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Hong Kong Hospitality
A Hong Kong hotel brand is spreading its wings, launching its first overseas outlet in Australia and its newest Hong Kong hotel in Central.
5 Sept 2012
Bookstore with a Future
Taiwanese bookstore chain Eslite has opened its first overseas outlet, choosing Hong Kong to build its brand in Asia ahead of its next store opening on the Chinese mainland.
29 Aug 2012
Thinking Outside the Box
A United Kingdom company has introduced its reusable packaging services to Hong Kong, responding to the city’s environmental push. Easycrate sees the city as a launching pad for Asian expansion.
15 Aug 2012
Designing their Future
A Hong Kong-based start-up has taken the design world by storm. Architecture firm 10 Design says being “on the doorstep of China” has been key to its success.
8 Aug 2012
A Taste of Australia
China’s growing appetite for high-quality, wholesome fresh food has led Australian meat producer OBE Organic to establish a presence in Hong Kong.
1 Aug 2012
Virtual Learning Webcast
A Hong Kong-based entrepreneur has come up with an innovative way to make learning fun: 3D Avatar School combines the benefits of face-to-face learning with online games.
25 July 2012
Reading Asia
A Random House executive is now based in Hong Kong to tap the region’s growing demand for English-language books.
18 July 2012
A Passion for Publishing
Working with local and international schools, a Hong Kong-based writing centre is inspiring young authors to realise their dreams.
11 July 2012
This Shoe Fits
Strong demand for high-end brands on the Chinese mainland prompted luxury mosaic tile company Sicis to open its first overseas store in Hong Kong. The city, it says, is a strategic location for the booming Asian market.
4 July 2012
Building for the Future
Signs of a reviving United States property market signaled the right time for high-end property developer Millennium Partners to open a regional base in Hong Kong.
27 June 2012
Mastering the Art of Business
Canadian entrepreneur Janik Litalien has introduced Russian martial arts to Hong Kong, setting up the city’s first Systema centre.
20 June 2012
Child’s Play
Two former bankers have tapped a market niche, launching a baby-supply business in Hong Kong. Clarissa Becker and Katherine Regan say the city allows budding entrepreneurs “to follow their dreams.”
13 June 2012
Creative Learning
Helping children to succeed is the goal of a primary school set up in Hong Kong by American psychologist Jadis Blurton. The Harbour School offers an individualised and comprehensive education to serve students with unique needs.
6 June 2012
Vintage View Webcast
Thirty years after Hong Kong engineer Lee Ting-mo designed the Holga camera for the Chinese mainland market, the plastic product is capturing a global audience.
30 May 2012
Cinematic Magic Webcast
Hong Kong’s Centro Digital Pictures and Hollywood’s iconic Deluxe Group have joined forces. Centro founder John Chu is overseeing the new joint venture.
23 May 2012
Burning Desire Webcast
An environmental spirit inspired South African Tarynn Hatton-Jones to set up an organic linen company. Basing the operations in Hong Kong, she says, puts her business at the forefront of technology, design and manufacturing.
16 May 2012
Brewing Success
Former fashion merchandiser Ayuchi Momose has turned a longtime hobby into a business by opening a premium sake bar in Hong Kong. She says the city’s zero tax on alcohol makes Hong Kong the best place to base her business.
9 May 2012
Medical Messengers
A Japanese medical and health service business has opened in Hong Kong to help Japanese expatriates find the right medical service in the city. The company said it chose Hong Kong because of its international outlook.
2 May 2012
Creating a Buzz Webcast
A Japan-Hong Kong partnership has successfully launched an innovative smartphone application that offers marketers a new way to engage potential customers. Japanese company Media Palette and Hong Kong’s Cherrypicks collaborated to develop the social media application iButterfly into a successful business model.
25 April 2012
Canadian Art Showcase
Hong Kong’s hot art market is attracting its fair share of international galleries that offer well-priced and accessible art. One of the recent arrivals in that category is Ian Tan Gallery, which specialises in Canadian art.
18 April 2012
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