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Maker Mania
Is the Chinese mainland in the midst of a “maker” mania? Recent government statements and an official policy document seem to have jump-started something of a mass movement, with many keen to embrace this business practice.
6 July 2015
Giant Steps in China’s Children’s Market
According to the CBME China Children Baby Maternity Products Industry Report (2014 edition), some 67 per cent of businesses related to the mother-and-child sector have recorded sales growth of 20 per cent or more, with some 64 per cent indicating a high degree of confidence in their future prospects.
23 June 2015
Hi-tech Prints
Adopting the watchwords "green, efficient, digital and smart," Print China 2015, held in Dongguan last April, set out to be the biggest yet, while aiming to improve overall quality.
16 June 2015
Fun Head Start
Early-learning toys dominated at April’s Guangzhou International Toy and Hobby Fair; so much so that many exhibitors thought that the category could justify a stand-alone show given the sheer size and competitive nature of this fast-growing sector.
15 June 2015
Filtering Growth
Held last March in Guangzhou, Water China 2015 spotlighted three major areas of water management: pollution control, water conservation and water usage.
8 June 2015
China’s Great Outdoor Market
The changing lifestyle of many affluent families on the Chinese mainland has led to an increased interest in outdoor sports.
28 May 2015
Online Cross-border Shopping
Cross-border online shopping is increasingly popular on the Chinese mainland.
20 May 2015
The O2O Model
Guangdong’s rosewood furniture industry was in the spotlight at several concurrent trade fairs in the province, highlighting the growing significance of the sector.
15 May 2015
Mobile Food Fight
Ordering takeaway food via a mobile app is becoming increasingly popular on the Chinese mainland.
5 May 2015
Health Gadgets Big in China Gift Market
The Chinese mainland's gift economy has an annual turnover of Rmb768.4 billion, representing two per cent of China's GDP, according to the latest figures from the National Bureau of Statistics.
27 April 2015
Shanghai’s New Commercial Approach
Shanghai has maintained steady economic growth despite the slowdown in China’s economy.
22 April 2015
Sweet Smell of Success
Handmade soaps are becoming vogue across the Chinese mainland.
13 April 2015
Child’s Play
Buoyed by China’s one-child policy and growing middle-class, the scale of the Chinese mainland toy market is tipped to overtake the markets of the United States and Europe combined.
1 April 2015
Opening a New Chapter
The popularity of audio books across the Chinese mainland is set to soar, according to several industry commentators.
25 March 2015
Zen Sales
With China's Buddhist population traditionally concentrated in the southern regions, the country's first sizeable International Buddhist Items and Crafts Fair was held in the southeastern coastal city of Xiamen in 2006.
17 March 2015
China in 3D
For many, the history of the movie industry can be divided into three distinct phases: the transition from silent movies to those with a soundtrack, followed by the upgrade from black and white to colour.
11 March 2015
Multi-Channel Move
Suffering from the huge inroads made by e-tailers, conventional shopping outlets in the Chinese mainland are fighting back.
2 March 2015
Clean Air Business
Some 5.8 million air-purifier units were sold in the Chinese mainland in 2014, according to recent statistics released by the industry.
23 Feb 2015
Building Smart Cities in the YRD
The Internet of Things (IoT) sector is expanding rapidly in the Yangtze River Delta (YRD) region. Spurred by urbanisation and development of smart cities, demand has grown for management systems and equipment.
11 Feb 2015
Bespoke Weddings Inspire Matrimonial Boom
Fueled by ongoing urbanisation on the Chinese mainland, the northeast port city of Dalian, in Liaoning Province, continues to experience population growth.
5 Feb 2015
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