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The Art of Doing Business in China
Data from China’s State Administration for Industry and Commerce show foreign-funded companies in the Chinese mainland topped 481,200 in 2015.
29 Dec 2016
Cracking the Holy Grail
For anyone involved in e-commerce, China is clearly the country to crack.
21 Dec 2016
Focus on China
The Chinese mainland eyewear sector is tipped to be worth more than Rmb113.147 billion (US$16.3 billion) by 2019, according to the Industrial Information Network’s website chyxx.com.
16 Dec 2016
Field of Dreams
With baseball’s growing popularity across the Chinese mainland – both as a sporting pastime and a CV requirement for those looking to study in the United States – appropriate training facilities and coaching are increasingly in demand.
8 Dec 2016
Learning through Play
High-tech gadgets dominated at the recent China International Trade Fair for Toys and Preschool Educational Resources, otherwise known as the China Toy Fair.
5 Dec 2016
Delivering on the Baby Business
The Chinese mainland maternity care sector is growing fast. There are clear signs of growing demand in the mother and baby care market.
23 Nov 2016
Cab Competition Heats up
Online ride-booking services have become part of the daily commute on the Chinese mainland, with this type of non-professional taxi service becoming the top choice for many travelers.
18 Nov 2016
Smartwear for the Silver Market
Across the Chinese mainland, wearable devices are this year's must-have accessories, particularly for seniors.
11 Nov 2016
Street Smart
The potential to ease traffic congestion in Chinese mainland cities was the talk of this year's Guangzhou International Smart City & Security and Protection Products Exhibition, held in August.
7 Nov 2016
Icing on the Cake
The growth of e-commerce has revolutionised many sectors in recent years, including electronics, clothing, travel and entertainment.
31 Oct 2016
Beating Pollution through Biotech
Biotechnology was very much at the forefront during August’s Guangzhou International Environmental Protection Industry Expo, with many exhibitors keen to highlight the latest improvements to their products and technologies.
21 Oct 2016
Powering Towards an Electric Vehicle Revolution
The State Grid Corporation of China recently announced plans for a national network of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, comprising more than 100,000 charging stations along 11 major routes to be installed by 2020.
12 Oct 2016
Virtual Reality Scores Big at ChinaJoy
Virtual reality, e-sports tournaments and live-streaming platforms were front and centre at the July Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference in Shanghai.
5 Oct 2016
Early Learning Goes Digital
The Chinese mainland preschool education sector is tipped to be on the verge of explosive growth, which exhibitors at this year's International Kid's Education Expo, held in Guangzhou in June, were keen to tap.
29 Sept 2016
Taxing Times for China’s Cross-border e-Commerce Sector
Haitao is a term frequently used in e-commerce circles. It refers to the growing practice of Chinese mainland consumers who shop from overseas-based websites and receive their goods via cross-border delivery services.
22 Sept 2016
Chill-out Work Zones
Companies are becoming more aware of the importance of maintaining staff morale in the workplace.
15 Sept 2016
Suburban Senior Care
As with many developed nations, China is experiencing a change to its population demographic.
9 Sept 2016
'Appy Ever After
With the bespoke and novel a priority for betrothed couples on the Chinese mainland, smartphone wedding apps, drone photography and 3D-printed trinkets have become regular features of weddings there.
2 Sept 2016
Premium Products Prized at Paper Show
Premium products are popular among Chinese mainland consumers, a trend reflected at last July’s Guangzhou Stationery Fair, where visitors were also drawn to multi-functional products.
26 Aug 2016
Automating Guangdong’s Industrial Base
In line with its industrial transformation and upgrading programme, Guangdong is seeking to raise the automation level of its manufacturing and processing base.
17 Aug 2016
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