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Technology Triumph

Wong Tsz Sang, Hong Kong Baptist University, APICTA award  

Wong Tsz Sang accepts the
award on behalf of the Hong Kong Baptist University

With major wins by three local companies and one of the city's oldest tertiary institutions, Hong Kong topped the Asia-Pacific Information and Communications Technology Alliance (APICTA) awards held in Thailand in November.

The APICTA awards recognise the best in innovation in 14 categories from the region's information and communications technology (ICT) industries. Hong Kong’s haul of five grand awards and nine merits at the prestigious awards shows it leads the way in the Asia-Pacific region.

The city’s record 27 entries from 22 local organisations were selected by the Hong Kong Computer Society (HKCS). Stephen Lau, HKCS President, said the result was the best to date, a "very encouraging outcome" for Hong Kong’s ICT industry.

History-Making Win

  Security operations centre at the Network Box

Security operations centre at
the Network Box Hong
Kong headquarters

Among the local winners, Pulse MediaTech Ltd received two grand awards, for "New Media and Entertainment" and for "Start-up Company." Network Box Corporation Ltd, the winner of the grand award in "Security Application" in 2004, won the grand award in the same category again this year. TalkBox Ltd and Hong Kong Baptist University both excelled, with grand awards in "Communications" and "Tertiary Student Project" respectively.

Michael Gazeley, Managing Director, Network Box Corp, said that Hong Kong took top honours with the greatest winning margin in APICTA's history, doing so in awards that "pit the very best technology from across Asia against each other, including from such IT powerhouses as India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Korea and Australia."

Network Box won in the security category for its Z-Scan zero-day anti-virus system, which operates in-the-cloud and is able to react to new viruses appearing in the cloud some 4,200 times faster than traditional anti-virus systems. "This is world-class technology, completely researched and developed in Hong Kong," Mr Gazeley said.

The win brings to more than 50 the tally of national and international awards Network Box has won for its technology to date. Since the first Network Box systems were sold in Hong Kong in 2000, the company has rapidly expanded its operations across the world. The company provides state-of-the-art cyber security for some of the world's best-known companies and organisations, including BMW, Chow Tai Fook Jewellery, Nintendo and BUPA ND Tradelink, and protects more than 150 banks and financial institutions in the United States alone. Its Hong Kong workforce currently stands at 60.

Hong Kong Advantage

  Michael Gazeley, Network Box

Michael Gazeley, Managing Director, Network Box

Network Box enjoys information technology infrastructure that is second to none, Mr Gazeley said. "Everything from the quality of the power grid to the ready availability of redundant, high-speed Internet connectivity makes Hong Kong a world-class place to develop technology. Add to this the high quality of life, low personal and business taxes, the rule of law, the lack of natural disasters, as well as easy access to English-language media, and it is easy to understand why Hong Kong is such a great place to work."

Mr Gazeley added that local Hong Kong companies have the answers to many of the world’s cyber-security problems. His advice to overseas companies: "Give Hong Kong's local IT products and services a chance, and prepare to be very impressed."

Dr Leonard Chan, founder and Director of Pulse MediaTech Ltd, agreed. "Our record two wins in the APICTA awards is further international recognition for our digital publishing platform and affirms the position of Hong Kong’s IT industry. Pulse MediaTech will continuously develop excellent solutions and applications for our users, and help build Hong Kong into a prosperous, attractive and technologically advanced world-class city."

Talent Pipeline

Dr Leonard Chan and his team at Pulse MediaTech  

Dr Leonard Chan and his team at Pulse MediaTech


The Hong Kong Baptist University’s grand award win, for a tertiary student project on ulcer detection in gastrointestinal videos, also shows the strength of the city’s up-and-coming talent. Wong Tsz Sang, a post-graduate student involved in the project, said the technology reduces the diagnosis time for physicians studying endoscopic videos. "We hope that sometime in the future, this tool can be used in hospitals."

Other educational institutions from Hong Kong also achieved significant success at the APICTA awards. Hong Kong Education City Ltd and Starwish Little Prince Studio Ltd both received merit awards in the category of e-Learning. In addition, Center of Cyber Logistics, Li & Fung Institute of Supply Chain Management & Logistics of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and NLSI Lui Kwok Pat Fong College, each won merit awards.

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