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Selling the Local Spirit
Cocktail culture in Hong Kong has become increasingly refined in recent years, with two bars even making it onto the World’s 50 Best Bars list last year.
3 Oct 2016
Pioneering Start-ups
Organised by global digital educators General Assembly (GA), Made in Hong Kong Week spotlighted the city’s entrepreneurial spirit with a series of curated events celebrating its diverse start-up community.
23 Sept 2016
Moving with the Times Webcast
Hong Kong has one of the world’s most efficient public transportation systems.
19 Sept 2016
Serving the Silver Market
The life expectancy for Hong Kong people is among the longest in the world: in 2014, men were living up to 81 years on average, and women, 87 years.
12 Sept 2016
Where Angels Invest
In fostering a start-up ecosystem, Hong Kong has done much to focus on incubators, lower-cost work premises, and access to government and industry expertise.
5 Sept 2016
Portraits of a City
Produced by filmmakers Adrian Lo and Tian Macleod Ji, documentary film series Portraits of Hong Kong tells stories of life in the city by turning the camera on neighbourhood businesses; from a traditional Cantonese cha chaan teng to a cheongsam tailor, while paying homage to traditional culture.
26 Aug 2016
Design Gives Brands a Winning Edge
When fast-food giant McDonald’s unveiled its new concept store in Hong Kong in December 2015, it was described in the media as “barely recognisable” from the brand of old.
19 Aug 2016
West Side Story
Situated just beyond Sheung Wan in Hong Kong Island’s Western District, Sai Ying Pun is attracting an increasing number of visitors since the opening of a new MTR line there last year.
12 Aug 2016
For the Love of Dance
From traditional classical ballet, to ethnic, folk and contemporary “aerial” dance, classes that tap the city’s inner beat are big business in Hong Kong.
5 Aug 2016
Creative Art Jam
To mark 50 years since the founding of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) in 1966, the Council in July staged a large-scale art jam session with more than 500 youngsters, led by celebrated cross-media artist Simon Ma.
1 Aug 2016
All for One – and Sport for All
The inaugural Arnold Classic Asia (19-21 August) is a family-oriented celebration of sports, fitness and health, where professionals, amateurs and enthusiasts alike will join in a spirit of friendly competition and learning.
22 July 2016
Smart Beans
Hong Kong people love their coffee and are increasingly willing to pay for it.
15 July 2016
Food on the Road
Most chefs dream of opening their own restaurant, but food and beverage collective One Star House Party is turning that idea on its head by travelling the globe for culinary inspiration and hosting pop-up events in cities such as New York, Seoul, San Francisco and Taipei.
8 July 2016
Hot Fun in the City
Most city kids have limited opportunities to dig in the dirt, get up close and personal with wildlife, or challenge their physical limits in the great outdoors.
1 July 2016
Much Ado about Sherry
In Asia’s wine-drinking capital, Hong Kong – where per-capita consumption is the highest in the region, according to Vinexpo data – the arrival of a rare vintage is always something to celebrate.
24 June 2016
Architects at the Frontier
The voices of young Hong Kong architects and artists are ringing loud and clear in an international exhibition focused on improving global living conditions.
17 June 2016
Hi-tech DIY
Offering tuition in everything from woodwork to 3D printing and providing co-working spaces for creatives, the makerspace movement is gaining traction in Hong Kong.
10 June 2016
Plant Food Revolution
Increasingly, the city’s consumers are eschewing animal products in favour of plant-based menu options, which a growing number of vegetarian/vegan and organic-food businesses only too happy to provide.
3 June 2016
More than a Game
Cricket is a game played and loved by billions of people, whose biggest players are idolised and paid like rock stars. It’s a game that fills stadiums and draws a television audience into the hundreds of millions.
26 May 2016
Prelude to an Arts Hub
A spaceship has landed in the playground at a school in Hong Kong.
20 May 2016
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