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Health insurance information goes digital
Born out of a desire to make health insurance less confusing and opaque, healthcare brokerage AD MediLink guides customers through the Hong Kong healthcare system to help them understand their options and secure the best deals.
11 Oct 2019
Independent fashion brands thrive in Hong Kong
Creating modern, formal, ready-to wear pieces, Hong Kong-based fashion label Emma Wallace has garnered a solid customer base and support from models and influencers for her seamless blend of Western heritage and Eastern culture, with pieces incorporating Art Nouveau, African and Japanese-inspired prints.
4 Oct 2019
An ice success story
Winner of a 2019 Foodie Forks award from Hong Kong’s Foodie magazine, Igloo Dessert Bar has proved a big hit with local folk and tourists alike since it opened its first store at the Star Ferry pier in Central in 2016.
27 Sept 2019
Brewing up smart teas
Born out of two sisters’ passion for wellness and a desire to create “an East meets West wellness-tech platform”, Lify claims to be the world’s first natural wellness beverage device.
20 Sept 2019
Fashion world focuses on brand
The fashion world is turning its spotlight on the message and the brand, according to exhibitors and buyers surveyed at the Hong Kong Trade Development Council’s (HKTDC) CENTRESTAGE 2019.
13 Sept 2019
Unique watch designs celebrate creativity
More than just a massive market and trading hub for watches, Hong Kong is also a centre for design and development.
6 Sept 2019
Fashion world looks forward
Hong Kong has always been known as a forward-looking city, a home of cutting-edge developers in a wide-range of fields, with fashion no exception – hence the theme of Asia’s premier fashion event this year, “Future Tribes”.
30 Aug 2019
Call of the east
Hong Kong’s newest business district, the gentrified area popularly known as “Island East” on the east of the city’s main island, is shaping up to offer far more than just the lower office rents that have drawn companies from Central over the past few years.
23 Aug 2019
Digital path off the beaten track
With social media now one of the biggest influences on where tourists choose to go and technology letting them cut out the middle man and arrange trips themselves, a breed of discerning traveller is emerging – adventurers hungry for more than a trip to the local market or tours to local landmarks, who crave more authentic, immersive experiences when they hit the road.
16 Aug 2019
A feast for the senses
Hong Kong is well known as a paradise for gourmets and the gastronomic world is set for its annual assembly, when food industry players from across the globe converge on the city for the HKTDC Food Expo 2019.
9 Aug 2019
Mystery minds reveal themselves
What happens in a science fiction or mystery writer’s mind is a question that often occurs to readers’ when they immerse themselves in the mysterious worlds these authors conjure up.
2 Aug 2019
Sing Sing Rabbit reaches for stars
Unconventional artist Sing Sing Rabbit debuted in 2011 and is definitely no stranger to those familiar with the local music scene.
26 July 2019
Global fine-art hub
Hong Kong’s art scene has come of age in the past decade.
19 July 2019
Entrepreneur spots niche in men’s skincare
Inspired by Vitruvius, a Roman architect with revolutionary ideas about proportions, balance and beauty, Vitruvian Man was established in 2018 after founder Vivian Lau – with a background in pharmaceuticals – received requests from male friends for skincare advice.
12 July 2019
Technology takes to pitch
Innovation and technology is having an impact on all aspects of life in the 21st Century, with sports and leisure no exception.
5 July 2019
Skyscraper rooftops go green
Every lunchtime in buildings across Hong Kong, city workers leave their desks to tend to their gardens.
28 June 2019
Whey to improve health
Helping to build and maintain the immune system and the body’s general defence against the negative elements of city life – such as bad food, pollution and a stressful lifestyle – whey protein might just be the answer to many a Hongkonger’s ills.
21 June 2019
Saying no to fast fashion
Founded in October last year by Ivan Tang and Christine Chow, Tove & Libra makes stylish wardrobe essentials that use deadstock yarns and materials sourced from their families’ garment businesses.
14 June 2019
Carnivore diners tout vegan options
Whether for health, animal rights or environmental reasons, many people – including meat eaters – seek more plant-based options in their diets.
6 June 2019
Anyone for gin?
Refined with plant material from Stuttgart and mineral water from Cannstatt, German artisanal gin brand Ginstr has already established itself as one of the spirits industry’s rising stars, having won a gold medal at the World Spirits Award 2018 and the Gin and Tonic Trophy, where 400 jurors voted it the best gin to accompany a tonic over more than 600 other brands at the International World Spirits Competition (IWSC) last year.
31 May 2019
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