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Thirsty for Knowledge Webcast
Along with increasing wine consumption and wine investment in Hong Kong comes a growing thirst for wine knowledge.
29 Oct 2014
Emerging Wine Giant Webcast
China has become the fifth-largest wine-producing nation, according to research by Vinexpo.
22 Oct 2014
The Natural Alternative Webcast
Wine consumption in Hong Kong is on track to exceed 50 million bottles per year by 2017, industry research shows, and judging by current trends, organic or “natural” wine will account for more and more of it.
15 Oct 2014
Liquid Assets
In January, the world’s most expensive whisky was sold in Hong Kong.
8 Oct 2014
Nordic Chic Webcast
After a career working for mainstream fashion brands, Melinda Wong wanted to launch a business that reflected her personal taste.
24 Sept 2014
Design in the DNA
Amid feeble economic growth in Europe and North America, Scandinavian design and design professionals have found a perfect match in Hong Kong, a sophisticated city with a legacy of high-quality manufacturing.
17 Sept 2014
Home-grown in Hong Kong
Ninety per cent of all food consumed in Hong Kong is imported, according to government data.
20 Aug 2014
Stars Vie for Slice of Hong Kong Pie
As fast as Hong Kong is collecting Michelin-starred restaurants, it is acquiring superstar chefs.
13 Aug 2014
Door-to-Door Gourmets
Hongkongers and visitors love to dine out in Asia’s most cosmopolitan culinary capital.
6 Aug 2014
Recipes for Success
Cash registers were ringing as culinary fans bought books by renowned chef Ferran Adria, following a talk he gave in Hong Kong last month.
30 July 2014
Success Stories
In business-savvy Hong Kong, it is no surprise that a book on economics has been selling out across the city.
23 July 2014
Drawing on the Past Webcast
In the 1980s, comic book production at Hong Kong publisher Culturecom looked like a factory assembly line.
16 July 2014
Neighbourhood Watch
Local entrepreneurs and residents are building businesses and spending more of their time – and money – in traditional neighbourhoods such as Sai Ying Pun and Tai Hang on Hong Kong Island, where independent companies, including coffee houses and home-grown boutiques, are delivering a bohemian buzz to newly gentrified areas across the city.
16 July 2014
Fashionable Apps
Technology is helping the fashion world become a well-oiled machine.
2 July 2014
Kid Catwalk
Driven by affluent parents and design-savvy kids, the upsurge in children’s clothing offerings in Hong Kong reflects an international trend.
25 June 2014
Continental Hong Kong Webcast
From online retailers to internationally renowned brands, more and more independent European fashion companies are choosing to set up shop in Hong Kong.
18 June 2014
Portrait of the Asian Art Investor Webcast
Over the last five years, Hong Kong has transformed itself into an art hub, thanks to high-profile events, including the arrival of Art Basel Hong Kong, which attracted about 65,000 visitors earlier this month.
28 May 2014
The Watchword is Money Webcast
With the annual watch market valued at more than US$34.3 billion, Asian investors see watches as an asset class.
21 May 2014
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