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Bold and Beautiful
Hong Kong was a natural entry into Asia for award-winning architecture and design firm nemaworkshop.
29 Oct 2014
Returning to their Roots
Hong Kong’s vibrant design scene has drawn two young designers back to their native city.
22 Oct 2014
Pushing into New Markets
Hong Kong is the test bed for international expansion for Korean digital marketing firm humuson.
15 Oct 2014
All Systems Go
In an expansion of its activities in Asia, international technology services provider arvato has opened a logistics centre in Hong Kong.
8 Oct 2014
North Asian Gateway
Consultancy firm RP International is “surfing the wave of global telecommunications growth” in Hong Kong.
1 Oct 2014
Style with Substance
Hong Kong is the ideal base for French creative agency Substance to tap growing demand in Asia for design and branding.
24 Sept 2014
The Accidental Entrepreneur Webcast
His goal was to introduce something different to Hong Kong’s retail scene, so Frenchman Arnault Castel set up kapok.
17 Sept 2014
Blending Art And Wine Webcast
Two Hong Kong-based French entrepreneurs are tapping Asia’s growing appreciation for two lifestyle trends: art and wine.
10 Sept 2014
Best of Belgium
Hong Kong’s status as Asia’s art hub led Belgian gallery Axel Vervoordt to open in the city.
3 Sept 2014
Taking Flight Webcast
Hong Kong is giving wings to French tech company Parrot, which has made the city its manufacturing and distribution hub.
27 Aug 2014
The Danish Dimension
Demand for sustainable architecture in developing cities across Asia has led Danish firm Henning Larsen Architects to establish an office in Hong Kong.
20 Aug 2014
Beefing Up the Business
Butchers Club owner and founder Jonathan Glover has jump-started a craze for dry-aged beef in Hong Kong.
13 Aug 2014
The Joy of Gaming Webcast
The quest for the ultimate smartphone gaming experience led Martin Kessler to a winning business model.
6 Aug 2014
The New Luxury
A Hong Kong-based luxury wine and travel company is targeting Asia’s most discerning travellers.
30 July 2014
Golden Opportunity
The expansion of an Australian jewellery firm in Hong Kong highlights the city’s growing importance for the industry’s high-end sector.
23 July 2014
Building Outside the Box
A Hong Kong-based architectural design firm has come up with an innovative technique to create sculptural wooden structures.
16 July 2014
Business with a Heart
Two former marketing executives have launched a Hong Kong-based online retail site to help social enterprises do business.
2 July 2014
Party on Online
An online party service helps busy Hong Kongers organise celebrations and order party supplies.
25 June 2014
Green Fuel from Indonesia
Asia’s logistics and trading hub, Hong Kong is proving to be an ideal base for a biomass trading company eager to tap growing demand in the region.
18 June 2014
Stamp of Approval
For Stanley Gibbons, Hong Kong’s thriving auction scene sealed the decision to open in the city.
11 June 2014
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