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The Funny Business
More than entertainment, the animation industry has become a pillar of the Chinese mainland’s cultural and creative sector. Beyond the cartoon industry, animation is making an impact in traditional and new media, creating opportunities for Hong Kong-based talent.
18 May 2011
The Move Inland
Home turf is where workers want to be in central and western China. And that’s where many manufacturers believe they have to relocate, as labour shortages in the Pearl River Delta deepen.
11 May 2011
Keeping Supply Chains Open Webcast
The effects of last month’s Japan earthquake on the global supply chain will likely be felt in the second quarter of 2011. An initial assessment by the HKTDC estimates that the natural disaster could shave one per cent off Hong Kong's exports this year.
27 April 2011
Saving Energy, Making Money Webcast
The Pearl River Delta’s energy-saving market spells opportunity for Hong Kong-based companies.
23 March 2011
Here’s the Plan
China’s 12th Five-Year Programme, unveiled this month, sets out to deepen the country’s economic reforms. Hong Kong plays an intrinsic part in the latest plan, opening a host of new opportunities for Hong Kong’s services industry.
16 March 2011
Movers and Shakers
Chinese mainland retail chains are expanding rapidly, with logistics systems central to their success. Speed of service by third-party providers has become essential in an increasingly competitive market.
9 March 2011
Developing Retail Channels in China
Urbanisation on the Chinese mainland has accelerated the expansion of retail chains across the entire region. A growing number of retailers are now adopting a multi-channel strategy to raise operational efficiency.
1 Dec 2010
Targeting Chinese Consumers Online
More than 40 per cent of Chinese mainland consumers shop online, according to a recent HKTDC survey. To get your e-commerce sales clicking on the mainland, read on.
24 Nov 2010
Cross-Strait Trade: the Hong Kong Factor
Under the deal recently reached between Taiwan and the Chinese mainland, Taiwan companies are set to expand their operations on the mainland through increased trade and investment. Hong Kong’s role can only grow.
10 Nov 2010
Blueprint for a New China
The United Nations predicts that the Chinese mainland’s rate of urbanisation will reach 52 per cent by 2015 and surpass 60 per cent by 2030. The trend reflects the country’s ongoing urbanisation, posing both challenges and opportunities for the architectural and construction industries.
13 Oct 2010
Small is Big
It’s not just the big cities but smaller, rising centres that are spurring the Chinese mainland’s breathtaking urbanisation and consumer spending. These new cities are helping to extend urban areas, fuelling a surge in consumer spending.
6 Oct 2010
Price Cooker
Chinese mainland labour shortages, accompanied by higher costs, are in the offing, according to more than half of the Hong Kong companies taking part in a series of new HKTDC surveys. Export prices are also under severe pressure.
4 Aug 2010
The Age of Cooperation
Hong Kong’s role as a bridge between the Chinese mainland and the rest of the world was underscored at a high-powered gathering in the city last week. At the two-day China Entrepreneur Summit, the talk was all business.
26 May 2010
Mainland Marketing
Entering the lucrative Chinese mainland retail market is all about branding. Some Hong Kong companies offer insights into ways to set up a new brand or introduce a foreign one on the mainland.
8 April 2010
Fast-tracked Wine Webcast
Hong Kong’s wine industry is set to get a boost from new measures soon to be introduced. Local wine companies planning to expand into the lucrative Chinese mainland market will enjoy speedier customs flow for their mainland-bound wine.
10 March 2010
Back to Business
Hong Kong SMEs, remarkably resilient in the face of previous economic challenges, are emerging strong again in the wake of the global financial crisis. Export orders are expanding, investment is picking up, confidence is rising.
24 Feb 2010
Paradigm in Progress
The global financial crisis sparked a seismic shudder in the world economic landscape, triggering changes in the underlying trade structure that have repercussions for Hong Kong trading firms.
6 Jan 2010
The World’s Consumer Market
Opportunities on the Chinese mainland are growing amid a continuing rise in domestic consumer spending. Business leaders at an international forum in Hong Kong say local companies should develop brands that cater to the tastes of the burgeoning mainland market.
9 Dec 2009
Living the Dream
The Chinese mainland’s new middle class includes young beneficiaries of the country’s economic reforms. They are consumers who want to spend their hard-earned cash on living the dream, Hong Kong-style.
16 Sept 2009
Czech Mate Webcast
The Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, Jan Fischer, was in Hong Kong this past week to “spur on our very good trade and business relations.” IT and R&D were high on his list of promising opportunities for the two export-driven economies.
9 Sept 2009
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