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Leon Lai face of Entertainment Expo
Hong Kong superstar Leon Lai has accepted the Hong Kong Trade Development Council’s (HKTDC) invitation to act as Ambassador for the Entertainment Expo once again this year.
26 Feb 2021
Small is beautiful for hoteliers
One of Hong Kong’s most prominent families, the Harilelas, recently opened a luxury hotel in the vibrant Wan Chai commercial district, targeting design-conscious travellers looking to stay in a prime city location.
19 Feb 2021
Entrepreneur discovers new jam
Hong Kong entrepreneur Kerry Tsang did not want to feed her children regular jam packed with sugar and preservatives.
11 Feb 2021
Yoga path to motherhood
As women opt to have children later on in life – the number of births to mothers aged 40 and above grew almost 90% in the past decade – fertility is becoming more of a struggle, with many relying on fertility treatments such as in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) to fall pregnant. Before resorting to such drastic measures, some try to boost their fertility naturally with supplements, acupuncture and yoga.
5 Feb 2021
How bright is ‘I’ in AI?
Apple’s smart voice assistant SIRI puts a human voice, if not a face, to artificial intelligence (AI) for many people, but one of the fathers of SIRI believes that AI, as widely understood, does not exist.
29 Jan 2021
Fast-growing e-commerce target: Russia
A massive country, with 11 times zones spanning almost half the world, and a population of more than 140 million, Russia is one of Hong Kong’s fastest-growing export destinations.
22 Jan 2021
Plastic waste washes away
Serendipity lies at the root of many success stories – when a person or enterprise is busy solving one problem but fortuitously stumbles on another unrelated solution.
15 Jan 2021
IoT brings hospitals home
Across the world authorities have imposed social-distancing restrictions and even lockdowns to reduce people’s chances of catching COVID-19 from a carrier they meet by chance in a workplace, restaurant or any other public area.
8 Jan 2021
Insects turn sustainable economy wheel
As the world's population grows, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations predicts human food demand will increase 70% between 2009 and 2050.
31 Dec 2020
Southern giant an export draw
Brazil is a distant market for Hong Kong exporters in terms of geography but the southern giant’s size, rapid growth and demand for key items such as electronics make the country an attractive option.
24 Dec 2020
Mobile leads e-commerce rush
The COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions on movement and gatherings has an upside for several industries, especially e-commerce, delegates to the fourth Asian E-tailing Summit heard. Mobile e-commerce has grown particularly strongly in Asia, with Mainland China taking the lead.
18 Dec 2020
Millennials seek digital toytown
The COVID-19 pandemic has wrought profound and rapid changes on homes, businesses and societies across the world – in many cases accelerating trends that were already in place.
11 Dec 2020
Design showcase opens to digital world
Everything made by humans on all scales – from the paper clip on your desk to the global Internet – has been designed by individuals or teams who balance function, form and utility to create useful products and services.
4 Dec 2020
Green opportunities abound in Hong Kong
Environmental issues were to the fore at the online Eco Asia Conference, organised by the Environment Bureau of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR).
27 Nov 2020
Natural beauty niche expands
A green beauty revolution is making itself felt in Hong Kong’s shopping malls as several smaller companies make the case for sustainable beauty.
20 Nov 2020
Taiwan fast-tracks green power
Since 2016, as part of a bid to meet rising demand from local and overseas‑invested businesses, Taiwan has been actively looking to develop its renewable‑energy resources.
13 Nov 2020
Bespoke jewellers win online
As the Fourth Industrial Revolution diminishes economies of scale and boosts artisanal production, e-commerce is aiding the trend by bringing producers and buyers closer together.
6 Nov 2020
Bets on at digital gym
Fitness fanatics Leon Lee and Alex Chung met in the United Kingdom where they were studying – Mr Lee doing biotechnology at Imperial College London while Mr Chung was studying marketing at the University of Westminster, London.
30 Oct 2020
Sweet success
Controlling each step in chocolate-making – from sourcing the cacao beans to distributing the final product – bean-to-bar chocolate is the latest sweet-toothed trend to hit Hong Kong, brought by start-ups such as Conspiracy Chocolate.
23 Oct 2020
Hybrid office here to stay
Even in Hong Kong, where for most the daily commute is far less onerous than in many other major cities, office life is particularly important, research by leading real-estate services firm JLL reveals.
16 Oct 2020
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