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Streaming Profits
Over the last three years, live-streaming platforms have become increasingly popular in the Chinese mainland’s online gaming market. With huge profits to be made, many online digital giants are now eyeing the sector.
23 March 2016
Switched on to Green Manufacturing
Chinese mainland manufacturers are developing an increasingly efficient range of household appliances after the government designated energy-efficient household appliances as a priority development sector.
16 March 2016
Junior Sports
Children's leisure and sports parks is a thriving sector across the Chinese mainland, typically attracting high visitor numbers and frequently booked to capacity on school holidays.
14 March 2016
Recession-proof Retail
The growth of the e-commerce sector has had dire implications for conventional retailers. With consumers migrating online, lured by lower prices, wider selections and convenient delivery options, the high-street trader has seen footfall drop and margins slashed, with many now struggling to break even.
2 March 2016
Virtual Experience
The China (Guangzhou) Intelligent Equipment and Robot Expo, held last December, featured a wide array of virtual reality equipment, designed to give users a truly immersive experience.
24 Feb 2016
Two-wheeled Wonders
The fourth edition of the China Guangzhou International Bicycle and Electric Bicycle Exhibition, held last November, saw a strong trend towards cycles with custom-made features, as well as increased emphasis on portability and safety.
16 Feb 2016
Toy Rentals Bounce Back
A toy in the Chinese mainland can easily cost as much as Rmb1,000, but that doesn’t guarantee it will hold children’s interest, no matter how strong their enthusiasm prior to the purchase.
12 Feb 2016
Catering to Hungry Shoppers
Shanghai's catering industry has in recent years come under twin pressures in the form of a slowdown in national economic growth and rising corporate overhead, resulting in slack growth and declining profitability.
4 Feb 2016
Reinventing Grocery Retail
The Chinese mainland’s retail sector has faced a wave of store closures in recent years, but one group seems to be defying the odds.
28 Jan 2016
Defying a Downturn
Despite the slowdown faced by the Chinese mainland’s wider economy, the major toy fairs in the region – Guangzhou, Shanghai and Hong Kong – are all expanding in scale, underscoring the industry's growth potential.
20 Jan 2016
Beyond Books
Electronic books, mobile devices and online bookstores have forced a rethink in bricks-and-mortar bookstores, which are under pressure in the Chinese mainland.
13 Jan 2016
Medical Dimension
The rapid growth of 3D printing for medical applications was highlighted at last September’s 3D Printing Asia, held in Guangdong.
6 Jan 2016
Pen and Paper
While smartphones and tablets are ubiquitous, digital devices are not always the most convenient means of taking notes or organising your day.
28 Dec 2015
Making a Splash Online
China's first swimwear cross-border e-commerce platform, Huludao Xingcheng Swimwear, launched its customs clearance operations in November.
16 Dec 2015
Picture Perfect
Picture books have become increasingly popular in the Chinese mainland's child education market.
14 Dec 2015
Convenience Store Success
The rise of online shopping has transformed the retail sector, freeing vendors from the traditional constraints of space and location.
1 Dec 2015
Guangzhou’s Online Strategy
Capitalising on the rapid growth of e-commerce, Guangzhou has come up with a blueprint for its future online development.
25 Nov 2015
Taking a Bite out of the Halal Market
Much of the attention on China’s Belt and Road Initiative, which envisions linking 65 nations from Southeast Asia, Africa and Europe, has focused on infrastructure opportunities.
18 Nov 2015
Homing in on Hospitality
According to industry statistics, the Chinese mainland's hotel-room supplies market will be worth Rmb400 billion in 2015, spurred by demand from star-grade hotels and hotel chains.
12 Nov 2015
Fusion Business
Distinct aromas ranging from that of delicate dim sum to fresh coffee greeted visitors at the Guangzhou International Food & Beverage Franchise Exhibition in August 2015.
4 Nov 2015
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