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Employers bullish on 2022
Employment prospects in Hong Kong are looking up as 2022 begins, with robust hiring activity expected in the first quarter. The latest ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey – a comprehensive, forward-looking employment survey used globally as a key economic indicator – gave this optimistic outlook. Lancy Chui, Senior Vice President at ManpowerGroup Greater China Limited, interprets the findings.
10 Jan 2022
Designs on a reset
Asia’s premier design and innovation event, this year’s iteration of Business of Design Week (BODW) evaluated the impact design has on society and addressed how the COVID-19 pandemic had led people to re-evaluate their approach to design.
28 Dec 2021
GBA draws property investors
The rapid development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA) in recent years, coupled with a maturing transport network, has driven industrial transformation and shifts in real-estate investment in the region. Apart from Shenzhen and Guangzhou, investors have also set eyes on the second tier of cities in Guangdong Province.
20 Dec 2021
Hong Kong rises in art stakes
Hong Kong has overtaken London as the second-biggest contemporary art auction market in the world, behind New York, according to art market tracking site ArtTactic. In the first eight months of last year, the city increased its market share to 26%, from 20% for the whole of 2019, with US$314.6 million in auction sales, compared to London’s $303.5 million.
13 Dec 2021
Offices get flexible
A shift in the workplace paradigm is driving demand for what Hans Leijten, CEO of Compass Offices – a leading flexible office space provider in the Asia-Pacific with a presence in nine cities – calls the “business-ready office”. To meet this market need, Compass is opening four new locations in Hong Kong – the city where Compass was founded in 2009.
6 Dec 2021
Driving diversity in modelling
Noting that advertising campaigns often feature unrealistically shaped models, Hong Kong Model Camp seeks to encourage clients to accept themselves for who they are. The local start-up’s clients range from wannabe models to professionals keen to act more confidently in meetings.
29 Nov 2021
Coming clean on beauty
Beauty is big business in Hong Kong, with beauty and personal care revenue reaching US$1.95 billion in 2021, according to Statista. But consumers’ needs are evolving and great marketing and glossy packaging for beauty products are no longer always enough to seal the deal.
15 Nov 2021
Health tea goes fizz
Consumers are switching away from high-sugar drinks, a boon for canned sparkling tea tonics producer Lify Wellness. The firm offers sugar-free tea-based beverages with herbal additives including ginseng and turmeric, boosting consumers’ vitamin C and collagen levels.
8 Nov 2021
Natural home for fintech
Innovation and technology thrive in vibrant, open environments. A plugged-in world city with a massive financial industry, Hong Kong is a perfect venue for fintech development and FINNOVASIA, a global FinTech Community established in Hong Kong in 2015 seeks to foster greater collaboration between fintech start-ups and the financial industry locally and globally.
1 Nov 2021
Wealth business booms
Hong Kong’s private wealth management (PWM) industry is growing strongly, a newly released PWM report co-authored by the Private Wealth Management Association (PWMA) and business services firm KPMG China shows. Amy Lo, Chairman, Executive Committee of PWMA, outlines the key findings, including a forecast that, within five years, Mainland Chinese investment could account for more than half of assets under management in Hong Kong.
26 Oct 2021
UK auction house expands HK footprint
United Kingdom-based auction house Christie’s has announced plans to enhance and expand its Asia-Pacific headquarters in Hong Kong. The substantial investment will quadruple the size of its current premises in the city and provide new sales galleries and salesrooms in The Henderson, a high-end office tower designed by renowned London-based Zaha Hadid Architects for local developer Henderson Land Group.
18 Oct 2021
Rare drams draw fans
As Hong Kong matures as Asia’s foremost trading centre for wine and spirits, auctions of rare vintages are drawing interest.
4 Oct 2021
Jab draws in one drawer
When Brian Chen left a successful investment banking career to venture into entrepreneurship, he did not realise he would help promote COVID-19 vaccination uptake among Hongkongers. The founder of Hong Kong marketing technology (martech) start-up Board Click explains how the firm developed an app, Jabbed, listing local vaccination-related offers.
27 Sept 2021
High-end properties boom as COVID stabilises
Luxury residential properties in Hong Kong is seeing robust demand, as reflected in the surging revenue of real estate agencies such as Habitat Property, which is forecasting a 25% growth for 2021. Founder and Managing Director Victoria Allan outlines the drivers fuelling the market, and why she expects these to continue.
20 Sept 2021
Launch-pad for planet
As start-ups and small businesses proliferate and seek finance while investors look for better returns on capital, a space has opened up for equity management solutions that help unlisted firms issue and manage shares.
13 Sept 2021
Commercial property rebounds
Commercial real estate investment into Hong Kong has rebounded remarkably, almost doubling in the first half of 2021 compared with the same six months last year. Oscar Chan, Head of Capital Markets at JLL Hong Kong, explains the numbers, and why Hong Kong’s result is a standout in the region.
6 Sept 2021
Setting up means settling down
His relocation experiences as an expatriate led Indian-born Sachin Doshi to make a career leap from investment banking to entrepreneurship. He established Hong Kong rental accommodation firm Weave Living in 2017 and, in a space of just four years, the brand has grown from one property to a diversified portfolio of 579 units across five locations. Mr Doshi now actively seeks opportunities to meet diverse housing needs in other leading global cities.
30 Aug 2021
Vegans turn to nut ‘cheeze’
Giving up cheese is often a big barrier to adopting a plant-based diet but dairy-free alternatives are on the rise, with tastes and textures to rival the real thing. Just ask Le Fromage by Ma, a Hong Kong shop selling “cheeze” – a term it uses to mean vegan cheese.
23 Aug 2021
Whisky connoisseurs turn to casks
Several bottles of fine whisky are a fixture in many Hong Kong homes and family banquets often involve these being shared around the table.
16 Aug 2021
Digital-age take on exclusive clubs
There are few things more thrilling than belonging to an exclusive club, but in a city like Hong Kong, waiting lists are often long and prices are high to enter these esteemed spaces.
9 Aug 2021
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