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Intelligent Care
The number of Chinese mainland citizens aged 60 years or over is expected to exceed 400 million in the next 30 years.
28 Jan 2015
The Business of Breathing
Environmental pollution in many of the Chinese mainland's major cities – notably Beijing – has spurred many manufacturers and service providers to offer novel solutions to the problem.
21 Jan 2015
Wooing Wuhan Consumers
Organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Style Hong Kong is the leading consumer fair showcasing some of the city’s hottest brands.
14 Jan 2015
Museum Mementos Go Mainstream
Many Chinese mainland museums, in recent years, have started offering their own range of culturally and creatively themed souvenirs. Several museums have even gone so far as launching dedicated online stores, and engage young consumers via WeChat and other forms of social media.
7 Jan 2015
Crazy for Go-karting
Go-karting has long been a popular leisure activity in the United States, Japan and Europe.
24 Dec 2014
Fujian’s Urban Movement
Rising income among urban residents has bolstered demand for daily consumer goods and other products.
17 Dec 2014
Family Fashion
Parent-child bonding TV shows – notably Where Are We Going, Dad? – have become wildly popular in the Chinese mainland, making stars out of their young cast.
10 Dec 2014
Handle with Care
The huge growth in the Chinese mainland's luxury industry has fuelled demand for higher quality after-sales services.
2 Dec 2014
Boosting Green Tech in China
Solar-energy sewage treatment technology, wave power generators and a residual-heat recovery system for compound direct-heating air compressors were some of the highlights at the fourth International (Guangdong) Energy Conservation Expo.
24 Nov 2014
China’s Wine Detour
No longer the preserve of such traditional wine regions as Bordeaux, France, the Australia’s Yarra Valley or Napa Valley in the United States, wine tourism is now emerging as a strong trend in parts of the Chinese mainland too.
19 Nov 2014
Competitive Market Podcast
The 15th Guangdong International Sporting Goods Fair and 11th Guangdong/Hong Kong/Macau International Sporting Goods Fair, in August, saw a vast array of leisure products on display, including amphibious all-terrain vehicles, wearable sports video cameras and cooling sports towels.
11 Nov 2014
Smart Lockers
The explosive growth in e-commerce has created huge demand for express delivery services, putting a strain on recruitment and labour costs in the sector.
15 Oct 2014
The China e-business Challenge
Chinese mainland e-commerce operators are switching from Taobao and other traditional e-business platforms to WeChat stores.
8 Oct 2014
Springboard for Investment Webcast
Chinese mainland enterprises are increasingly active in seeking cooperation with overseas partners to carry out M&A and other direct investment activities.
24 Sept 2014
China’s Pampered Pet Market
Among the beneficiaries of rising disposable income across the Chinese mainland has been the pet-grooming sector.
17 Sept 2014
Premium Market
China’s demand for mid-range giftware is growing, fueled by the Central Government’s anti-corruption drive.
10 Sept 2014
Styling China
Maturing consumer taste among Chinese mainland shoppers is boosting demand for alternative fashion.
3 Sept 2014
Tasting Success in China’s Food Market
Rising incomes of Chinese mainland consumers are boosting demand for quality food and wine, a trend that Hong Kong businesses are keen to tap into.
27 Aug 2014
Glitter Glut
While sales of jewellery have been steadily growing on the Chinese mainland in recent years, concern is growing within the industry that a lack of experienced jewellery designers and craftsmen may impede the sector’s development.
6 Aug 2014
Big-Ticket Buy
The spring edition of this year's Antique Furniture China show in Shanghai brought into sharp relief several challenges facing the high-end home furnishings sector.
23 July 2014
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