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Talent shines at CENTRESTAGE
The COVID-19 pandemic has kept fashionistas from Milan to Monaco (the long way round) at their homes, offices and studios digitally flipping through collections and keeping physical interaction to a minimum.
25 Sept 2020
Runway into cyberspace
Fashion is all about seeing and being seen, but COVID-19 is keeping the industry’s movers and shakers across Asia and the world in their offices and studios.
18 Sept 2020
Audiences take control
For most of history, entertainment comprised conversations as much as performances. Whether storytellers, bards or street acrobats, performers were up close and personal with their audiences and could react instantly to switches in mood.
11 Sept 2020
Book Fair takes two tracks
One of the global internet’s earliest and most enduring success stories started out selling one core product – books.
4 Sept 2020
Reinventing design of business
The word “design” often brings to mind luxury or decoration.
28 Aug 2020
Fit for online business
Fitness studios have seen such a strong member response to moves online precipitated by the COVID-19 outbreak that some have even discovered a new and potentially permanent income stream.
21 Aug 2020
Freedom takes flight for jewellery designer
Widely recognised as a global symbol of freedom and peace, doves have taken flight on to centre stage in the 21st Hong Kong Jewellery Design Competition as a pair of earrings showing the birds escaping took top honours in the contest.
14 Aug 2020
Creative mind healing
A masters degree in art psychotherapy and a firm belief in the power of creativity to heal inspired artist and entrepreneur Gigi Leung to set up an art therapy studio, Not a Gallery, in Fortress Hill on the north shore of Hong Kong Island.
7 Aug 2020
5G powers up IoT
Communications technology reached a historic milestone at the beginning of April this year as Hong Kong's fifth-generation mobile (5G) network was officially fully connected, linking all major communication equipment.
31 July 2020
Cannabis oil enters health market
From beauty balms to beverages, cannabidiol (CBD) products have surged in popularity after the natural product was legalised in Hong Kong in November 2018, with many extolling its health benefits.
17 July 2020
Wearable tech expo proves prescient
Little knowing just how imminently contactless‑payment facilities and anything that digitally facilitated distance-working would be mandatorily in vogue, this year’s United Kingdom Wearable Technology Show took place in those long-ago phony war months, a time when it was blithely assumed some distant Asian ailment would never have the temerity to extend its tentacles to Europe. How little we knew.
17 July 2020
Time to be inspired
Marking the first major event to be held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) following the COVID-19-induced hiatus in the first half of the year, the 31st HKTDC Hong Kong Book Fair carries a theme of inspiration to help people face up to challenging times.
10 July 2020
Indonesia offers sugar, spice and much more
Indonesia – a massive archipelago linking the Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean – has long been known as the source of a wide range of spices and original home of at least three global food products – cane sugar, bananas and domestic chickens.
3 July 2020
Autonomous vehicles’ future mapped out
Autonomous driving and Internet of Vehicles (IoV) are bringing innovative Hong Kong into the digital era of steering, with companies in the city playing a crucial role in this competitive, fast-developing field.
26 June 2020
Treasure hunt goes digital
The COVID-19 outbreak has put a damper on business activity across the world – especially anything involving travel.
19 June 2020
Digital meeting house for global village
The COVID-19 outbreak has put many of the world’s economies into the deep freeze, with most European and North American countries keeping their populations under blanket lockdowns.
12 June 2020
Innovative restaurants send work home
Innovative food and beverage (F&B) have adapted to the situation, however, revising their business models so they can continue to indulge Hongkongers’ love of fine dining.
5 June 2020
Innovative technology keeps bacteria at bay
A scramble for medical personal protective equipment (PPE) has been a hallmark of the COVID-19 outbreak worldwide as supplies have quickly run short.
29 May 2020
Smart water on tap
Growing concern over pollution caused by single-use plastic containers is driving an innovative Hong Kong firm to set up water-dispenser networks allowing thirsty consumers to fill cups or reusable containers.
22 May 2020
Global digital playground
Hillary Yip was just 10 years old when taking part in a children’s entrepreneurship competition in 2016 led her to begin building the MinorMynas app.
15 May 2020
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