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Canada Considering Changes to Tents and Toys Regulations
Health Canada is seeking public input through 23 March on a proposal to amend the current labelling and flammability requirements for tents and make related changes to the Toys Regulations. The Tents Regulations currently apply to portable shelters made of fabric or other pliable materials, such as camping tents, ice-fishing tents and dining shelters.
Economists' Pick 8 Feb 2019
New Regulation Will Restrict Phthalates in Consumer Goods EU-wide
Annex XVII of the REACH Regulation, into which the core provisions of Commission Regulation 2018/2005 will be inserted, prohibits or restricts the manufacture, placing on the market and use of certain dangerous substances, mixtures and articles.
Economists' Pick 3 Jan 2019
Brazil Proposes or Adopts Technical/Conformity Assessment Requirements for Various Products
Brazil’s National Institute of Technology, Normalisation and Industrial Quality has taken a number of regulatory actions in recent weeks – affecting such products as bike tyres, toys and motorcycle components – of potential interest to Hong Kong and mainland Chinese exporters.
Economists' Pick 19 Dec 2018
Sportswear Spinoff Gives Hong Kong Suppliers New Route Into Russia
Following the launch of the Demix retail chain, Sportmaster is said to be looking to source 1,300 own-label lines.
Economists' Pick 3 Dec 2018
E-bikes from Mainland China Face Steep Duties of Up to 79.3%, But Escape Retroactive Imposition of Duties
As a new development in the EU anti-dumping investigation on electric bicycles (“e-bikes”) from mainland China, it appears that the Commission sent its final disclosure document to the stakeholders and parties which co-operated in these proceedings on 15 November 2018.
Economists' Pick 23 Nov 2018
CPSC Recalls Various Products Made in Mainland China
The CPSC has announced the following recalls of products made in mainland China.
Economists' Pick 30 Oct 2018
Safeguard Petition on Bicycles Reportedly Withdrawn
A U.S. press report indicates that the global safeguard petition filed on 18 October with the USITC against imports of assembled bicycles valued under US$400 from all sources has been withdrawn following a confidential settlement agreement.
Economists' Pick 30 Oct 2018
Registration of E-bikes from Mainland China Continues, Despite EU Producers’ Withdrawal Request
As previously reported in "EU Producers of E-bikes withdraw Registration Requests in Dumping and Subsidy Case Against Mainland China", and as a surprising development in the EU anti-dumping and anti-subsidy investigations with regard to imports of e-bikes from mainland China, EBMA had informed the European Commission of its wish to withdraw its registration requests in a letter dated 8 October 2018. In that letter, EBMA did not provide any reasons for the withdrawal of the requests.
Economists' Pick 24 Oct 2018
Section 201 Safeguard Petition Filed on Bicycles
Higher tariffs and other measures on imports of assembled bicycles valued under US$400 from all countries could result from a new global safeguard petition filed on 18 October. This petition covers (i) fully-assembled units comprised of all component parts and requiring no additional assembly, fabrication or finishing operations
Economists' Pick 24 Oct 2018
EU Producers of E-bikes Withdraw Registration Requests in Dumping and Subsidy Case Against Mainland China
A new development has occurred in the EU anti-dumping and anti-subsidy investigations with regard to imports of e-bikes from mainland China. On 12 October 2018, it was reported that the EBMA has withdrawn its requests for the registration of e-bikes from mainland China.
Economists' Pick 19 Oct 2018
CPSC Recalls Various Products Made in Mainland China
The CPSC has announced the following recalls of products made in mainland China. Products: Bicycles, Chairs, and Light Fixtures.
Economists' Pick 16 Oct 2018
Denmark Investigates Carcinogenic PAHs in Consumer Products, Including in Footwear and Toys
PAHs are organic compounds containing two or more fused aromatic rings, which, in processed articles, may exist in the following: creosote, medicines, dyes, plastics, rubbers, pesticides, lubricants, release agents, capacitance electrolytes, mineral oil, pitch, insecticides, bactericides, mosquito-repellent incense, cigarettes, and petrol antifreeze, given that the raw materials are coal, crude oil and tar.
Economists' Pick 2 Oct 2018
Sporting Goods Industry in Hong Kong
Hong Kong companies export a diverse range of sporting goods. The major categories here include sports equipment and accessories, sports apparel and sports footwear. In January-June 2018, Hong Kong’s sporting goods exports grew by 4%, with the US and the EU accounting for nearly half of the total.
HK Economy 31 Aug 2018
Three Recent Trademark Cases Covering Electronics, Clothes and Sports Articles Come Under Spotlight
Hong Kong sellers of a variety of consumer goods, from clothes to electronic items and sports equipment, may be interested in three recent cases regarding trademarks and EU law criteria which must be fulfilled in order to register them.
Economists' Pick 13 July 2018
Hong Kong as a Testing Ground for Fitness Tech Multimedia
Now is the tipping point for artificial intelligence (AI), says CEO Keith Ramjan. is a client of start-up accelerator Zeroth.AI, and has developed a smart workout mirror that provides feedback in real time. Launching in Hong Kong allows Ramjan to draw from an internationally-minded pool of professionals in sectors like marketing, design and user experience. More broadly,the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Bay Area will make it easier for businesses to leverage the strengths of each region
Multimedia 13 July 2018
Hong Kong as Asia’s Incubator for AI Start-ups Multimedia
The potential for artificial intelligence (AI) to transform almost all industries is what makes it so exciting, says the Managing Partner of Zeroth.AI. Tak Lo hopes the company can help position Hong Kong as the first location for launching AI start-ups in Asia, and believes the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Bay Area can help by bringing together the best that each region has to offer.
Multimedia 6 July 2018
Towards a Fitter Nation
Since its launch in 2014, the China International Health Wellness and Fitness Expo (IWF) has enjoyed steady growth.
Economists' Pick 27 June 2018
Argentina Sets New Technical Requirements for Bicycle Tyres
Argentina has adopted new technical requirements for bicycle tyres, including quality and marking/labelling requirements.
Economists' Pick 25 May 2018
HKTDC Hong Kong Sports and Leisure Expo 2018
Held concurrently with the HKTDC Hong Kong Book Fair, the HKTDC Hong Kong Sports and Leisure Expo will offer an exciting combination of events and exhibitions relating to the sectors.
Economists' Pick 21 May 2018
Unwind the Body and Mind
In a bid to combat stress and tune out the fast pace of city living, Hong Kong is turning to the time-honoured practice of yoga to calm the mind and strengthen the body.
Economists' Pick 18 May 2018
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