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Social-media marketing speeds ahead
EYB Digital Marketing specialises in helping brands to open up the market in Mainland China and boost sales through digital marketing.
23 Sept 2020
COVID-19 boost for expo
With Mainland China one of the few economies to resume anything like a normal expo programme, the 5th China (Guangzhou) International Cross-border E-commerce & Goods Expo (ICEE) took place at the Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center Expo in late July.
16 Sept 2020
Quenching Greater Bay Area’s thirst
Acciona’s corporate slogan – “business as unusual” – could have been designed for times like these, as economies across the globe reel from the global COVID‑19 pandemic.
9 Sept 2020
Sri Lanka maintains Belt and Road momentum
To date, it is fair to say Sri Lanka has weathered the global coronavirus outbreak better than most countries. As of 20 August, it had recorded some 2,902 cases and just 11 deaths.
2 Sept 2020
Mathematical high rise
Hong Kong architects are leveraging technology to scale new heights, with a recent design ranking as the world’s seventh highest building and China’s third tallest, as well as winning a string of accolades.
26 Aug 2020
Lockdown spurs smart-TV demand
Demand for smart televisions and related devices continues to surge across Russia, a development spurred both by a growing preference for online‑sourced news and entertainment as well as the country’s stay‑at‑home‑related COVID-19 containment policies.
19 Aug 2020
Food imports from Russia surge
While the COVID-19 outbreak has seriously restricted bilateral trade between Russia and Mainland China in general, it has – less expectedly – provided a boost for certain sectors.
12 Aug 2020
FTA hailed as success amid COVID-19 challenges
Given the economic, social, scientific and political issues that continue to dominate news agendas it is perhaps no surprise that the six‑month anniversary of the implementation of the Hong Kong Australia Free Trade and Investment Agreement has largely gone unacknowledged.
5 Aug 2020
Debut Greater Bay Area Index points to optimism
Standard Chartered and the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) have released the inaugural Standard Chartered GBA Business Confidence Index, the first forward-looking quarterly survey in the market that looks at business sentiment and synergistic effects across cities and industries in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.
24 July 2020
ASEAN becomes Mainland China’s top trading partner
Rapid economic growth and changes in global trade patterns have boosted trade between Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) members and Mainland China to such an extent that ASEAN is now the mainland’s largest trading partner.
22 July 2020
Tech-focused Russian pizza maker tucks in China pie
When the first Dodo Pizza shop opened in 2011, founder Fyodor Ovchinnikov, an archaeologist by training, was rebounding from his previous business – a bookstore chain that grew from an initial, single bookshop.
15 July 2020
Turning the tables
Houjie, a town in Dongguan city in Guangdong province of Mainland China, is well known in the country and overseas as a key furniture exhibition and trading hub, with shows typically held all yearround at the Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center.
8 July 2020
Investors bullish on Myanmar
Lying between Yunnan province in Mainland China and the Indian Ocean, resource-rich Myanmar is a key element in the massive Belt and Road Initiative infrastructure project.
30 June 2020
Tracker for Greater Bay Area prospects
Since ancient times rivers and the sea have served as highways, which naturally makes harbouring bays associated with river mouths natural focuses of human activity.
24 June 2020
AI in driver’s seat
The abrupt rewiring of the world’s economy brought by COVID-19 has upended global trade, and the world’s premier exporter, Mainland China, along with the international investment and business hub of Hong Kong, are key players in this rewiring.
17 June 2020
Russian e-commerce rally boon for cross-border trade
When the world thinks of the top emerging markets for domestic e-commerce growth, Russia may not be the first place that comes to mind.
10 June 2020
Live-streaming rescues Guangzhou garment industry
With many traders and manufacturers in Guangdong’s key apparel hub finding themselves with huge amounts of surplus stock and nowhere to export it to amid the COVID-19 lockdown, targeting the domestic market via live video-streaming services has proved a lifeline for many.
3 June 2020
Lockdown workout for film industry
As with most commercial sectors around the world, the past few months have been devastating for the Hong Kong and Mainland China‑based film industry.
27 May 2020
Belt and Road link to Laos on schedule
Despite a brief hiatus occasioned by the COVID-19 outbreak, construction work has resumed on the Mainland China-Laos High Speed Railway, a key element of the Belt and Road initiative, the mainland’s ambitious international infrastructure development and trade facilitation programme.
20 May 2020
Travel curbs eased
Seamless travel between Hong Kong and Mainland China has for a long time been critical in the city's success as a gateway between the mainland and the rest of the world, making it a fulcrum for both the Belt and Road Initiative and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.
13 May 2020
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