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This section provides a checklist of our latest publications, including market-specific reports and our Trade Quarterly magazine. Our research team produces some 150 market reports and sector-specific updates a year

New Report Titles

Content provided by :  Hong Kong Trade Development Council

Published in July 2012


Printed Report

Photo: Tapping China's lucrative online market

1. Tapping China’s lucrative online market (Eng & Chi)

Online shopping is exploding on the Chinese mainland, with 38% of the country’s 500 million Internet users making purchases last year. Tellingly, some 68% of online retailers used online advertising as a form of promotion. This trend is backed by a supportive Chinese government which aims to more than double last year’s online sales as a percentage of retail to 9% in 2015. This report explores how Hong Kong companies can tap the Mainland’s hugely lucrative market online.


Online Article in HKTDC Economic Forum


1. Nigeria – a stellar market holding promise for Hong Kong companies
2. Nigeria’s rising middle class marks new waves of consumerism
3. Nigeria – the Next BRIC country holding promise in West Africa
4. Abu Dhabi - Time to shine
5. New media - a “value driven” world for Hong Kong’s magazine industry
6. Automotive supply chains make tracks in the PRD
7. Are “new energy vehicles” geared for the PRD?
8. Dubai: from sand dunes to glittering metropolis – to safe haven
9. Payment and delivery methods of online sales and E-commerce supervision
10. How to capitalise on online marketing and promotion
11. Development of online shopping platforms and group buying websites in China
12. Online shopping trends
13. Urbanisation and retail in the YRD


Forthcoming Titles

Printed Report

1. Hong Kong as Asia’s Central Business District (Eng)

Hong Kong plays a leading role in regional business and as Asia’s Central Business District (CBD). Its primacy lies in its capabilities as a fundraising centre, management hub and sourcing platform, all mentioned by senior executives based in Asia as they responded to this latest HKTDC survey.

2. Africa: “forgotten continent” is the world’s new growth engine (Eng)

Africa has morphed from the “forgotten continent” a decade ago into one with significant, positive changes. Africa is also the new global growth engine and a market of great promise for consumer goods from East Asia.

3. Hong Kong grows as a regional intellectual property market (Second edition) (Eng)

Hong Kong’s robust intellectual property (IP) and legal services regime underpins a growing services platform, offering a large variety of IP possibilities. As this report explains, more IP owners, buyers and services suppliers are drawn to Hong Kong as a springboard for China and the entire Asian region.

4. CEPA Supplement IX: Hong Kong services to benefit (Eng)

Supplement IX to the Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA) consists of 37 liberalisation measures spanning 22 services sectors – and they reinforce Hong Kong’s role as an offshore Rmb centre. For the first time, CEPA tackles initiatives related to nearby Qianhai’s services model, highlighting the role of Hong Kong’s business platform, particularly for professional services.

5. China’s baby boom dividends (Chi)

Some 16 million new babies have been born on the Chinese mainland in every one of the last five years. It means that the number of children aged six and under has jumped to around 170 million, a huge potential market. HKTDC’s consumer survey looks at six key categories – food, clothing, toys, furniture, health and baby accessories – to help Hong Kong companies into the eight major markets of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenyang, Wuhan, Chengdu, Nanjing and Changsha.

6. Why Chinese mainland consumers in 13 cities buy their clothes (Chi)

This report reveals the findings of a consumer survey conducted in 13 major Chinese cities. Nanjing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Harbin, Shenyang, Beijing, Tinjing, Dalian, Wuhan, Chengdu, Chongqing, Guangzhou and Xian were chosen for the study. Based on the 4P model of product, price, place and promotion, the survey analyses the garment consumption habits of Mainland consumers and the premium secrets of Hong Kong brands.

Online Article in HKTDC Economic Forum

1. Myanmar - a new manufacturing frontier in Asia

2. Out of Africa – a new growth engine for the world

3. Tapping the West African market via Ghana

4. Nigeria – the next BRIC-like country holding promise in West Africa

5. Rising Nigerian spending marks new wave of consumerism

6. Hong Kong as Asia’s Central Business District

7. Xinjiang, gateway to Central Asia’s markets

8. Can wholesale marts bring brand success in China?

9. Green trends in the US

10. Staying green amid a mood of belt-tightening in the EU market

11. Russia’s WTO accession: a new era

12. Russia’s WTO accession: consumer and retail landscape

13. Russia’s WTO accession: logistics and trade facilitation

14. Russia’s WTO accession: Hong Kong’s role in Sino-Russian trade

Publications in Past 6 Months

Printed Report

1. HKTDC Trade Quarterly, issue no. 23 (Eng & Chi)

2. Small can be beautiful:  Gearing towards a new export paradigm

3. HKTDC Trade Quarterly, issue no. 22 (Eng & Chi)

4. Russian Far East: from laggard to lightning rod (Eng)

5. CEPA Supplement VIII measures– opportunities for Hong Kong (Eng)

6. An update on production costs on the Mainland

On-line Article in HKTDC Economic Forum

1. A simple life and a green one – survey at the HKTDC Hong Kong Houseware Fair 2012

2. In pursuit of quality - survey at the HKTDC Hong Kong Gifts and Premium Fair 2012

3. Getting the green light - survey at the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Spring Edition) 2012

4. Electronics at the crossroads - survey at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) 2012

5. Sino-US trade relations in the run-up to American presidential election

6. 2012 mid-year assessment of Hong Kong exports: an industry perspective

7. A cautious medium-term outlook for Hong Kong exports

8. Aggressive brand-building by mainland garment manufacturers

9. Dipping a toe in the Kenyan market

10. Potential opportunities for Hong Kong in Kenya

11. Distributing in and via Kenya

12. Kenya: The launch pad to East Africa

13. HKTDC survey on the trading environment: close look at a new generation

14. HKTDC survey on the trading environment: seeking solutions in tough times

15. Urbanisation and retail landscape in China’s Bohai Region

16. New retail landscape of China’s Bohai Rim region

17. Distributing consumer goods in second- and third-tier Bohai Rim cities of China

18. Family shopping and leisure in major Bohai Rim cities of China

19. New media – a game changing challenge for Hong Kong newspapers

20. Breaking into the Mainland consumer market – HKTDC's top 30 cities

21. Ghana – a rising star in West Africa

22. New media – a value proposition for Hong Kong’s book industry

23. India’s bright prospects and short-term challenges

24. Hong Kong’s maritime sector: sailing in choppy seas

25. Urbanisation and retail in the PRD

26. The Russian Far East Market: Not Big but Strategic

27. Russian Far East: the Eagle Facing East Awakes

28. Tips for Entering the Russian Far East Market

29. Hong Kong - a Platform for the Russian Far East

30. Hong Kong's new media: driving SME business prospects

31.   Hong Kong the Marketplace to Tap Booming Technology Demand in Chinese Mainland

32.   The value food supply chain: a Hong Kong-Mainland collaboration