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Sporting Goods Industry in Hong Kong
Hong Kong companies export a diverse range of sporting goods. The major categories here include sports equipment and accessories, sports apparel and sports footwear. In January-May 2017, the US and the EU were Hong Kong’s largest export markets with a share of 26.0% and 25.2%, respectively. Many of Hong Kong’s sporting goods are exported under OEM/ODM arrangements with overseas manufacturers and brand owners.
HK Economy 16 Aug 2017
The Challenges Facing Hong Kong Start-ups: Commercialisation
Start-ups usually face a few common challenges during the commercialisation process. Many founders are engineers and scientists who are generally not close to the market and with little commercial experience. They may overlook the legal and financial liabilities, or find it difficult to control cost/cash flow. Start-ups should create opportunities for proof-of-concept to collect feedback and comments.
Economists' Pick 7 Aug 2017
Perfect Try-out for New Stars of the Sports Industry Multimedia
The inaugural HKTDC Hong Kong Sports and Leisure Expo was the perfect try-out for new stars of the sports industry. Held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from July 21- 25 2017, more than 90 exhibitors showed their winning potential at this first-edition fair.
Multimedia 26 July 2017
Sports & Leisure Expo
The Expo is a gateway to a world of fitness, hobbies and recreational activities for mental and physical well-being.
Economists' Pick 5 June 2017
Argentina Modifies Safety Certification Requirements for Bicycles
Argentina recently modified its safety certification requirements for bicycles by setting specific standards for bikes with electric assistance when pedalling and adopting various other provisions.
Economists' Pick 26 May 2017
Cashing in on China’s Ski Boom
With the 2022 Beijing-Zhangjiakou Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games just five years away, skiing – a highlight of the Winter Games – has enjoyed a surge in popularity across the Chinese mainland.
Economists' Pick 26 Jan 2017
Brand New Looks: Hong Kong Fashion Week Fall/Winter Multimedia
It’s Hong Kong Fashion Week, this time showing Fall/Winter collections. Among 1500 exhibitors were new brands from Italy, Sweden and Pakistan. And Pakistan hosted a pavilion for the first time. Some 15,000 buyers were in town, all dressed up for the mega-event organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council.
Multimedia 19 Jan 2017
Camping Retailers Set to Explore Taiwan's Great Outdoors Market
With Taiwan beset with a new generation of alfresco aficionados, many companies are keen to seize the outside chance.
Economists' Pick 13 Jan 2017
Guangdong Enterprises Tapping Belt and Road Opportunities: Huizhou Welon Ventures into Sporting Goods Market in Southeast Asia
Huizhou-based Welon Ltd is looking to expand its own-brand business in Southeast Asia. The company hopes to use its mainland and overseas designing and technological resources to develop high-end indoor and outdoor sporting goods. Welon provides ODM services to famous mainland and international brands. It also uses the brand advantage of foreign partners to open up both domestic and overseas markets.
Economists' Pick 29 Dec 2016
Manufacturers and Site Operators Set to Cash in on Mainland Ski Boom
With winter sports now enjoying a huge surge in popularity across the mainland, significant opportunities are emerging in the manufacture of ski accessories as well as the operation of properly managed snow resorts and training facilities.
Economists' Pick 28 Dec 2016
Baseball Coaching Emerges as a Sporting and Cultural Phenomenon
More than just a pleasurable sporting pastime, baseball is seen by some mainland parents as key to securing places at certain US academic institutions, spurring the growth of a nationwide network of private coaching organisations.
Economists' Pick 11 Nov 2016
World SME Expo 2015 Multimedia
The World SME Expo will be held on 1-3 December 2016. The Expo serves as a one-stop marketplace for SMEs to access new market opportunities, to receive latest business solutions, and most importantly, to expand their business network through this three-day event.
Multimedia 4 Nov 2016
Mainland Exports Set to Suffer as Russia Goes Cycle Self-Sufficient
Although Russians are now clearly bike-crazy, Chinese exporters may be set to lose this rapidly growing market.
Economists' Pick 22 Sept 2016
Fit for Purpose
High-tech sporting goods have been a hit in recent years, with such products as smart fitness bands and sports glasses stimulating strong consumer demand across the Chinese mainland.
Economists' Pick 10 Aug 2016
Filling a Fun Niche
Growing urbanisation has inevitably led to greater demand for play facilities in many Chinese mainland cities, where parents seek safe playing environments for their children.
Economists' Pick 1 Aug 2016
Hi-tech Health Products
Sophisticated smart products to improve performance, monitor fitness and count calories dominated proceedings at the joint 12th Guangdong/Hong Kong/Macau International Sporting Goods Fair and 16th Guangdong International Sporting Goods Fair, held last September.
Economists' Pick 30 June 2016
Fit for Purpose: The Mainland's Digital Sporting Goods Revolution
Digitally-enhanced sporting equipment, allowing for performance and health monitoring, is an essential part of many mainlanders' fitness regime, with social media compatibility a must for the success of any new launch in the sector.
Economists' Pick 28 June 2016
Junior Sports
Children's leisure and sports parks is a thriving sector across the Chinese mainland, typically attracting high visitor numbers and frequently booked to capacity on school holidays.
Economists' Pick 14 March 2016
Team Tifo Marks Major New Media Opportunity in Mainland Stadiums
Euro-style football banners capture imagination of China's sports fans, clubs and the media.
Economists' Pick 15 Feb 2016
Junior Activity Sector Fragments as Entrants Offer Niche Experiences
The profitability of the mainland's children's sports and activity sector, together with the perceived lack of competition, has seen many companies look to make their own mark through a variety of new and novel experiential offerings.
Economists' Pick 3 Feb 2016
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