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Indonesia offers sugar, spice and much more
Indonesia – a massive archipelago linking the Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean – has long been known as the source of a wide range of spices and original home of at least three global food products – cane sugar, bananas and domestic chickens.
3 July 2020
Autonomous vehicles’ future mapped out
Autonomous driving and Internet of Vehicles (IoV) are bringing innovative Hong Kong into the digital era of steering, with companies in the city playing a crucial role in this competitive, fast-developing field.
26 June 2020
Treasure hunt goes digital
The COVID-19 outbreak has put a damper on business activity across the world – especially anything involving travel.
19 June 2020
Digital meeting house for global village
The COVID-19 outbreak has put many of the world’s economies into the deep freeze, with most European and North American countries keeping their populations under blanket lockdowns.
12 June 2020
Innovative restaurants send work home
Innovative food and beverage (F&B) have adapted to the situation, however, revising their business models so they can continue to indulge Hongkongers’ love of fine dining.
5 June 2020
Innovative technology keeps bacteria at bay
A scramble for medical personal protective equipment (PPE) has been a hallmark of the COVID-19 outbreak worldwide as supplies have quickly run short.
29 May 2020
Smart water on tap
Growing concern over pollution caused by single-use plastic containers is driving an innovative Hong Kong firm to set up water-dispenser networks allowing thirsty consumers to fill cups or reusable containers.
22 May 2020
Global digital playground
Hillary Yip was just 10 years old when taking part in a children’s entrepreneurship competition in 2016 led her to begin building the MinorMynas app.
15 May 2020
Digital vintner wins amid lockdowns
Among the worst losers in the COVID-19 outbreak, the catering sector has suffered as the number of diners and drinkers in restaurants and bars first slumped on contagion fears, then faced restrictions on customer numbers or were shut altogether.
29 April 2020
Digital smiles enter Asia through Hong Kong
Many Hongkongers forgo achieving a straight smile through traditional metal orthodontic braces, finding the treatment expensive and time-consuming.
24 April 2020
Schools launch cyberspace stations
Hong Kong had a chance to burnish its reputation for resourcefulness when the COVID-19 outbreak abruptly shut primary and secondary schools in the city after the Lunar New Year break.
17 April 2020
Entrepreneurs explore green Greater Bay Area
Zhuhai, one of the 11 Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area cities, has actively implemented policies and measures to attract Hong Kong-based businesses, including those with overseas origins.
9 April 2020
Share economy goes designer
High-end fashion has fielded criticism from social and green commentators, who say it is exclusively for the super-rich, and that these buyers often wear items a handful of times before discarding them in a landfill.
3 April 2020
Sourcing scramble at Russian fashion houses
Throughout the course of the initial COVID-19 outbreak in Mainland China and its subsequent spread to the United States, Europe and other parts of the world, Russian retailers coped admirably with the growing sense of crisis.
27 March 2020
Downtown spa for busy urbanites
Recognising demand for spa facilities without a time-consuming and expensive trip to a distant destination, a health service provider opened a wellness centre in the bustling commercial hub of Causeway Bay in Hong Kong.
20 March 2020
Six-legged snacks on menu
As the world’s headcount heads towards nine billion by 2050, food production could put unsustainable pressure on the environment.
13 March 2020
Accessories crafted for millennials
Noticing that millennials’ desire for quality handbags without bulge-bracket price tags created a significant gap in the market, German entrepreneur and designer Nina Sieber has set up online accessory shop WEAT -- standing for “We Love Avocado Toast”, a nod to a favourite brunch dish for millennials the world over.
6 March 2020
Through the glass smartly
The devices that ate everything – smartphones – are now extending themselves to their users’ faces by plugging into spectacles.
21 Feb 2020
Healthcare goes high-tech
Everywhere you looked at Medica 2019, the huge medical trade fair held in Düsseldorf, Germany, people were staring at hand-held devices.
14 Feb 2020
Deep-end survival kit
Many people in Asia live near the coast but millions can't swim. In Hong Kong, Splash Foundation aims to address that anomaly by coaching people from low-income communities, for whom private lessons are financially out of reach.
7 Feb 2020
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