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Fashion Extravaganza


About Hong Kong Fashion Extravaganza


Hong Kong, long a major sourcing centre for the global fashion industry, is rapidly emerging as Asia’s lifestyle hub, setting trends for the region and beyond.


HKTDC Hong Kong Fashion Week for Fall/Winter and its concurrent fair, HKTDC World Boutique, Hong Kong, have played an integral role in the city’s transformation. Together, the two fashion fairs draw huge numbers of buyers from all over the world.


These buyers come for the global brands on display and for the electrifying variety of fashion shows and events. None is more eagerly anticipated than Hong Kong Fashion Extravaganza, which brings western and eastern fashion lifestyles together in one exclusive gala presentation.


The Hong Kong Fashion Extravaganza 2015 presented by Audi Hong Kong will feature the spectacular collections of four world-renowned fashion designers, including Eri Chu & Philip Chu based in Hong Kong, Loris Diran based in New York, Wang Yutao based in Beijing, and also Lars Wallin based in Sweden.




About the Designers



Eri Chu & Philip Chu (Hong Kong)



Founded in 2008, Ground-Zero is a creative contemporary designer label founded by the sibling duo Eri and Philip Chu, with current focus in innovative and experimental fashion. Its decidedly avant-garde take on design is profoundly inspired by various aspects of the world of senses, ranging from pop culture or contemporary street style. The duo has a unique form and structure and clear sense of individual style. Mood, as well as attitude, has been the key in crafting the label, which emerges from an emphasis on irregular silhouette.



  Loris Diran(New York)    


New York designer Loris Diran started his fashion career with working for such legendary design houses as VERSACE, CLAUDE MONTANA, OMO NORMA KAMALI, and CHANEL. It was at these institutions Diran learned the key elements of style and embraced luxury as a lifestyle concept. Diran's growing presence in the design community earned him an invitation to debut his collection on the runways of Milan as a guest of VOGUE ITALIA and MILANO UNICA in September 2010 and won him the FASHION GROUP INTERNATIONAL “RISING STAR' award In 2011 for Best Menwear designer, once again becoming a finalist for Best Womenswear designer in 2013 from the same institution.




Wang Yutao (Beijing)



China fashion designer, Wang Yutao, graduated from Tianjin Arts and Crafts College. He was once the student of Professor Sasaki Suminoe in Bunka Fashion College in Japan and garment craft expert Niriko. In 2005 he built self-owned brand BeautyBerry and act as brand design director. Wang has acclaimed numerous top fashion design awards since 1999, including “Brother Cup”and“Golden Prize”in China. He was titled as the most talented designer in China fashion circle many times. Wang is council member and committee of Board of Art of China Fashion Association.



  Lars Wallin (Sweden)    


Sweish designer Lars Wallin has been fascinated by the aesthetically beautiful for as long as he can remember. ”Clothes are neither art nor fashion. The end result is fashion, but during the time that I work on it, it is art. I play with the materials and refine every detail to perfection. Not a single thing may stand out as an exaggeration. I call it art fashion”.






Media Enquiries

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