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Bespoke Bedrooms and Designer Dining Rooms
Home furnishing is expected to be big business this year, according to participants of the March 2017 China International Furniture Fair (Guangzhou).
17 May 2017
Customised Travel
Taking a more holistic approach to tourism, exhibitors at the February Guangzhou International Travel Fair 2017 focused on offering packages that embraced every aspect of the destination region or country, including many of the lesser-known attractions, in response to Chinese mainland tourist demand for more in-depth and bespoke trips abroad.
10 May 2017
Cross-border Mediation
Under terms of the Belt and Road Initiative, the 60 or so countries that fall within the plan’s geographical remit are expected to benefit from an enhanced investment environment and streamlined trade arrangements.
5 May 2017
Taxing Times for Chinese Online Regulators
Globally, live-streaming video platforms have experienced explosive growth over the last 12 months.
26 April 2017
From Virtual to Lucrative Reality
According to figures from iiMedia Research, a Hong Kong-headquartered data analysis specialist, China's virtual reality (VR) market grew by 268.3 per cent in 2016, reaching Rmb5.66 billion (US$822 million).
20 April 2017
Chongqing Drums up Strong Chinese New Year Sales
Figures from China’s Ministry of Commerce showed that from New Year's Eve to the sixth day of the Chinese New Year (27 January-2 February), total takings of retail and catering enterprises across the Chinese mainland exceeded Rmb840 billion, up 11.4 per cent over the same period last year.
12 April 2017
Literary Lair
Reading picture books together has become a popular element of parent-child education and bonding across the Chinese mainland.
6 April 2017
Garden in a Bottle
With residents of Beijing and other cities in the Chinese mainland living under the constant threat of environmental pollution, any oasis of greenery has come to be especially prized.
3 April 2017
Spring Sales Fever
The Lunar New Year sales figures of 120 Beijing-based businesses in the retail and services sectors – as monitored by the Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce (BMCC) – amounted to Rmb4.68 billion, a 9.8 per cent increase year-on-year, representing the highest rate of sales growth in five years.
27 March 2017
Unmasking Opportunities in Clean-air Wear
Chronic air pollution in many Chinese mainland cities has led to rising demand for anti-smog products.
16 March 2017
Mobile Phone Recycling Goes Mainstream
Thanks to widespread Internet access and increased efficiency in the logistics sector, recycling mobile phones and other consumer-electronic items in the Chinese mainland has grown into a considerable market sector in its own right.
9 March 2017
China’s Robo Revolution
Recent developments in artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet technology have unleashed various revolutionary smart-security products in the Chinese mainland, leading to rapid expansion of the sector and offering several lucrative opportunities for tech-savvy businesses.
2 March 2017
China’s Thriving Child-care Business
Many Chinese mainland cities are home to a growing number of “little dining tables” (xiaofanzhuo), dedicated after-school care centres that cover the gap between the end of classes and the time when busy parents get home from work.
22 Feb 2017
Have Cash, Will Travel
China remains the world’s largest travel market and its lead is only set to increase, according to exhibitors at the 2016 ITB Asia show held in Singapore last October.
15 Feb 2017
Intelligent Devices
With “Life-changing Smart Innovation” as its overall theme, the 2016 Smart Home & Smart Hardware Exhibition, held last December in Guangzhou, showcased a wide range of smart home systems and products.
9 Feb 2017
Kindling Innovation
The continued growth of the third China (Guangzhou) International Education Expo, held last December, is in line with growing demand for educational and training services across the Chinese mainland.
6 Feb 2017
Cashing in on China’s Ski Boom
With the 2022 Beijing-Zhangjiakou Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games just five years away, skiing – a highlight of the Winter Games – has enjoyed a surge in popularity across the Chinese mainland.
26 Jan 2017
Russian Roulade
China has overtaken Turkey to become the largest importer of Russian food and beverages, with plans to build on this further in 2017.
18 Jan 2017
Catering to the Online Food Market
The proliferation of food apps across the Chinese mainland has made ordering food deliveries via a smartphone incredibly easy.
11 Jan 2017
Dollars and Sense at Elderly Expo
According to China’s National Bureau of Statistics, the country was home to more than 222 million people aged 60 or older as of the end of 2015, representing 16.1 per cent of the total population.
5 Jan 2017
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