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Exhibitors' and Buyers' Comments

Exhibitors' and Buyers' Comments


Empowered with decades of experience and expertise in organising trade exhibitions, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) is reputed internationally for its outstanding performance.

Our trade exhibitions have been the distinctive platforms where both exhibitors and buyers alike explore business opportunities. At HKTDC's world-class events where buyers and exhibitors from different countries and regions converge, our comfortable and convenient venue provides the perfect venue where they can negotiate business, exchange the latest market intelligence, and establish business contacts.

The HKTDC sincerely invites you to join this exhibition, to explore the way to success.



Exhibitors' Comments Buyers' Comments


Exhibitors' Comments


“Ace Fur is a world leading fur manufacturer always striving for the highest standards of excellence in luxury fur. Our Paris-registered brand of Symétrie has been selling worldwide for more than 25 years. We had participated in Hong Kong Fashion Week for more than 10 years and this year marks our debut presence at World Boutique, Hong Kong. We are here exploring business opportunities with new and existing customers from all over the world. It is our strategy to add new fashion concept into fur constantly for customers and we are introducing our new collections in different styles and with a mix of fabric materials at the fair. On the first day of exhibition, we’ve received positive feedback from quite a number of customers from different places including Taiwan, the Chinese mainland, Japan, Korea and Russia. A Hong Kong company approached us for collaboration to include our brand into its multi-branded store business development in the mainland. This fair offers us a solid platform to promote our brand and reach out to more international customers.”
Haze Wong, Director, Ace Fur Manufacturing Limited, Hong Kong


“Aknas specialises in the design and production of leather fashion accessories using special materials such as the skins of stingrays, alligators, pythons and ostrich legs. We offer a wide range of product lines from rings and bracelets to necklaces and bags. We participated in Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer last year and reaped some encouraging results. This is our debut exhibition in HKTDC World Boutique, Hong Kong. We reaped very positive responses from customers including buyers from Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Lebanon, the Chinese mainland and USA. A Vietnamese buyer expressed interest in carrying our brand. We are also in talks with a Singaporean buyer wishing to use our special materials to develop product lines. At present, our products are selling in Europe, Hong Kong, Japan and USA. This fair is really the place to promote our brand and expand our presence, especially in the Asian region. The exhibition has been very successful and we will surely return next year.”
Stephane Mesnil, Founder, Aknas, Thailand


“In business for 18 years, we design and produce a wide range of cashmere, wool and silk apparels for men, women and children. Accessories like scarves, hats, gloves, socks and blankets are also available. We launched our brand in 2006 to grow our business. This is our first participation in HKTDC World Boutique, Hong Kong to expand our presence in Asia. We are particularly interested in exploring opportunities in the markets of the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea. We’ve met some buyers from Canada, Korea and Thailand during the fair. Some of them are looking to carry our brand while others intend to source some products from us. We will discuss further to explore cooperation. This fair has been well organised. The exhibition venue’s convenient location is perfect for business exchanges.”

Ashim Pandey (right), Managing Director, Bajrayogini Pashmina Pvt. Ltd., Nepal


“ITZME is a new and young brand from New Zealand. We launched our first fashion collection at New Zealand Fashion Week in August 2014. We have stepped up our expansion by participating in HKTDC World Boutique, Hong Kong this year. This is a well-placed exhibition to launch our new women’s collection ‘She’ that puts strong emphasis on free style and loose fitting. ITZME stresses on individual personality and the latest collection draws its inspiration from a Japanese photographer’s work on a girl’s everyday life. We care for quality and our apparels are all made in New Zealand. We are especially keen to make our brand known to high-end Asian customers. The Hong Kong fair is a perfect place to grow our exposure and we look forward to achieving good results.”
Syza Zhang, Director, ITZME Ltd., New Zealand


“My designs are catering to sophisticated and smart modern day women with a strong emphasis on simplicity and style as well as quality fabrics and workmanship. The latest collection is being showcased at HKTDC World Boutique, Hong Kong. I also take advantage of the event to launch a second line to attract a wide spectrum of customers. This fair is a platform to meet existing customers and secure new clients while the networking activities have enabled exchanges and helped me establish more contacts with industry peers. Hong Kong has a favourable environment for youngsters and designers to put their creativity to work. It’s important to have a passion for fashion and a passion for life to build on our foundation. HKTDC plays a key role in helping to promote Hong Kong brands and further development of the fashion industry.”
Lulu Cheung, Founder & Creative Director, Lu Lu Cheung, Hong Kong


“This is our first-ever presence in Hong Kong. We’re participating in this fair to promote our brand Nomen Nescio to Asian customers and discover what’s happening in the fashion scene in this part of the world. We are a designer brand from Finland focusing on men’s wear. Our collections are all in black, a colour that we feel presents a special character, and we use different fabrics and textures for a diversity of styles. Nomen Nescio is a two-year-old brand and we believe HKTDC World Boutique, Hong Kong is the right place to expand our presence in Asia. We've met buyers from Hong Kong, Korea and the Chinese mainland. These leads will be useful for future business development. We will negotiate further with them after the fair. We feel positive about the prospect.”
Timo Leskelä (left), Art Director, Nomen Nescio, Finland


“MARCCAIN is the world renowned German fashion brand for women’s wear. Queenix has been the distributor of MARCCAIN in the Chinese mainland and Asia since 2003. MARCCAIN puts strong emphasis on quality and invests heavily in research and development to create something better for customers. We are participating in HKTDC World Boutique, Hong Kong for the third year to introduce our latest designs. Special highlights include the brand’s formal wear collections that come in four different themes – Honey Mood, Blow Up, Bohemian Rhaspsody and Butterfly Effect. The sporting line has three themes also catering to various needs. We’ve established contacts with many potential customers from Asia and further talks will be underway with them to build relationships. We’re particularly keen to expand our presence in the markets of Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines. This fair offers an excellent platform to promote the brand and explore business opportunities with more Asian customers. We’re pleased to be here to grow our business.”
Willa Chuang Si Wing, Brand Manager, Queenix (Asia) Ltd, Hong Kong


“My fashion brand Surreal Objects was launched five years ago. I always strive to introduce new concepts into my works and create modern designs for professional women. Today, Surreal Objects runs two shops in Bangkok. This is my first participation in HKTDC World Boutique, Hong Kong to promote the brand. I’m showcasing my latest party wear collection for women that comes in light colours with unique prints and patterns creating a feminine and sophisticated look. The responses have been very good. Quite a number of Hong Kong buyers are really interested in my designs. I look forward to discussing further with them. A Hong Kong customer I met last year in Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer has already placed an order on the spot. Everything has been well organised here and I will certainly come again to raise exposure.”
Warot Subsrisunjai, Fashion Designer, Warot Subsrisunjai, Thailand


“ZALORA Group is one of the largest online fashion retailers in Asia Pacific. We offer an extensive collection of top international and local brands. At HKTDC World Boutique, Hong Kong, we are launching our latest arrivals for the new season. The collection features a variety of stylish designs catering to the needs of a whole range of occasions. There is a good mix of choices such as casual wear, formal wear and evening dresses. This fair is an exciting event for us and definitely the biggest trade show for the fashion industry every year. We can meet so many industry players and buyers from all over the world. Everything has been great and well organised. It’s a perfect place to promote our brand and showcase the quality, range and styles of our offerings to international customers.”
Cheng Xun Chua, Managing Director, ZALORA (Hong Kong) Limited, Hong Kong


Buyers' Comments


"Aido.com is a leading online megastore in the Middle East selling a wide range of products and brands across different categories such as electronics, gifts and books. We have extended our product categories earlier and fashion is now another major category generating very good sales for us. The online shopping business in the Middle East is booming and there are many wealthy consumers who are willing to pay for high quality fashion items. We are expanding our fashion category and looking for more branded goods to sell online. This is my first visit to the World Boutique, Hong Kong. The fair is awesome and I’ve established many contacts here. The Hong Kong Fashion Extravaganza was excellent and the networking activities have enabled fruitful exchanges. I’ve found at least four to five Hong Kong designer brands that should appeal to our customers. These brands involve a variety of products such as shoes, bags and jewellery items. It’s worth coming to this fair every year to find new brands and keep us abreast of the latest designs and trends."
Umesh Kumar, Buyer – Fashion & Accessories, Aido.com, UAE


“This is my first visit to HKTDC World Boutique, Hong Kong. Consumers in the Chinese mainland always favour famous international brands but they are also keen to seek after new or less known brands with high quality and outstanding designs. I focus on sourcing branded bags this time. So far, I’ve found a Japanese brand and another brand from Finland very appealing. Their leather bags for women and men are of high quality and classic designs that will attract customers. We will negotiate further for details and expect to place orders later. Amazon continues to see positive growth in online shopping business. This fair offers some high-end branded products and I’m pleased to be here to find new brands. I target to get five or six brands here to enrich our offerings. The layout of the exhibition venue has been well structured, making it easy to walk around and find specific products. I love it.”
Manzi Zhang, Vendor Manager, Amazon.cn, the Chinese mainland


“ATTOS now operates 31 retail stores in the Chinese mainland selling 58 international brands of fashion goods. We are growing fast with plans to open at least 50 new stores in different mainland cities this year. The rapid pace of expansion calls for the need of more brands to meet customers’ demand. That’s why we’ve come to the World Boutique, Hong Kong for the first time. It’s a very fruitful journey as we’ve found seven to eight Japanese and Korean brands offering casual and everyday fashion wear. We will discuss further to conclude deals with them. Mainland consumers are looking for branded goods and we expect to see spectacular growth in the market. This fair is a really good platform to find potential brands and HKTDC has done a great job making everything so organised and comfortable.”
Jacky Liu, Executive Vice President and amp Business partner, ATTOS, the Chinese mainland


“Established in 2011, we offer convenient duty free shopping for passengers going in and out of Haikou Meilan International Airport. Our goods cover five major categories including fragrance, fashion, watches, toys and food. As part of the airport’s expansion, our duty free shop is also increasing our retail space to meet the increasing flow of passenger. That’s why I visit HKTDC World Boutique, Hong Kong to find more fashion brands for our customers. I’ve found four to five interesting brands from Finland and USA covering both men’s and women’s wear. Further negotiations will be conducted with them. Orders will be concluded later but I expect to place at least 2,000 to 3,000 pieces per order. The Hong Kong fair offers a lot of choices for us to choose from. The trip has been successful. It really helps us identify some good designer brands.”
Zoe Yang, Marketing Department Buyer, Haikou Meilan Airport Duty Free Shop Co., Ltd., the Chinese mainland


“With a business history of 50 years, we are one of the top fashion retailers in Thailand with more than 300 sales points in department stores. At present, we carry more than 100 fashion brands. Thailand will join the ASEAN Economic Community in 2015 presenting bountiful opportunities for our business. I am here looking for new and successful brands from Hong Kong and Asia. So far, I’ve identified three to four Hong Kong brands covering formal wear and casual collections. Their design and quality are very good and the pricing is reasonable. We are negotiating for distribution rights or licensing deals to produce and market the brands in Thailand. We hope to establish a long-term partnership with them to grow business together. This is an excellent fair offering many interesting designer brands from different places.”
Suchart Layluxsiri, Second Vice President Division D, I.C.C. International Public Company Limited, Thailand


“We are dedicated to introducing new fashion brands into Korea. At present, we handle two USA brands including the premium denim brand James Jeans and the ladies’ wear brand 3Sum. This is my first visit to HKTDC World Boutique, Hong Kong. I’ve found several interesting Hong Kong designer brands. One of them is DARE TO DREAM. I’m particularly interested in the brand’s women’s wear and every-day wear. We will discuss further on details and I hope to launch the brand in Korea within this year. We will also negotiate with other potential brands and bring some of them to the Korean market gradually. This is a very exciting fair with the presence of many brands. I love it. I also took the chance to visit HKTDC Hong Kong Fashion Week for Fall/Winter as our company is looking for OEM suppliers to enhance our production process. I’ve established some contacts in this aspect.”
Ji Sun Lee, Merchandising & Marketing Manager, James Jeans Korea, Korea


“In business for two and a half years, Jumia is an e-tailer in Nigeria. We are experiencing strong business growth as Nigeria is one of the fastest-growing economies in the African continents. Nigerian women like to look good and follow the UK fashion trends closely, which creates a lot of demand for high fashion. We are visiting the fair for the first time. This is a really nice exhibition with a great range of exhibitors. The business matching meetings arranged by the organiser proved to be very useful. We’ve identified a Hong Kong company for cooperation. We will examine the fabric and select the styles before placing orders. The initial order will be about 500 pieces. There are more meetings to come and we expect to establish more contacts.”

Funmi St. Matthew Daniel, Vice President – Head of Fashion, Jumia, Nigeria


“MySale Group is a leading online retailer with sales websites in nine countries including Australia, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and UK. We are now working with some 2,500 brands covering different market segments. Today, we have a total of 16 million members shopping on our websites. We are visiting HKTDC World Boutique, Hong Kong for the first time to find established Asian brands to extend our offerings. This fair is amazing with so many brands being showcased. We have established more than 100 contacts and found some fantastic brands. We are now in talks with 30 brands from Hong Kong, Korea and Singapore for cooperation. We will definitely visit the fair again next year.”
Louise Meade, Head of Buying, MySale Group plc, Australia


“We run an e-commerce platform Odioli.com with a long list of fascinating designer brands offering a great variety of fashion products and accessories. Our business has experienced a rapid growth as customers like to go online to buy quality fashion goods at competitive prices. We continue to source more brands from different places to enhance our offerings. I am visiting HKTDC World Boutique, Hong Kong for the first time. I am pleased that I have found a Korean brand and got into touch with several Hong Kong designers. Negotiations will continue to conclude details of cooperation. We will place orders after everything is finalised. This is a nice fair and there is a good mix of brands to choose from. It provides a valuable platform to learn around the latest fashion trends and market development.”
Willy Kurniawan, CEO, PT Kurnia Trimitra Indonesia, Indonesia


“ZOOT is the biggest multi-branded online fashion shop in central Europe. Our business currently covers the markets of Czech Republic and Slovakia Republic but we are planning to expand presence into Hungary and Poland. We operate nine stores in Czech Republic where customers can try their newly-bought clothes and accessories shortly after placing orders online. We are visiting the Hong Kong fair for the first time. This fair offers a lot to see and explore. We found the business matching meetings very useful and we’ve already identified two Hong Kong brands that design and offer fashionable handbags, shoes and accessories at competitive prices. We will place initial sample orders of about US$5,000. We expect to find more brands before we leave. This is a good fair. The timing is just right for us to source and make pre-ordering for the coming fall/winter collections.”
Michaela Sekyrková (right), Export Manager, ZOOT a.s., Czech Republic