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The China e-business Challenge
Chinese mainland e-commerce operators are switching from Taobao and other traditional e-business platforms to WeChat stores.
8 Oct 2014
Springboard for Investment Webcast
Chinese mainland enterprises are increasingly active in seeking cooperation with overseas partners to carry out M&A and other direct investment activities.
24 Sept 2014
China’s Pampered Pet Market
Among the beneficiaries of rising disposable income across the Chinese mainland has been the pet-grooming sector.
17 Sept 2014
Premium Market
China’s demand for mid-range giftware is growing, fueled by the Central Government’s anti-corruption drive.
10 Sept 2014
Styling China
Maturing consumer taste among Chinese mainland shoppers is boosting demand for alternative fashion.
3 Sept 2014
Tasting Success in China’s Food Market
Rising incomes of Chinese mainland consumers are boosting demand for quality food and wine, a trend that Hong Kong businesses are keen to tap into.
27 Aug 2014
Glitter Glut
While sales of jewellery have been steadily growing on the Chinese mainland in recent years, concern is growing within the industry that a lack of experienced jewellery designers and craftsmen may impede the sector’s development.
6 Aug 2014
Big-Ticket Buy
The spring edition of this year's Antique Furniture China show in Shanghai brought into sharp relief several challenges facing the high-end home furnishings sector.
23 July 2014
Taking a Bite out of China’s Packaged Food Market
Changing tastes and lifestyles, coupled with a drop in consumer confidence of local packaged food, could offer opportunities for Hong Kong and international brands to enter the Chinese mainland market.
16 July 2014
Educating China Online
Online education is experiencing massive growth on the mainland, as educators and major Internet companies collaborate to provide new options for learning.
9 July 2014
Rewriting China’s Retail Rulebook
Using Guangdong’s retail scene as a microcosm, the HKTDC's Guangzhou office has identified four major changes that are rewriting the retail rulebook.
18 June 2014
Game on for China Mobile Digital Market
The Chinese mainland's mobile games industry is growing at a stunning rate.
14 May 2014
Cornering China’s Metrosexual Market
Sales of male skincare products across the Chinese mainland grew at a faster rate than the global average last year, with only the South Korean market seen as more lucrative.
7 May 2014
Proven Platform
China’s outward foreign direct investment (FDI) reached an all-time high of US$87.8 billion in 2012 (up 17.6 per cent year-on-year), making it the world’s third-largest source of such funding.
5 March 2014
China’s Free-Trade Promise
The Central Government under President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang signaled its commitment to continue economic reforms with the establishment of the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone (FTZ).
26 Feb 2014
Shaping Shandong Logistics
With its strategic location along the Chinese mainland’s eastern coast and shipping routes connected to many countries, Shandong has traditionally been a pivotal port in the Bohai Rim.
19 Feb 2014
Feeding China
In recent years, concerns over food safety and quality on the Chinese mainland have undermined consumer confidence, raising demand for imported and internationally packaged food and beverages.
12 Feb 2014
China’s Western Powerhouse
Chongqing is leading growth among the Chinese mainland’s cities in western China, ranking first with a 13.6 per cent GDP growth of Rmb1.1 billion last year.
4 Dec 2013
Outsourcing Hong Kong Know-how
Pioneered by services providers in India, Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) over the past decade has gone global.
20 Nov 2013
The Drive to Urbanise
The Chinese mainland’s urbanisation policy has been spurred by empirical evidence from around the world showing that grouping populations in cities boosts production and productivity.
13 Nov 2013
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