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Defying a Downturn
Despite the slowdown faced by the Chinese mainland’s wider economy, the major toy fairs in the region – Guangzhou, Shanghai and Hong Kong – are all expanding in scale, underscoring the industry's growth potential.
20 Jan 2016
Beyond Books
Electronic books, mobile devices and online bookstores have forced a rethink in bricks-and-mortar bookstores, which are under pressure in the Chinese mainland.
13 Jan 2016
Medical Dimension
The rapid growth of 3D printing for medical applications was highlighted at last September’s 3D Printing Asia, held in Guangdong.
6 Jan 2016
Pen and Paper
While smartphones and tablets are ubiquitous, digital devices are not always the most convenient means of taking notes or organising your day.
28 Dec 2015
Making a Splash Online
China's first swimwear cross-border e-commerce platform, Huludao Xingcheng Swimwear, launched its customs clearance operations in November.
16 Dec 2015
Picture Perfect
Picture books have become increasingly popular in the Chinese mainland's child education market.
14 Dec 2015
Convenience Store Success
The rise of online shopping has transformed the retail sector, freeing vendors from the traditional constraints of space and location.
1 Dec 2015
Guangzhou’s Online Strategy
Capitalising on the rapid growth of e-commerce, Guangzhou has come up with a blueprint for its future online development.
25 Nov 2015
Taking a Bite out of the Halal Market
Much of the attention on China’s Belt and Road Initiative, which envisions linking 65 nations from Southeast Asia, Africa and Europe, has focused on infrastructure opportunities.
18 Nov 2015
Homing in on Hospitality
According to industry statistics, the Chinese mainland's hotel-room supplies market will be worth Rmb400 billion in 2015, spurred by demand from star-grade hotels and hotel chains.
12 Nov 2015
Fusion Business
Distinct aromas ranging from that of delicate dim sum to fresh coffee greeted visitors at the Guangzhou International Food & Beverage Franchise Exhibition in August 2015.
4 Nov 2015
Social Media Boosts Online Travel Agents
Chinese social media platform WeChat is fast becoming the primary marketing platform for a new generation of travel agencies, most notably Sanfo-outdoor, Shuilu.net and Tianxing Outdoors.
27 Oct 2015
Retail Route to Success
Almost every Chinese mainland city has a dedicated commercial street, with many dating back decades, starting out as just one stall or a small cluster.
23 Oct 2015
Turbo Growth
According to latest government statistics, China's automobile production output and sales both exceeded 23 million vehicles in 2014, which puts it at the top of the global league for the respective categories.
13 Oct 2015
China’s IoT Revolution
The Internet of Things (IoT) revolution, which will see everything from streetlights to buildings to wearable devices, exchange information over the web, will ultimately cut waste, improve efficiency and even save lives, according to experts attending the Internet of Things Asia 2015 Conference and Exhibition held in Singapore in April.
9 Oct 2015
Home Away from Home
Young holidaymakers across the Chinese mainland are increasingly booking accommodations through online services, which place guests with local hosts rather than book them into hotels.
5 Oct 2015
Apps Get Cooking
Home kitchen apps are increasingly popular among young residents of many major cities on the Chinese mainland; notably Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.
22 Sept 2015
Home Sweet Home
Custom-built furniture and fixtures, as well as smart, integrated systems were among the prominent trends at last July’s China (Guangzhou) International Building Decoration Fair.
16 Sept 2015
Fresh Approach
With environmental pollution worsening and concerns growing over infectious diseases, a focus on healthy breathing has never been more timely.
8 Sept 2015
Rock-solid Business
A huge variety of quarry stones, stone slabs, carvings and all types of related machinery, occupied the exhibition halls at the ninth China (Guangzhou) International Stone and Technology & Equipment Exhibition (the China Stone Fair), held last July.
2 Sept 2015
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