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Japanese Delights
A Hong Kong version of Tokyo’s famous fish market opened at the Wan Chai Ferry Pier in November as both a welcome addition to the city’s gastronomic scene, and a major tourist attraction.
6 Jan 2017
Farm Fare
With Hong Kong’s organic farms becoming more established and the city’s diners increasingly on the lookout for safe, clean food, more and more restaurants are adopting a farm-to-table dining concept by sourcing ingredients locally.
23 Dec 2016
Revel in a Festive Wonderland
While not a traditional Chinese festival, cosmopolitan Hong Kong celebrates the Western world’s jolliest season unlike any other city in Asia.
19 Dec 2016
Art for All
Offering a diverse range of free outdoor music and art activities, Freespace Happening attracted more than 50,000 visitors to West Kowloon for its monthly events between August 2015 and March 2016.
9 Dec 2016
First-class Executive Education
The city offers a wide choice of Master of Business Administration (MBA) programmes in various forms – part-time or full-time, and focused on a range of specialties – from high-ranking providers with internationally recognised reputations.
2 Dec 2016
Flying High
There’s the Instagram picture of a bride and groom perfectly framed on the grassy rooftop of a Causeway Bay high-rise, captured “accidentally” by travel filmmaker Brandon Li.
25 Nov 2016
Ride like the Wind
Beyond Hong Kong’s dense business districts, the open roads of the New Territories stretch from mountain high to forest green, to stunning coastline.
18 Nov 2016
High Life on the High Seas
Complementing the long-established Ocean Terminal in Tsim Sha Tsui, which puts arriving passengers at the heart of one of the city’s most cosmopolitan and vibrant shopping, dining and cultural districts, Kai Tak Cruise Terminal, which opened in 2013, was built to accommodate two of the world's biggest vessels at the same time.
14 Nov 2016
Holistic Healing
Consumer demand for wellness services and products has never been greater.
4 Nov 2016
Power-packed Start
The engine roar, acrid fumes, burning rubber and gut-rumbling vibrations echoing through the grandstand may have been missing, but the anticipation and excitement at the Formula E Grand Prix in Hong Kong were just as palpable.
28 Oct 2016
A Mansion’s Musical Rebirth
The Haw Par Mansion, a Grade 1 heritage building, was built in the 1930s by entrepreneur and philanthropist Aw Boon Haw, who established the herbal medicine brand Tiger Balm.
20 Oct 2016
Mud Power
T ▪ PARK represents a new step towards a greener Hong Kong.
17 Oct 2016
Cradle of Comic Culture Webcast
Spawned initially by Chinese mainland literati, Hong Kong’s comic book industry was conceived by mainland post-war immigrants, who brought with them skills from the established comic scene in Shanghai.
7 Oct 2016
Selling the Local Spirit
Cocktail culture in Hong Kong has become increasingly refined in recent years, with two bars even making it onto the World’s 50 Best Bars list last year.
3 Oct 2016
Pioneering Start-ups
Organised by global digital educators General Assembly (GA), Made in Hong Kong Week spotlighted the city’s entrepreneurial spirit with a series of curated events celebrating its diverse start-up community.
23 Sept 2016
Moving with the Times Webcast
Hong Kong has one of the world’s most efficient public transportation systems.
19 Sept 2016
Serving the Silver Market
The life expectancy for Hong Kong people is among the longest in the world: in 2014, men were living up to 81 years on average, and women, 87 years.
12 Sept 2016
Where Angels Invest
In fostering a start-up ecosystem, Hong Kong has done much to focus on incubators, lower-cost work premises, and access to government and industry expertise.
5 Sept 2016
Portraits of a City
Produced by filmmakers Adrian Lo and Tian Macleod Ji, documentary film series Portraits of Hong Kong tells stories of life in the city by turning the camera on neighbourhood businesses; from a traditional Cantonese cha chaan teng to a cheongsam tailor, while paying homage to traditional culture.
26 Aug 2016
Design Gives Brands a Winning Edge
When fast-food giant McDonald’s unveiled its new concept store in Hong Kong in December 2015, it was described in the media as “barely recognisable” from the brand of old.
19 Aug 2016
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