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Digital Partnership
Hong Kong digital company XNT has teamed up with Japan’s Pony Canyon to come up with an innovative online game.
8 May 2013
Carpet Connoisseur Webcast
Just like fine wine and good art, fine rugs are meant to be enjoyed and appreciated, says handmade carpet expert Avais Ahmad.
2 May 2013
Mobile in Asia Webcast
A United States-based network of mobile application developers is giving Hong Kong top marks as a gateway to Asia, in particular, the Chinese mainland.
24 April 2013
Cheese, Please
Chinese palates are changing, as highlighted by the growing popularity of such events as an international cheese festival, happening in Hong Kong.
17 April 2013
Naples, Hong Kong
Chef Mathieu Palombino may be Belgian, but his culinary passion is pizza. He tells you why the New York brand’s first overseas outlet was launched in Hong Kong.
10 April 2013
Charting Hong Kong
Hong Kong’s storied maritime past is the focus of a museum now located in the heart of the city by the sea.
3 April 2013
France’s Madame Innovation
The country may be synonymous with culture and style, but French Minister Fleur Pellerin says France also means (small) business.
27 March 2013
Visual Heart
Promoting Asian-based talent is at the core of the Sovereign Art Foundation, a Hong Kong-based group that combines art with charity.
20 March 2013
The Jade Standard Webcast
Hong Kong is pioneering efforts to create standard test methods for jade, the glittering stone that is increasingly catching the eye of jewellery collectors and consumers.
13 March 2013
Making Dough in Asia
French bakery Maison Kayser has opened its first outlet in Hong Kong. Find out how the man behind the international bakery ensures his brand concept stays fresh.
6 March 2013
Literary Asia
Hong Kong-based literary agent Kelly Falconer is putting a global spotlight on emerging writers in Asia.
27 Feb 2013
French Connection
A leading Hong Kong creative agency has designed a new book celebrating the longstanding ties between Hong Kong and France.
20 Feb 2013
Trending Business
Non-traditional marketing tools are effective means to help businesses stand out on the Chinese mainland market, says social media expert Napoleon Biggs.
6 Feb 2013
Rethinking the Dollar Peg Webcast
The Hong Kong dollar link to the greenback may eventually have to be re-pegged against a basket of currencies, including the renminbi, says economist Francis Lui.
30 Jan 2013
Spurring Global Growth Webcast
The Chinese mainland has the potential to grow eight per cent a year for the next 20 years, benefitting the world’s economy, says former World Bank Chief Economist Justin Lin.
23 Jan 2013
City Market
Hong Kong property group Swire has teamed up with small business to start a community-driven organic farmer’s market.
16 Jan 2013
China’s Changing Currency
The Chinese mainland will continue paving the way for a fully convertible renminbi, says China’s former central bank chief, Dai Xianglong.
9 Jan 2013
Promising Turkey
Turkey is riding a foreign investment boom. The country’s top man in Hong Kong says Turkey has much to offer Hong Kong traders.
2 Jan 2013
Tech Transfer Webcast
A US-based association is helping connect business with university-led innovations. It’s now partnered with Hong Kong to expand its network in the region.
19 Dec 2012
Growth Model Webcast
Hong Kong is one of the great global success stories, according to former US Treasury chief Lawrence Summers, who says the city is a model of what post-industrial prosperity can look like.
12 Dec 2012
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