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China Strategy
China’s third-tier cities are at the forefront of new business opportunities, says Stefan Kracht, Managing Director of consultancy firm Fiducia.
29 Oct 2014
Game On
What does it take to create a digital game that goes viral? Tommy Palm of the company that created Candy Crush, explains.
22 Oct 2014
Timely Connection Webcast
Connectivity is the next frontier in the timepiece sector, according to Cogito smartwatch brand founder Henri-Nicolas Olivier.
15 Oct 2014
Slipping into Asia Webcast
Hong Kong is a perfect fit for French men’s fashion brand Le Slip Français.
8 Oct 2014
Door to China Podcast
Hong Kong is the gateway to the world’s “most interesting market,” says the head of the city’s Italian Chamber of Commerce.
1 Oct 2014
Scandinavian Start-ups Podcast
Nordic SMEs make ideal partners with Hong Kong companies because of a shared entrepreneurial spirit, says HKTDC consultant Madelene Kornfehl.
24 Sept 2014
City Frames
Award-winning director Edward Zwick says filmmaking is as much about the story as the technical know-how.
17 Sept 2014
Sweet Sense
Belgian confectionary brand Leonidas sees strong growth in Asia’s travel retail sector.
10 Sept 2014
Thriving on Challenges
Hong Kong continues to reinvent itself in times of uncertainty, says the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce CEO Shirley Yuen.
3 Sept 2014
Seizing Opportunities in a US Recovery Podcast
Hong Kong is a bridge for US companies keen to strike partnerships with Asian investors, says the HKTDC’s Winchell Cheung.
27 Aug 2014
Italian DNA Webcast
Finding the right blend of East and West aesthetics provides a winning formula for interior design architect Stefano Tordiglione.
20 Aug 2014
Mad about Cycling
Avid cyclist Humphrey Wilson has turned his passion for the sport into a business challenge.
13 Aug 2014
Asia’s Gateway to Latin America
Chile’s former president explains why his country is focusing on trade with Asia.
6 Aug 2014
Playing by the Rules
Hong Kong adopts a zero tolerance policy against corruption, says the head of the city’s anti-graft body.
30 July 2014
Chinese-Italian Partnership
An Italian M&A firm is using Hong Kong to connect Italian SMEs with Chinese investors.
23 July 2014
Bullish on China
A maturing Chinese economy means now is the time for foreign companies to update their mainland strategy.
16 July 2014
No Ordinary History Webcast
Author Frank Dikötter’s China trilogy offers fresh insight into some of the most turbulent periods in Chinese history.
9 July 2014
Creative Collaboration
A South American fashion design duo is drawing inspiration from Hong Kong’s creative scene.
2 July 2014
Building Baltic Ties Podcast
Lithuania’s Minister of Economy says Hong Kong is an important springboard for entering the Chinese mainland market.
25 June 2014
Time is Money
Tech entrepreneur Iain Reed says the best business angels are those who can invest their time as well as their money.
18 June 2014
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