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Shopping On-the-Go
It’s proving to be a landmark year for mobile commerce, which is taking off in Hong Kong. Mobile technology is redefining traditional retail in a city with one of the world’s highest smartphone penetration rates.
24 Oct 2012
The Springboard Effect Webcast
China’s internationalisation – or “going out” strategy – is well under way, with mainland companies investing billions of US dollars overseas. Hong Kong is both the mainland’s most important external investment destination and platform for foreign opportunities.
17 Oct 2012
Hong Kong’s Changing Dynamics
Hong Kong has benefited from the Chinese mainland’s economic transformation over the past 15 years. The city, however, must further adapt to keep pace with the still evolving mainland economy.
19 Sept 2012
Brand New
Chinese mainland garment firms are diversifying, upgrading through better R&D and material, design and, most of all, branding. The transformation requires the business and support services that Hong Kong companies can provide.
8 Aug 2012
Eco Chic Webcast
Sustainable design captured attention at the HKTDC Hong Kong Fashion Week Spring/Summer earlier this month, with the local fashion industry finding ways to reduce textile waste.
25 July 2012
Emerging Promise
With today’s lacklustre global economy spinning its wheels, emerging markets – in Asia, the Middle East, even Africa – look increasingly attractive.
20 June 2012
Focus on Services
The new liberalisation measures of the Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA) between Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland expands opportunities in such services as banking and securities, product testing and health.
30 May 2012
A Taste of the Future Webcast
Rising demand for quality food on the Chinese mainland has sparked major improvements in the food supply chain. But there’s room for more expertise, which Hong Kong companies can readily supply.
23 May 2012
Navigating Stormy Seas Webcast
Hong Kong’s shipping sector is sailing in the same dreary economic weather as the rest of the world’s maritime industry. But perceived wisdom that Hong Kong’s maritime industry is in decline goes against recent developments in the sector.
2 May 2012
Get on the Cloud
Efforts are underway in Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland to advance cloud computing in the Greater China region. Hong Kong has paved the way by being ranked second in Asia-Pacific for cloud-computing readiness.
11 April 2012
Seeking Solutions in Tough Times Webcast
Exporters are trying to determine whether the global economic downturn is cyclical, or whether a structural transformation is underway. If so, it would mean a whole new way of doing business.
28 March 2012
Driven by Design
Hong Kong Design Year, a series of events spotlighting Hong Kong’s in-demand design community, is underway in the city.
14 March 2012
Then and Now: Economic Crises Compared Webcast
The troubled global economy is not a one-off phenomenon, but the latest of many others, including the Great Depression in the United States and Japan’s “lost decades.” In this look at worldwide crises, we spotlight the lessons worth learning.
21 Dec 2011
IP Means Business Webcast
Dubbed the Cinderella of the new economy, intellectual property is widely seen as the new economic driver of the 21st century. That was underscored by the success of the first Business of Intellectual Property Asia Forum, which took place last week in Hong Kong.
7 Dec 2011
Pressure on Prices
Overseas economic gloom and Chinese mainland cost rises are putting increasing pressure on Hong Kong manufacturers’ earnings margins. Mismatched currencies don’t help either.
23 Nov 2011
China Bling Webcast
Chinese mainland shoppers in second-tier cities have brought significant changes to the jewellery trade, while Guangzhou’s impulse buyers favour Hong Kong brands, a new HKTDC study has found.
19 Oct 2011
Smart Touch
Hong Kong’s brand management and design expertise were in the spotlight at SmartHK, the first joint Hong Kong-Guangdong services promotion event of its kind on the Chinese mainland.
10 Aug 2011
China’s Regional Boost
The success of the Chinese mainland’s electronics manufacturing in the coastal regions has inspired similar clusters to spring up further inland. Foreign investors are increasingly setting up operations in the country’s central and western regions.
13 July 2011
Exports: Recovery with Headwinds Webcast
Hong Kong’s exports are forecast to grow a robust 12 per cent in 2011. That’s despite soaring production costs, inflation and assorted global crises during the first quarter of this year.
22 June 2011
Getting with the Programme
Under the 12th Five-Year Programme, the Hong Kong-Guangdong partnership should flourish, moving from PRD manufacturing (made in China) to PRD marketing (marketed in China).
15 June 2011
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