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New Chapter in Toy Story
A huge variety of robotic toys, all designed to spur the imagination of their non-mechanical playmates, dominated proceedings at this year's Guangzhou International Toy and Hobby Fair.
6 June 2018
Food for Thought
According to Euromonitor International estimates, sales volume of packaged food on the mainland reached some RMB1,577 billion in 2017, representing an average annual growth rate of 6.6% since 2012.
31 May 2018
The Smart Way to Pay
Although only legislatively opening up to mobile-payment operators three years ago, Taiwan has now seen the emergence of a number of domestic processing businesses, while also attracting the world's leading players.
24 May 2018
Playing a Bigger Role
While Hong Kong's film industry may have seemed becalmed during this year's FILMART, the HKTDC’s Hong Kong International Film and TV Market, there are hopes that legislative changes to the Chinese mainland’s media sector could provide huge opportunities for Hong Kong’s content producers and distributors.
17 May 2018
Smart Caring
As the ninth HKTDC Hong Kong International Medical Devices and Supplies Fair concluded in Hong Kong yesterday with state-of-the-art medical equipment, technologies and services, the medical technology scene across the border has also made great strides.
10 May 2018
Ways of Transforming Homes
Space-saving, storage capacity and smart storage seemed to be the three mantras adopted by the manufacturers participating in this year's China International Furniture Fair (CIFF) in Guangzhou.
3 May 2018
Global AI Aspirations
Huge leaps forward have been made in recent years in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), which is tipped by researchers to become the cornerstone of a Fourth Industrial Revolution.
26 April 2018
Personalising Beauty
In line with shifting consumer preferences, exhibitors at the 48th edition of the China International Beauty Expo (CIBE) Guangzhou, held in March, placed great emphasis on product personalisation, differentiation and presentation, as well as functionality.
18 April 2018
Bespoke Travel
Luxury bespoke packages dominated at the March Guangzhou International Travel Fair, one of the major annual events for the Chinese mainland's burgeoning travel trade.
12 April 2018
Connected to the Future
With Taiwan keen to prove its prowess in the mobile-telephony sector, the island was particularly well-represented at the February Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, seen as one of the most important annual gatherings of the information and communications technology (ICT) industry.
6 April 2018
Chinese New Year Windfall
Hopes were high in Taiwan that the lead-up to Chinese New Year 2018 would be a bumper period for the island's retailers, among other sectors, following an economic rebound in 2017.
29 March 2018
Taiwan Looks South
With far more Muslims in the Asia-Pacific region than in the Middle East, it's no surprise that many Asian businesses in general – and Taiwanese businesses in particular – are getting serious about the halal sector.
21 March 2018
Premises at a Premium for Pets in China
Introducing a pet into the family home has never been more popular on the Chinese mainland. The trend has led to soaring demand for a range of related products and services, including specialist foods, vets and boarding facilities.
14 March 2018
Reinventing Taiwan’s Tourism Strategy
Taiwan’s tourism industry has been hurt by changes in cross-strait relations since the 2016 election of the island’s leader Tsai Ing-wen.
7 March 2018
Budding Business
The flower sector has been among the beneficiaries of the rise in disposable income of Chinese mainland consumers.
28 Feb 2018
Bringing Back the Sparkle in China’s Gem Business
Jewellery sales across the Chinese mainland have plateaued in recent years, a trend reflected at the November China International Gold Jewellery and Gem Fair in Shanghai.
14 Feb 2018
Toasting Boutique Brands in China
In 2016, the Chinese mainland debut of ProWine China attracted 12,431 visitors – of which 10 per cent came from outside China – as well as 650 exhibitors from 37 countries and territories.
12 Feb 2018
Taiwan’s Fourth Industrial Revolution
Last November, Taiwan's Legislative Yuan passed the third reading of the Industrial Innovation Act, a new legislation aimed at revitalising the domestic industrial sector.
5 Feb 2018
Top Dog
With the pet-product market all but saturated in many of the world's more developed countries, the potential size of the China market, as well as the surge in pet-ownership levels there, have proved irresistible for global businesses targetting the sector, as highlighted by the November China International Pet Show (CIPS) in Shanghai, which featured more than its fair share of overseas exhibitors.
23 Jan 2018
Tech Development Bears Fruit
Globalisation and enhanced cultivation and distribution practices made possible by today's technology have markedly changed the fresh-fruit sector, nowhere more so than in China.
17 Jan 2018
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