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Survival, island style
The word “island” conjures up images of palm trees rustling in the wind while waves lap a golden beach – peace and tranquillity.
18 Jan 2021
Bar draws green circle
Inspired by the farm-to-bar movement currently taking the culinary world by storm, Hong Kong bar Penicillin champions a closed-loop production model – sourcing most ingredients locally, repurposing surplus cocktail ingredients in its kitchen, using lab food and sending scraps to its fermentation room.
11 Jan 2021
Beauty works from home
As social-distancing rules during successive waves of COVID-19 in Hong Kong alternatively close or impose restrictions on beauty salons, many women have chosen to carry out beauty treatments themselves.
4 Jan 2021
Smooth sailing from fragrant harbour
Leaf through any pictorial history book on Hong Kong and you cannot avoid noticing that the city has always been closely linked to the sea – pages will be full of images of tea clippers, junks, sampans, steamers and container freighters.
28 Dec 2020
Banking on wellness tourism
The COVID-19 pandemic has kept the world’s travellers at home and led everyone to focus on health, wellness and sustainability.
21 Dec 2020
5G ushers in robot age
A global leader in information and communications technology, ZTE provides end-to-end 5G networks so businesses can connect with core assets such as robots, automated guided vehicles (AGV) and the Internet of Things (IoT).
14 Dec 2020
AI ready to fly?
Google and global business-services firm KPMG are conducting a detailed study to determine Hong Kong’s readiness to adopt artificial intelligence (AI) and advance the city as a “smarter digital city”.
7 Dec 2020
Q-day looms over security world
Like grape pickers rushing to gather their harvest before the first frost, engineers working on security systems worldwide are rushing to beat “Q-Day” — the day quantum computers can quickly crack current maths-based encryption protocols, a task which would take a classical computer centuries.
30 Nov 2020
Niche chocolatier explores Hong Kong
Hong Kong consumers are famous world-over for being quality-conscious but willing to spend on good food and drink.
23 Nov 2020
Restaurateur holds the line
When restrictions imposed to battle the COVID-19 pandemic seriously impacted hospitality businesses everywhere, Manuel Palacio (main picture, left), co-founder and CEO of Hong Kong’s Pirata Group, was determined not to lay off any full-time staff or close any venues. As the COVID-19 restrictions are rolled back and hospitality business recovers, the seasoned restaurateur from Spain gives the reasons for Pirata’s success, and plans for the way forward.
16 Nov 2020
Concept is king
European-style bistro-beer hall chain Frites spices up Hong Kong’s vibrant food scene with an extensive selection of Belgian draught and bottled beers together with national fare such as mussel pots and pork ribs.
9 Nov 2020
Hotelier goes meat-free
To promote plant-based eating and cut its carbon footprint, Hong Kong-based hotel group Ovolo has launched a 12-month campaign, Year of the Veg, removing meat from restaurant, bar and room-service menus at its hotels on Hong Kong Island – Ovolo Central and Ovolo Southside.
2 Nov 2020
Giving by the mouthful
Hong Kong social enterprise Cookie Smiles began baking and selling snaps and crunches in June this year amid the COVID-19 pandemic, creating jobs for disadvantaged people and supporting local charities in the process.
27 Oct 2020
Smoker takes a plunge
In the United States Texans are known as pioneers and risk takers – having the confidence to open up a restaurant in Hong Kong amid the COVID-19 pandemic is a fine example.
19 Oct 2020
Boutique hotels prepare for recovery
COVID-19 travel restrictions have confined the world’s travellers to their quarters for 2020 and departure dates remain impossible to fix but this does not stop high-end travellers from dreaming about getting away from it all.
12 Oct 2020
Lights must stay on
Dealing with uncertainty could be described as the most important task of a business owner or manager, and lack of information is a key element of uncertainty.
5 Oct 2020
Design of recovery
Inspirational design has the power to uplift and transform individuals and communities and after a turbulent 12 months, and Business of Design Week (BODW) later this year will do just that for Hong Kong.
28 Sept 2020
Virus brings smart response
A key strength of start-ups is their ability to adapt quickly to new circumstances, whether these are a change in the environment, shift in markets or technological disruption.
21 Sept 2020
Discerning tipplers reshape market
With limited-edition bottles and private labels gaining a foothold in the market, standard spirits brands have received a wake-up call as Hong Kong buyers become more discerning in their choice of tipple.
14 Sept 2020
Family office business booms
In his novel Anna Karenina, Leo Tolstoy held that happy families are all alike but unhappy ones each have their own unique misery.
7 Sept 2020
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