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Dressing America
Fashion of every kind dominated at February’s Magic Market Week in Las Vegas.
29 Oct 2014
The New Silk Road Podcast
With its young population and stable economic growth, Turkey is an attractive market for Hong Kong companies.
22 Oct 2014
Toy Story
The digital age is having a seismic impact on all aspects of the global toy chain, ranging from product development right through to retail fulfilment and, ultimately, purchasing behaviour.
3 Sept 2014
Tracking Global Trade Webcast
Export confidence remains solid despite Hong Kong’s weaker-than-expected exports over the first four months of the year.
25 June 2014
Accelerating Start-ups
A partnership created to help local start-ups turn ideas into reality has been launched between Hong Kong Cyberport and global tech giant Microsoft.
28 May 2014
The High Life
The US pet market is following owners into high tech, organics, even nail varnish.
16 April 2014
Asia’s Lifestyle Capital
Hong Kong remains Asia’s style leader, when it comes to fashion, financial services, food and entertainment, a new survey has found.
12 March 2014
Making the Most of a Modest Recovery Webcast
Hong Kong exports are set to improve in 2014, with promising signs in the traditional markets and emerging economies.
18 Dec 2013
The New Normal
The world may be inching back to recovery from the global economic crisis, but don’t count on the halcyon days returning anytime soon.
11 Dec 2013
Seeking Membership in the Club
Hong Kong will begin talks on a free trade agreement with ASEAN, as senior ministers traveled to the city last week to promote investment opportunities in Southeast Asia.
30 Oct 2013
Thriving in a Fragmented Trade World Webcast
The global trade system is at a crossroads. If multilateral trade is abandoned, as some are speculating, China could find itself among the biggest losers.
18 Sept 2013
Bright Future Webcast
LED sales and increased demand in Russia and on the Chinese mainland are sparking lighting industry optimism.
4 Sept 2013
Offshore Success Story
Official figures conceal the true success of Hong Kong as a centre for offshore trade and the region’s leading trading and logistics hub.
17 July 2013
Tracking Hong Kong Exports Webcast
Prospects of a renewed global downturn continue to undermine confidence.
19 June 2013
Baby Boom Re-Born Webcast
A new baby boom underway in fast-developing emerging economies is offering huge opportunities for Hong Kong suppliers.
22 May 2013
Japan’s Changing Trade Game
The landslide election victory of Shinzo Abe’s conservative Liberal Democratic Party last December has ushered in a new era of “Abenomics.” Find out what Japan’s new political leadership means to Asian trade.
24 April 2013
The Perils of Protectionism Webcast
The spectre of the 1930s Great Depression has returned to haunt modern times, with growing protectionism troubling global markets.
23 Jan 2013
2013: A Year of Pallid Promises Webcast
Renewed fears of a global economic downturn, widespread protectionism and rising geopolitical tensions will cast a shadow over the world trading environment in 2013. Yet, the Chinese mainland and other emerging markets, even the US, should show some promise.
19 Dec 2012
Start-ups Take Off
There’s never been a better time for tech start-ups, thanks to continuing advancements in digital technology. The development of cloud computing, in particular, spells huge opportunities for SMEs.
28 Nov 2012
Asia’s CBD
Hong Kong has emerged as Asia’s central business district, according to a new HKTDC survey of senior business executives in the Asia-Pacific region.
14 Nov 2012
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