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China’s Offshore Centre
Hong Kong will continue to play a leading role in the internationalisation of the renminbi, says capital markets expert Mark Austen.
14 Aug 2013
Jobs, Jobs, Jobs
Booming infrastructure projects and a shortage of IT talent mean Hong Kong will see solid employment growth in several key sectors.
7 Aug 2013
India’s Retail Reform Podcast
Foreign SMEs are poised to benefit from a single-window clearance system set to be introduced in India, says the HKTDC’s man in Mumbai Rajesh Bhagat.
31 July 2013
A Cut Above
An American steakhouse chain is using Hong Kong as the launching pad for expansion into the Greater China market.
24 July 2013
Trendsetters Webcast
No longer turning simply to Paris or London, Chinese consumers are looking for unique brands that reflect their heritage.
17 July 2013
Book Binder
The role of publishers goes beyond producing books, according to Asian literary agent David Tsai.
10 July 2013
Investing in the Future
Keeping up with the latest innovations has been key to the success of Hong Kong ICT provider C&T.
3 July 2013
China Story Webcast
Hong Kong Book Fair Author of the Year Chan Koon Chung talks about Hong Kong’s place in China’s literary landscape.
26 June 2013
New Frontier Webcast
Hong Kong is fertile ground to nurture tech entrepreneurs in the region, says Allison Baum of New York-based General Assembly.
19 June 2013
Door to Opportunity
Hong Kong was the catalyst for architectural firm Woods Bagot to grow into a global design consultancy.
13 June 2013
A Good Match
Mexico is the ideal starting point for Asian companies wanting to do business in Latin America, says the country’s top representative in Hong Kong.
5 June 2013
China Cat
From the logo and shop colours to its target audience, the rebranding of this Hong Kong cat shows that business is about more than luck.
29 May 2013
Focus Asia Webcast
American companies should take advantage of business opportunities in Asia – through Hong Kong, says senior US Commerce official Francisco Sánchez.
22 May 2013
Chile in Hong Kong
Hong Kong-Chilean trade ties are growing from strength to strength, says the country’s top diplomat in Hong Kong.
15 May 2013
Digital Partnership
Hong Kong digital company XNT has teamed up with Japan’s Pony Canyon to come up with an innovative online game.
8 May 2013
Carpet Connoisseur Webcast
Just like fine wine and good art, fine rugs are meant to be enjoyed and appreciated, says handmade carpet expert Avais Ahmad.
2 May 2013
Mobile in Asia Webcast
A United States-based network of mobile application developers is giving Hong Kong top marks as a gateway to Asia, in particular, the Chinese mainland.
24 April 2013
Cheese, Please
Chinese palates are changing, as highlighted by the growing popularity of such events as an international cheese festival, happening in Hong Kong.
17 April 2013
Naples, Hong Kong
Chef Mathieu Palombino may be Belgian, but his culinary passion is pizza. He tells you why the New York brand’s first overseas outlet was launched in Hong Kong.
10 April 2013
Charting Hong Kong
Hong Kong’s storied maritime past is the focus of a museum now located in the heart of the city by the sea.
3 April 2013
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