team developing innovative content-delivery solutions for clients seeking to connect with consumers in unique and interactive ways, supported by Hong Kong’s international business platform and growing role as a start-up hub.
Multimedia 13 July 2017
CENTRESTAGE 2017 – Ready for the Runway Multimedia
Hong Kong is back in the limelight as the city gets set to host the return of CENTRESTAGE from 6 to 9 September 2017, a world-class fashion spectacle in the beating heart of Asia’s fashion capital. With a captivating four-day event lineup, CENTRESTAGE features a close-up look at the latest collections, fashion icons and powerhouses, the hottest international labels and emerging designers in a definitive showcase.
Multimedia 10 July 2017
Art Hub for the Belt and Road Multimedia
Hong Kong’s success as an art hub for the Belt and Road includes “perfect” logistics, a proliferation of arts venues and international trade connections, says Kevin Ching of top auction house, Sotheby’s. With Hong Kong being Sotheby’s headquarters for Asia, he says the emergence of Chinese and Southeast Asian art in global markets are joined by work by other talented artists from Belt and Road areas that include the Caucuses and Central Asia.
Multimedia 23 June 2017
The HKTDC’s Belt and Road Online Resources Multimedia
The Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) strives to help enterprises explore new opportunities along the Belt and Road route by promoting business cooperation and exchanging market intelligence through its global network. To this end, the HKTDC has launched the Belt and Road Portal, as a business facilitation and market intelligence platform for global enterprises to seize opportunities arising from the Belt and Road Initiative through HK.
Multimedia 15 June 2017
Startup Zone 2017: Stimulating Products, Top Investors Multimedia
AR and VR games, multilingual streaming video and air measurement devices were among new products offered by 100 startups from six countries and regions at the inaugural Startup Zone presented at the HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2017 (Spring Edition) and concurrent HKTDC International ICT Expo 2017. The eight major categories attracted top investors like Alibaba Entrepreneur Fund, aiming to support local and overseas startups.
Multimedia 1 June 2017
Energising the Belt and Road Multimedia
“Distributed power” is a flexible and cost-effective means of energising both developing and developed markets within the Belt and Road Initiative, says Rorce Au Yeung of Hong Kong’s VPower Group. Using toy Lego building blocks as a metaphor, VPower stations can be extended or re-deployed according to a market’s requirements. Mr Au Yeung says Hong Kong is pivotal for finance, investment and project control.
Multimedia 25 May 2017
Smart Giving at Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair Multimedia
Hi-tech updates of classic gifts impressed at the 32nd edition of the Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair, the world’s largest such event. Also popular were the new hair ornament zone – and another for corporate gifts. The 27-30 April 2017 event featured 4300+ exhibitors from 31 countries and regions.
Multimedia 1 May 2017
Home for Asian Brands Multimedia
The HKTDC Hong Kong Houseware Fair and HKTDC Hong Kong International Home Textiles and Furnishings Fair 2017 featured a host of new ideas and products with multiple materials. The Houseware Fair included innovative designs in the new World of Building and Hardware zone, while the Fair was seen as a home for Asian brands.
Multimedia 24 April 2017
Hong Kong Major Connector to Belt and Road Investment Multimedia
Between 60 per cent and 70 per cent of all investment in infrastructure across the Belt and Road in 2016 flowed through Hong Kong in some way, says PwC’s Simon Booker – and Hong Kong has everything to gain in 2017. PwC’s Belt and Road Watch research for the past year shows that overall investment exceeded US$490 billion, with one third taking place or originating on the Chinese mainland.
Multimedia 7 April 2017
Port Pathfinder on the Belt and Road Multimedia
With 22 ports situated along China’s Belt and Road and a further 26 ports globally, Hong Kong-based Hutchison Ports has taken a large stake in the Initiative, with huge growth potential. Group Managing Director Eric Ip points to major port developments in Thailand and Pakistan, significantly contributing to those countries’ infrastructure development on the Belt and Road.
Multimedia 29 March 2017
Hong Kong Connector for Global Port Network Multimedia
Hutchison Ports regards its Hong Kong headquarters as the right place to run its global network – including connecting people, cultures and systems across the Belt and Road, according to Group Managing Director Eric Ip. Particularly relevant is Hutchison Ports’ award-winning nGen high technology operations system, which was developed in Hong Kong.
Multimedia 29 March 2017
Czech Republic’s Growing Bilateral Ties with China Multimedia
There is a long list of bilateral projects between China and the Czech Republic, says Klara Jurcova, Deputy Ambassador in Beijing. These range from machinery and engineering, to agriculture, health care, certification and culture, showing that the Czech Republic is very active in the Belt and Road Initiative. She says 2018 will see the Czech Republic move faster in developing trade in the Pearl River Delta, including Hong Kong.
Multimedia 28 March 2017
VR, Oscar and Belt and Road Dreams at FILMART 2017 Multimedia
Andrew Hevia, the Academy Award-winning Co-Producer of “Moonlight” was among the influential speakers talking up the virtues of dreaming and thinking big at the FILMART in March 2017. The 21st edition of the event featured virtual reality (VR) and other immersive platforms with an exclusive zone, and attracted many industry players eager to find opportunities including those among the 16 exhibitors from countries along China’s new Belt and Road initiative.
Multimedia 21 March 2017
Tracking Trade on the Belt and Road Multimedia
Hong Kong-based Eliron Cargo Tracking uses a bespoke, GSM-based system to update clients on shipments door-to-door across the Belt and Road Initiative routes. CEO Elias Heikar says the high-technology cargo tracking business is well fitted for operating from Hong Kong, with the SAR’s scalable services in areas such as office access, book-keeping and data collection, as well as a super connector to Belt and Road countries.
Multimedia 14 Feb 2017
Design for the Belt and Road Multimedia
Hong Kong’s Design Icon has been developing products for global and regional clients – and finds its’ own new, branded photographic solution is picking up interest from companies in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia, among others, after launching it at the HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition). Director Kevin O’Doherty sees the Belt and Road Initiative introducing new countries and consumers to its design services.
Multimedia 14 Feb 2017
Belt and Road: IP Protection and Market Growth Multimedia
Hong Kong-based Design Icon views the SAR as a regional centre for intellectual property protection as it develops its branded photographic design solution. Director Billy Liu says the company aims to establish Hong Kong as an outstanding location on the global design map, while Director Mike Jerome sees the Belt and Road Initiative bringing a new client base to Hong Kong.
Multimedia 14 Feb 2017
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